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Meet Ali Migliore [Best Seattle Matchmaker For You?]

If you’re considering Simply Matchmaking as your Seattle matchmaker, it makes sense that you’re interested in finding out more about its founder Ali Migliore. 

Our team of experts reviewed more than 200 matchmakers and their services, digging deep into their processes, pricing, success rates, and what customers have to say. 

These reviews are based on 14+ years of firsthand industry experience, thorough research, and a deep understanding of the matchmaking industry. We know what matters most to singles who are considering hiring a matchmaker!

From how she got her start in 2013 to how much the service costs, this Ali Migliore profile has everything you’re looking for.

Let’s dive in!

Meet Seattle Matchmaker Ali Migliore

Ali Migliore

Ali Migliore knew she wanted to get into the matchmaking business since she was a teenager.

When she finished her studies at Indiana University, she began her career as an event planner while she applied for positions at matchmaking companies. 

After being rejected for these matchmaking positions, her husband convinced her to open her own matchmaking business.

In 2013 she launched Simply Matchmaking, with her husband Matt Migliore taking on the role of CEO. She has since expanded beyond Seattle, establishing a presence  in San Diego and along the West Coast as well. 

simply matchmaking review

In addition to her role as chief matchmaker, Migliore also dispenses dating advice to her clients, and via podcasts and interviews.

Here’s a taste of some of her top tips from around the web!

In an interview with the It Takes You podcast, Migliore is asked, “What’s too much to share on a first date?” 

She responds that where you and your date are in your dating journeys will affect what’s an appropriate amount to share on a first date. For example, a younger couple that’s still learning the dating ropes might share less than a divorcee who knows what they want moving forward. 

But Migliore’s general rule is this: 

“Nobody needs the full story on the first date, so my advice is to keep it positive. Keep it light. There’s a time and a place to divulge everything and it certainly is not on the first date.”

She often advises her Simply Matchmaking clients on what to say on a first date with one of their matches. 

“We even say with them [clients] do not talk about politics, your exes, religions, finances. Those types of things we say to avoid them because they could all just be things the person across from you takes as a red flag… And they’re going to make big assumptions that probably are not even true…”

Going through a life change such as a divorce? Migliore highlights the importance of having patience with yourself and others. As she says, many singles “want a replacement now now now.” But: 

“You don’t just want to replace that person with the next person you can meet and hurry up to find it. You really want to take your time, slow your roll is what I always say to people, and be thoughtful of the next person you enter into a relationship with.” 

On the Ghosted podcast, Migliore encourages singles to go on at least 2 or 3 dates with a match before deciding to call it quits, unless the first date is a bad or negative experience: 

“I’m a firm believer that people deserve second chances. And you cannot gather everything you need to know about somebody after just meeting them one time.”

And when it comes to dealbreakers, she believes you should choose them carefully. As Migliore explains: 

“I encourage people to think of dealbreakers as… what are the three most important things to you? And focus on things like: I really want to have kids, so he should want to have kids. Like, that’s a dealbreaker.” 

Now that you have a little insight into the type of dating advice she provides, let’s take a closer peek at how her matchmaking service works.

Becoming A Simply Matchmaking Client

Simply Matchmaking has a diverse range of clients from 21 to 80 years old who identify as straight, gay, transgender, or bi-sexual. 

Migliore offers a complimentary, in-person “Discovery Session” that begins by filling out the form on their website. The session reviews the company, their matchmaking process, membership details, and expectations, and also provides the opportunity to ask any question you may have.

You decide whether or not you wish to proceed with their services at the end of the session. If you agree, you will sign the agreement and pay for your package up front. 

Then the next step is an in-depth interview to get to know you and your matching criteria better. 

Simply Matchmaking collaborates with matchmakers from all over the country. So if Migliore feels you are not the right fit for her service, she will often recommend another.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Ali Migliore?

For a one-time, $199 fee, you can join Migliore’s database of potential matches. This sign-up fee may vary depending on any promotions or specials she’s running at the time.

But joining the database does guarantee you will ever be paired with a paying client. Since there is no proactive matchmaking being done on your behalf, you’ll only be contacted by the Simply Matchmaking team if you happen to be what a client is seeking.

How much it costs to have Ali Migliore as your personal matchmaker varies anywhere from $500 to over $10,000. Cost depends on your age (for instance, if you’re a man under 30 you qualify for the least expensive packages). 

Other factors like the complexity of your search and other complementary services you’d like in addition to matchmaking affect the final price tag.

Simply Matchmaking’s contracts last for 12 months, and include an unlimited amount of matches. But you can pause the service as you need. 

Want more details on this Seattle matchmaking service, including what former clients have to say about their experience? Check out our Simply Matchmaking review next!

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