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Meet April Beyer: Is She The Best Personal Matchmaker For You?

Wondering about the matchmaker behind LEVEL Connections? April Beyer has been in the industry for 20+ years, and has made her mark as a dating and relationship expert. Keep reading to learn more about her background, matchmaking philosophy, and more!

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Meet Matchmaker April Beyer

LEVEL Connections founder matchmaker April Beyer

A matchmaking industry veteran, she started working for an LA matchmaker in her 20s. 

After working there for six years, she branched out on her own because she felt they were headed in a more “corporate direction.” 

She wanted to take a different approach. Rather than simply introducing two people to each other, she shifted her focus to creating successful relationships.

She launched her own “relationship consulting” and matchmaking firm, called Beyer & Company, in 1997 for singles dating in the Los Angeles area. Beyer later expanded into San Diego and San Francisco as well.

Then, with 20+ years of matchmaking experience under her belt, she launched LEVEL Connections in 2017. Her goal? Using core values and a proprietary AI to help match people. 

As she put it

“If you go out with someone you know shares your values, all you have to do is decide if there’s chemistry.”

April Beyer’s Matchmaking Philosophy

Beyer has said she’s always been fascinated by the psychology behind successful matchmaking - “The blending of attributes, and what creates connection. What inspires romance, connection, collaboration, commitment?” 

That’s one of the reasons the application process to LEVEL Connections involves a 20+ page “guided interview” form. In an interview with Sally Colón, she described filling it out as an educational experience. 

“My system actually teaches you as you go. So when you’re going through the process, you’re actually taking stock and learning about yourself.” 

The questions aim to get at the heart of your “overall personality” - the traits, characteristics, and attributes you’re born with. 

In her view, setting up the date is just a “tiny” element of her role. A good matchmaker is also an advisor. Beyer describes herself as an intuitive, and said balancing between what a paying client says they want and what she thinks would actually be best for them can be difficult. 

“If somebody comes in and they’ve invested, they have a contract - they want what they want. But intuitively you know that’s not what’s coming down the pike for them, you know that’s not what’s appropriate, that’s not the relationship that will serve them… you have to kind of balance this blend of ‘what do they want’ with ‘what do I know is really good for them’. And that’s really hard.”

Beyer describes herself as a “values based” dating coach and matchmaker, and is often interviewed as a dating and relationship expert on podcasts and the like. Here is a taste of her dating advice:

Matchmaker April Beyer's dating advice

She’s had multiple media appearances throughout the years, and was called in to mentor three matchmakers on VH1’s Making Mr. Right.’’

Her educational background is also part of what makes her so adept at connecting with others - and helping them forge connections of their own. 

She’s a trained Meisner actor (an approach to acting that emphasizes three elements: emotional preparation, repetition exercises, and improv), and has performed sketch comedy. 

As she explained in an interview with Hello Alice, 

“So much of what makes me good at what I do, whether it’s matchmaking, building technology, or coaching individuals, is from my ability to read people, think ahead, strategize, and problem solve.”

“Like Myers-Briggs For The Heart”

Beyer’s matchmaking service LEVEL Connections is built around what she refers to as her 10 category values system. 

In an interview with VoyageLA, she elaborates,

“I’m known for my keen understanding of how chemistry is created and my ability to cut through the noise and get to the heart of the matter.”

To gain insight into her clients and their values, characteristics, traits and lifestyle, she uses her EVT Matching Quiz™. That’s part of the application process that both paying male clients and women who want to be included in her database undergo, and she compares it to taking the Myers Briggs personality test. 

This data informs the algorithm she uses to match women from her network with the men who pay for the service. She describes her proprietary process as a way to “bridge the gap between online dating and personal matchmaking.”

Whenever the algorithm suggests a potential match, Beyer and her team start by asking the woman if she’s interested in a date with that client. If she is, the client reviews her profile, and makes a decision.

If the client wants to proceed with the match, the matchmaking team helps coordinate the in-person date. 

Beyer claims she has an 89% success rate for her VIP clients, with thousands of relationships and hundreds of marriages under her belt. 

Check out our LEVEL Connections review to see if her process is the right one for you!

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