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Meet Elite Silicon Valley Matchmaker Amy Andersen

If you’re thinking about hiring an executive matchmaking service like Linx Dating, wanting to know a little more about its founder, Amy Andersen, makes sense. This short profile reveals her matchmaking process, how she got started in the industry, her best dating advice, and more!

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A Knack For Connecting People

Amy Andersen

Amy Andersen founded Linx Dating in 2003. But like many matchmakers, she’s been helping people connect for much of her life. As she shared in an interview with Punch Magazine, her Cupid role dates all the way back to her high school days.

“I was never part of one clique; I loved to connect people casually—‘you two should meet’—just sensing that two people could be friends with each other.”

Her professional matchmaking journey began to unfold while working with high net-worth clients as a financial advisor at Merrill Lynch. She noticed that there were many great eligible guys in Silicon Valley looking for a committed relationship, while her friends in San Francisco complained about not being able to find any good ones.

As she explains in an interview

“While these men lamented to me about their lonely hearts, I saw a very similar trend in San Francisco with my female friends. I had networked and connected with dozens of single women through the San Francisco chapter of the Junior League. These young professional women were having no issues getting dates, but were plagued by men who had no desire to commit.”

Andersen, a born entrepreneur, capitalized on the opportunity to bridge that gap and launched Linx Dating. She chose the name because it represents linking people together, and “the ‘x’ is like a big hug.”

As her matchmaking company grew, she quickly became known as “The Cupid Of Silicon Valley.”

Amy Andersen’s Matchmaking Philosophy

Her service is based in Menlo Park, but her reach expands beyond Silicon Valley. She also helps singles in the Bay Area, Los Angeles and in some regions of Europe, Asia and the Middle East.

Andersen describes her clientele as selective and high-achieving. According to her website, Linx works exclusively with college-educated nonsmokers, with around 75% of her clientele having pursued a graduate degree.

Many of her clients and candidates for her database come to her via word of mouth and referrals. And when it comes to helping them find love, Andersen says one of her secrets to success is “access and pattern recognition.” 

As she explains in a Modern Luxury Silicon Valley interview

When you’ve been around for more than 18 years, you see a lot of patterns and have access to a lot of singles. I know the area well and have a good sense of the demographics and psychographics—those who are single and looking for long-term commitment, as well as what tends to work and not work.” 

She trusts her intuition and instincts when making pairings, and focuses on getting to know each Linx client through a series of questions that will help her build an “archetype” of the person you’re looking for. 

Much of the Q&A takes place during the initial consultation, before you’ve invested in a matchmaking contract. There is a fee for the consultation, as you’ll be meeting with Andersen herself. It typically takes around 90 minutes. 

You’ll also learn about the matchmaking packages Linx offers, and if you decide to move further you’ll continue to work with Andersen and her team to further refine your list of “wants and wishes.” Once everyone is on the same page, your search begins.

What Does It Cost To Hire Amy Andersen?

Linx Dating offers both premium and VIP memberships. Andersen’s premium packages start around $45,000 for 2 year’s worth of matchmaking services. Packages also include 4 months “pause” time. 

VIP matchmaking costs between $100,000 and $500,000. As she shared with CNBC, “The VIP client gives me all access, full autonomy to search the world for the perfect needle in a haystack.” 

All VIP clients work with Anderson personally, and the service includes individualized recruiting, including social media campaigns undertaken to find compatible candidates. There’s also a “Meet Our VIPs” area on the Linx Dating website where potential matches can apply for consideration. 

Linx Dating also offers concierge services like date coaching, wardrobe styling, travel arrangements, and more. Andersen also has strategic partnerships with psychologists, image consultants, plastic surgeons, etc. 

And she’s in it for the long haul - her work doesn’t end with the match! As she said in an interview, 

“Once I match people, I provide ongoing coaching and advice to help couples realize the great potential that could be there between them and thus to avoid pitfalls and dating quicksand that could sink what might otherwise be an amazing relationship.”

Dating Advice Straight From Silicon Valley’s Cupid

Having been a matchmaker for 20+years, Andersen is certainly no stranger to dishing out dating and relationship advice. She’s been featured on various podcasts and interviews, and also has an “Ask Amy” feature on her website.

Here’s a sampling of Amy Andersen’s best dating advice from around the web!

Amy Andersen dating tips and advice

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