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Amanda Rose Review [Is Prestige Connections Right For You?]

Thinking about trying Amanda Rose’s matchmaking service? This Prestige Connections review has all the information you need to help you decide if it's your best bet. Keep reading to find out how she got started, the cost, and more!

From the small independents to the big industry players, we've reviewed 200+ matchmaking services. Our knowledge comes from comprehensive research, real customer reviews, and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

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How Matchmaker Amanda Rose Got Her Start 

Matchmaker Amanda Rose

Amanda Rose always believed in true love, but she didn’t grow up envisioning herself as a matchmaker. It was after her marriage ended that Rose embarked on a journey to understand the intricacies of dating, relationships, and love.

As she shared with Huff Post

“After my divorce, I went on a search to understand the dating world, relationships, and the true meaning of love. I studied different avenues of dating, studied intimate and interpersonal communication at my university, and began to study others in the dating industry.”

Rose gained professional experience by working as the regional coordinator at an internationally franchised matchmaking company. Working within the industry for a year solidified her desire to blend her personal and professional insights, and she decided to strike out on her own.

She founded a dating consultancy called Dating Boutique in 2014, located in Louisville, Kentucky. Dating Boutique offers coaching, relationship workshops and more. Four years later, she launched SwoonMe Events, which organizes singles events throughout select cities across the country.

SwoonMe Events logo

SwoonMe events include live virtual matchmaking sessions where Rose and her team pair together up to 18 singles in each age group for 10-minute rounds of virtual speed dating. The cost to participate varies by event. 

In 2019, Rose launched Prestige Connections, a “luxury upscale matchmaking service” in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Prestige Connections homepage

It has since expanded, with locations in Augusta, Charleston, Naples, Nashville, Savannah, Miami, Ft. Lauderdale, Los Angeles, and Louisville.

In addition to all that, Rose has also been a dating coach for over a decade. She’s been featured in various media outlets, interviews, and is active on social media. She’s even got her own Podcast, “XOXO Amanda Rose.” 

She has also been a frequent HuffPost contributor, writing about relationship and dating topics. Here are 3 of matchmaker Amanda Rose’s best online dating tips!

Matchmaker Amanda Rose dating tips

Prestige Connections Matchmaking Process

Prestige Connections works with clients nationwide, but Rose herself only works with a limited number of matchmaking clients at a time.  

As she shared in an interview,

I only take on a handful of matchmaking clients every few months because it is a very dedicated process, but we’ll have anywhere from 30 to 100 or more people at a singles event.”

Potential clients start with an initial screening. It’s basically a meet-and-greet call to learn more about the service and ensure it’s a good fit.

Once you become a paying client their team gets to work on finding your matches. 

As this elite matchmaker shared with Connect Savannah,

“We start headhunting. It’s like job headhunting, but for love. We look in all kinds of places. We’ll look in our own system; we’re known to approach people at coffee shops. We also have a large social media network. We’ll put things out on there, or we’ll put things out in our newsletter. We’ll look for referrals from people in certain industries. We also target certain events and charity functions. I try to leave no stone unturned.”

When it comes to planning the first date, Rose said she tries to choose activities that both her client and their match will find fun.

“I love interactive dates with an activity because it creates more connection.”

While the matchmaking service facilitates the first date, they won’t exchange contact information on your behalf. As Rose explained in an interview, 

“I leave that up to the party to exchange that information. We hope they do, we hope that they exchange phone numbers and go on a second date. But if not, it’s completely private and they never have to talk to that person again. It’s a safe way to date.”

As with most dating services, clients have the opportunity to share post-date feedback with their matchmaker.

How Much It Costs To Hire Amanda Rose 

Prestige Connections matchmaking services start at $14,997. Potential clients can schedule a complimentary consultation call to learn more about the package options.

Or, you can also book a consultation directly with Amanda Rose. The call lasts 45 minutes and costs $279. The consultation fee will be applied toward the cost of your package, and is non-refundable.

There is also the option to just become a member of the Prestige Connections database. This costs $149 annually, or $14.99 a month. However it does not guarantee any introductions. A matchmaker will only reach out to you if you’re a good fit for a paying member. 

To become a database member you complete an online form and upload 3 photos of yourself. If a matchmaker selects you as a potential match, you’ll be contacted to set up a 30-minute screening call via video.

Now that you know how much Prestige Connections costs, let’s take a look at some real client experiences!

Prestige Connections Reviews 

Prestige Connections hasn’t been reviewed a lot online. This Charlotte matchmaking service has only a handful on Google, resulting in a 5.0 rating:

Prestige Connections 5.0 Google rating

This client shared that Rose goes out of her way to find suitable matches:

5-star Google review for Amanda Rose and Prestige Connections

This reviewer mentioned Rose’s dedication and the diligence of her team:

Amanda Rose 5 star Google review

Prestige Connections has 2 recommended reviews on Yelp, with a 3-star overall rating. One reviewer stated that her interactions with the company were positive:

5-star Prestige Connections review on Yelp

The other review was a single star, left by a reviewer claiming a negative experience.

The 3 not currently recommended Prestige Connections Yelp reviews are all 5 stars, although one of them appears to be from an employee of the company posting under the name “Amanda R”:

Yelp review for Amanda Rose

This luxury matchmaking service has yet to be reviewed on platforms like Trustpilot and BBB.

When it comes to evaluating any matchmaking service, online reviews can provide a peek into client experiences.  And the company's responses to them can also offer a glimpse into how the matchmaking team approaches customer service.

But they’re really only one piece of the puzzle when it comes to deciding which matchmaking service you should hire

Is Prestige Connections Right For You? 

Amanda Rose runs 4 dating and matchmaking companies, some of which work with clients nationwide. She definitely wears a lot of hats, splitting her time amongst all of them. But she has a business formula that’s clearly working for her.

So your decision will involve factors like your initial consultation and if you feel like they truly “get” you and what you’re looking for. Another big consideration is how you feel about purchasing a 3, 6, or 12 month contract. 

While that’s the standard throughout the matchmaking industry, there are some services, like VIDA Select, that take a different approach.

With VIDA, you can pay by the month instead of committing to a long-term contract. If you feel a promising connection with one of your matches right away, you don’t have to worry that you’ve purchased search time you didn’t end up needing.

Or if you feel after the first month that the service isn’t quite the right fit for you, simply don’t continue for another month! VIDA’s ‘pay as you go’ pricing structure is convenient, and flexible to accommodate your dating goals.

Basic matchmaking packages start at just $1195, with Elite matchmaking options starting at only $2595 per month. On average, VIDA clients start a relationship in just 3 months!

Find out more about VIDA’s modern approach to matchmaking here.

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