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Meet Anuradha Gupta [Best Professional Matchmaker For You?]

If you’re thinking about hiring Vows for Eternity to find your life partner, it makes sense to do a little research on founder Anuradha Gupta.

You’re in the right place. From the boutiques to the biggest international services, we've reviewed over 200 matchmakers. Our insight comes from 14+ years of first-hand industry experience, comprehensive research and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

From how she got her start to her matchmaking philosophy and more, this short profile will help you decide if this Indian matchmaker is your best bet!

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Anuradha Gupta’s Journey Into Matchmaking 

Matchmaker Anuradha Gupta

Anuradha Gupta has a diverse background in psychology, economics, and business administration.

Despite her professional success in various leadership roles worldwide, including working with the strategy team at the renowned Arsenal Football Club, she felt a crucial aspect was missing in her life: finding her perfect partner.

Being of Indian heritage, Gupta was exposed to the concept of arranged marriages, and her friends and family enthusiastically started sending her suggestions when they heard she was looking for love. 

As she explained in an interview,

When I was looking for a partner, families sent me the resumes or biodatas of their sons with job profiles and cultural beliefs, and I could not identify with any of it. These sheets of paper told me nothing about the person being suggested for me, and what made them who they were.” 

This lack of personal connection led her to seek the help of a matchmaker, but she was surprised to find no one that catered to her specific global preferences. This realization served as the catalyst for Gupta to create her own matchmaking company.

vows for eternity

She opened Vows for Eternity in 2012. This New York matchmaking service provides singles with an alternative to traditional arranged marriages by embracing a more personalized approach to helping people find love.

As she shared with Connected To India, only her introductions are arranged. 

“The process is a far cry from the old-fashioned meeting between two families, where a person makes up their mind in a few minutes. Arranged introductions and love marriages are what we are about — meeting someone, getting to know them, and building something sacred together.”

Over the years, the company has expanded its reach, establishing a presence in London, New Delhi, Dubai and Mumbai. According to her website, 45% of her clientele is in the US, with 40% in India. The remainder are in Europe and the rest of Asia.

She counts among her clients celebrities, entrepreneurs, industrialists, self-made individuals, and other successful professionals. The majority are between 24 and 40 years old, and tend to share common traits of affluence, global exposure, and a desire for a long-term commitment.

According to Gupta

Most individuals that join Vows for Eternity have spent time on an education, their profession or business, and in this process, have not had the time and opportunity to meet like-minded people like themselves.”

Her extensive travel experiences have given her an international perspective, allowing her to connect with and understand different personalities – a skill critical in her matchmaking process.

Or as she puts it

My work follows my personality – an innate ability to connect with people and infuse my positive approach to living life. My diverse background uniquely equips me in understanding different personalities – a skill that is critical in finding the right partner.”

Anuradha Gupta’s Matchmaking Philosophy

This matchmaker’s approach to finding love for her clients is rooted in the belief that successful relationships leading to marriage require the right mindset. She encourages her clients to approach the process with an open mind and enjoy the journey rather than taking it too seriously.

Her philosophy revolves around the idea of balancing practicality and love.  

According to Gupta, matchmaking is about bringing together ‘the head and the heart,’ recognizing the importance of shared values, backgrounds, and education in fostering a lasting union. 

While she acknowledges the enriching aspects of differences, Gupta challenges the notion that opposites always attract. 

"We must be able to learn new things from a relationship, and that is important at every stage. But a certain similarity in how one grows up, socio-economics, and education have always been a plus point in bringing two people together." 

Gupta believes that finding a meaningful relationship is not about ticking checkboxes but rather about understanding oneself and introspecting on what one truly seeks in a partner. She encourages her clients to move past superficial appearances and extensive checklists and be more introspective.   

I often ask my clients to understand who they really are, and figure out what it is they are looking for, before seeking their soulmate.” 

As she shared with Wales Online, just going through the process can be beneficial, even for clients who don’t end up in a relationship through the service.

"I wish I had a magic wand and it worked for everyone, but I don't. Even if we can't find the perfect match for everyone, we often receive positive feedback and are told by our clients that they have gained a sense of clarity about what they're looking for, which has helped them find their match later on".

Anuradha Gupta’s Relationship Advice

Emphasizing emotional well-being, Gupta advises clients to start afresh in new relationships and leave any emotional baggage behind. She considers self-love and healing as essential prerequisites before entering a partnership, stating that “loving the other person without healing or loving yourself first can lead to a lot of toxicity.” 

Regarding the ideal duration of courtship before considering marriage, Gupta suggests that couples should reach a certain level of assurance and agreement about the relationship's direction. 

In her opinion, this process should take at least a year. She described it this way to GQ India, 

"It's usually when they feel a certain level of confidence and comfort with each other and in each other. So about a year to 18 months is probably the right time, but anything more than that, in my opinion, can be counter-productive."

And during an interview with Brides Today, she also shared the following advice for those about to embark on a new relationship:

Matchmaker Anuradha Gupta's relationship advice

What It Costs To Hire Anuradha Gupta  

Vows for Eternity offers three tiers of membership. Basic packages cost between $2,800 and $4,200, and mid-level memberships range in price from $7,200 to $15,000. 

If you’re looking to have Anuradha Gupta as your personal matchmaker, rather than a team member, you’ll need to purchase Vows For Eternity’s signature service. 

As she shared in an interview with Sunday Guardian Live

“I am actively involved in the top tier where I am the personal matchmaker and handhold the member through their search. This tier of membership generally includes people from business families and celebrities. My extremely competent and personable team works very closely with the members in our other two tiers of membership.” 

Pricing for the top-tier memberships is not shared on their website. Instead, it’s discussed during your consultation. Most memberships last for 1 year and full payment is required before services begin.  

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