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7 Reasons You Should Hire An Expert To Tinder For You

You’ve downloaded Tinder, uploaded your photos, written your bio and swiped your way through hundreds of photos. So many attractive women are just a swipe away, and you're wondering if you should hire a Tinder expert so you can actually meet them.

It’s beyond frustrating when you don’t match with the people you want to meet most – and when you do, it's crickets.

Add in conversations that fizzle out into radio silence and it’s no wonder you wish you had a Tinder expert on speed dial!

Here’s the thing – Tinder works. But only when you do it right.

Likes on Tinder

Everything from your profile and photos to your approach to messaging needs to be optimized to attract the kind of matches you want to meet.

And if all that was easy to do, professional Tinder services wouldn’t exist.

So you can do the research, painstakingly craft a bio that highlights all your most attractive qualities in just the right way, and choose a photo lineup that hits all the right notes…

Or you can save yourself a ton of time by hiring a Tinder expert and watch your calendar fill up with dates this very week.

But maybe saving time and increasing your odds of matching with incredible singles – and actually meeting them – isn't a good enough reason.

You're still saying, “But I should be able to do it myself…”

That may be true, but here are 7 reasons why it's better and faster to outsource your online dating and hire a Tinder expert.

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#1: You'll look your absolute best.

Tinder is *all* about photos. If you’re not using a data-driven approach to decide which photos to use and what order to put them in, your lineup isn’t as strong as it could be.

VIDA’s team of photo experts do exactly that, and a lot more. It’s not just about how you look in a Tinder photo – what that image conveys about you also helps determine which way that swipe will go. 

We pull out all the best tricks to make you look your absolute best, from natural looking touch-ups done in-house by a Photoshop pro to determining exactly what type of lifestyle pictures you need in your lineup.

#2: Not everyone is born a great writer, but we hire them.

Great profile pictures are essential, but they only get your foot in the door. You also need a compelling bio and messaging skills that make her engage with you – instead of all those other guys.

Message exchanges are fast on Tinder, and you have to work hard to keep her interest. If you’re a writer who’s hilarious, witty and lightning-quick on your toes, you’ll probably do just fine.

terrible Tinder profile 

But if you’re like 99% of the rest of us, then winging it with a half-assed bio and a few conversation starters you Googled isn’t going to be enough. 

You’ll still only connect with a small percentage of your matches because you're just not standing out in the crowd.

#3: We’ve been in the Tinder game for over a decade. 

There's no getting around it — going from “It’s a Match” to a video chat, date or number exchange takes practice. 

Instead of starting the long journey to master this art for yourself, you can simply reap the rewards of our skills, data analysis and thousands of hours of experience. We know what works, and more importantly, what doesn't. 

Why waste your time reinventing the wheel when you don’t need to?

#4: We can save you from rejection. 

There’s no magical Tinder message that works 100% of the time. 

That’s why we test our conversation starters on thousands of women, and have an arsenal of icebreakers that get girls responding enthusiastically most of the time. 

But even with the best material, some matches just won’t reply.

And if your profile doesn’t compel intriguing women to match with you in the first place, Tinder is a very frustrating place to be.

Over time, those failures tend to take a toll. According to researchers using Tinder can actually lower your self-esteem

But with VIDA on your team, you get to skip all that painful rejection and get right to the best part: Enjoying your time with women who are totally into you.

#5: You've got better things to do. 

You probably spend a lot of your day staring at a screen. But Tinder, just like any dating app, requires a lot of attention. 

If you don’t put in the work, you won’t reap the rewards. 

Your most intriguing matches will likely get bored and move on if you don’t keep the messaging momentum going, not to mention all that endless swiping.

Do you really want to spend your evenings glued to yet another device? Just have Tinder done for you, and let your team of dating professionals pre-screen all your potential matches for you!

#6: You want to learn from a Tinder professional. 

Or maybe you’re just smart, and know there’s no better way to skip the long learning curve and get the Tinder help you need than watching the experts in action. Sound like you? 

Simply head to our Free Confidential Consultation page, fill out the form, and we’ll get started. If we’re a good fit to work together, soon you’ll have front row tickets to the show as our seasoned Tinder specialists attract girls for you.

#7: You want this to be the last article you read about winning the Tinder game.

It's time to stop swiping and start dating.

Think about all the things in your life you can say “I've got a guy for that.” Why not add Tinder to that list?

Online dating is now the most popular way new couples meet – and that means competition on Tinder is fierce. 

Outsourcing Tinder is by far the easiest way to blow all those other guys out of the water, and finally start dating the kind of women you’ve been wanting to meet this whole time.

And here’s the best news of all – VIDA’s modern dating experts can help you meet women on just about any dating site or app you want to use, like Match, OkCupid, Hinge, Bumble and POF!

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