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Gina Hendrix & Exclusive Introductions [Matchmaker Review]

Gina Hendrix reviews

Author, radio host, social app creator, and philanthropist. Add “elite LA matchmaker” to the mix, and you’ve got a pretty good description of Gina Hendrix. But is her matchmaking service Exclusive Introductions the best way to meet your soulmate?

These Gina Hendrix reviews should help you decide. Our team has reviewed over 200 matchmaking services, delving deep into their operations, success rates, cost, and customer experiences.

Our reviews are built on extensive research, 14+ years of industry experience, and a keen understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

Let's dive in!

A True Renaissance Woman

In an appearance on “It’s Complicated,” Hendrix said she’s had 3 careers, all of which have given her insight into her current role as a matchmaker.

She began her career as a flight attendant for Delta Airlines. And during her time in the skies, she broadened her horizons, relocating from Memphis, Tennessee to Los Angeles. 

It was also during this time her curiosity about fashion began to blossom. Despite her lack of formal training, she decided to dive into the world of fashion, building on her innate sense of personal style, and became a stylist. 

For over a decade, Hendrix worked as a celebrity stylist, juggling the unpredictable workload of the industry. As she shared during an interview,

"There can be a lot of downtime between jobs, and with styling, I was always at the mercy of producers hiring me, so I began to think about what else I could do. “  

Fueled by her desire to have more control over her schedule and influenced by her personal experiences with online dating, Hendrix contemplated her next business venture.

Initially, she was considering setting up her own dating site, but a pivotal conversation with a friend encouraged her to take a different path - one that utilized her innate talent for connecting people.  

In an interview with LA Dreams, Hendrix recounted what her friend had shared with her: 

Gina, you’ve been really good at matching people you know over the years, you’re so personable and love talking to people, why don’t you think about being a traditional matchmaker?”

It was this advice that nudged her towards matchmaking. In 2008 she established Exclusive Introductions, bringing to life her newfound passion. In her own words, ”For me, it always starts with an idea that turns into a passion.” 

As a matchmaker, Hendrix works with men who, though not struggling to meet women, rely on her expertise in vetting and screening potential matches to ensure they have "legitimate interests". Her commitment to providing a personalized service means she works with only seven or eight clients at a time.

Gina Hendrix's Matchmaking Philosophy

Gina Hendrix Exclusive Introductions

She says her philosophy is grounded in holistic practices that prioritize trust and relationship-building with each client. 

Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all service, she personally meets each potential client, both to understand their needs and evaluate whether they align with her specialized service.

According to Hendrix, if you want to become a matchmaking client "you need a referral", which she says helps maintain a certain level of discretion. 

Or as she puts it,

I’m very particular about the men I work with. Even if someone offered me a million dollars, if I didn’t feel he was in the right place for a relationship or his expectations were unrealistic, I’m not going to take that guy’s money.”

The first step to becoming a client is by filling out a detailed profile. This forms the bedrock of her 'outside-in' approach to matchmaking where she asks each client to articulate their preferences starting with physical appearance first. 

She describes the process this way

We start by looking at the exterior of a person, as you do in real life. For instance, they'll tell me if they're attracted to tall Nordic blonds or petite brunettes.” 

Hendrix's hunt for potential matches extends to the world of social media, where she and her scouts often approach successful women through Instagram direct messages or LinkedIn. 

But she says her main focus is Instagram because "everyone is on there. It's a great way to see into their lives."

Transparency is also part of Hendrix’s matchmaking process. Women who agree to be potential matches are provided with detailed information about clients before agreeing to a date, including a photograph. 

Hendrix vets potential matches to ensure they are ready for a committed relationship. 

"For instance, if they tell me they're willing to date anyone I know, they're not ready for a serious partner.”  

In addition to making pairings, she also encourages her clients to work toward personal fulfillment. She emphasizes the importance of finding happiness, whether found within a relationship or independently. 

"I feel that as long as you are happy, whether that is in a relationship or on your own, that's the most important goal."

How Much It Costs To Hire Gina Hendrix 

The pricing structure for Hendrix's matchmaking service is customized, based on the individual requirements of each client. The total cost is determined based on the number of potential matches a client wishes to meet during their contract. 

Hendrix states that she charges a substantial fee to ensure clients are devoted to the process. 

"I charge my clients up to $100,000 a year to make sure they're serious about finding a match."

The terms of her matchmaking agreements vary, usually spanning 1 to 2 years, depending on the search parameters and match criteria.

In Hendrix’s experience, she finds it more effective not to work with clients past 3 years. She believes after this length of time clients may benefit from a dating sabbatical and reach out to her again in the future with a renewed sense of excitement and passion about the process. 

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