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Tinder Vibes Explained 2023: What It Means & How To Use It!

As the name implies, the Tinder Vibes feature aims to give singles a new way to connect via a shared feeling, attitude or opinion on a specific topic.

You landed here, so you’re probably wondering if it’s worth trying out. Stay tuned, because VIDA Selects team of dating experts have answered all your Vibes questions. You'll also discover 3 reasons why you're missing out if you don't join in!

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Tinder Vibes Meaning

Back when the feature first launched, Tinder explained a vibe is “that feeling about someone that hits instantly” when they reveal the two of you have something specific in common. 

According to Tinder’s VP of Product Udi Milo, the feature gives users a more dynamic way to express an aspect of their personality in a profile. 

And because of how it works, it also makes figuring out what to say in your first Tinder message a lot easier. More on that coming up!

How The Vibes Feature Works 

Tinder Vibes logo

The feature is free for everyone - no subscription to Tinder Plus, Gold or Platinum is required to participate. Vibes is a periodic event, much like Tinder’s Swipe Surge and Hot Takes

You’ll get a push notification or pop-up card inviting you to join when an event is active in your area. 

Each Vibe event has a theme, and all the users who opt in answering the same question. The questions cover a wide range of topics like pop culture, cooking, dating, and more. 

For instance, the “Date Night” Vibe lets you share your answers to questions about your perfect date with potential matches.

Tinder Vibes opt in for Date Night

To participate, tap the “Start” button.

Next you’ll be presented with a handful of Vibe questions that each have four answers. Select the answer you’d like to share with potential matches by tapping on it.

Tinder Vibes question example for Date Night

When you’re swiping through profiles during the Vibes event, you’ll see a colorful border around them to indicate the Vibe is live.

Tinder Vibe profile example

Tinder Vibes events last for 48 hours, and you can join in at any point during that window. Answers are displayed on participating users’ profiles for 72 hours. You’ll see a countdown clock in the upper right hand corner that shows you how much time is left to vibe with people. 

If you both swipe right, you can check out all their answers to the Tinder Vibes questions by scrolling through them on the “It’s A Match!” screen.

Tinder Vibes message example

You can also see their Vibes answers by tapping on their profile icon in your match feed.

How To Turn Tinder Vibes On & Off

To participate in Tinder Vibes, you need to enable the Vibes option:

  1. Tap your profile icon to bring up the profile editing screen
  2. Then tap “Settings” and scroll down to “Manage Vibes”
  3. Tap on “Settings” to bring up the Vibes menu and toggle the feature on

You can turn Tinder Vibes off at any time simply by sliding the toggle to the left in the Vibes setting.

Manage Tinder Vibes toggle

3 Reasons To Start Vibing On Tinder

Start Vibing button

Before you hit that “not feeling it” button, here are 3 reasons why participating in Tinder Vibes could pay off in more matches & messages!

#1: Your Profile Gets More Exposure

When a Vibe event is happening, Tinder’s algorithm prioritizes showing your profile to other participating users. It’s a fast and easy way to get your profile in front of people who are actively using the app.

#2: Common Interests & Attitudes Boost Attraction

Studies have shown that having an attitude, belief, interest, etc. in common with someone instantly boosts interpersonal attraction. That’s one of the reasons many dating apps add interest badges to profiles.

Tinder Vibes capitalizes on that by showing your profile to users with similar answers. Why miss a chance to spark a connection? 

#3: It’s An Instant Conversation Starter

Vibe answers are meant to spark conversations, so take advantage of the insight you’re getting into what topics might entice your match to respond to your message!

For instance, in the example below Nica shared that she notices what hobbies and interests guys have listed in their profiles:

Perfect Date vibe example

The odds are excellent she’d enjoy talking about what she likes to do, so ask a fun question like this in your icebreaker:

Tinder Vibes icebreaker example

Want more inspiration for your icebreakers? Check out these great questions to ask a girl on Tinder!

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