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6 Best Atlanta Matchmakers [Plus How Much They Cost]

Hiring an Atlanta matchmaker makes meeting compatible people a lot easier. Great news if you’re tired of being single!

But with so many dating services to choose from, finding the best service for you can get time consuming.

You're looking for the top professional matchmakers in Atlanta, and you came to the right place. After all - it’s your time, trust, and wallet on the line. So you want to ensure you make a good investment!

Our team of matchmaking experts created this comprehensive guide to help Atlanta singles start narrowing down their options.

We've spent countless hours researching and analyzing over 200 matchmaking services. Our expertise comes from well over a decade in the industry, our first-hand knowledge of what clients value most in a matchmaking service, and our commitment to providing comprehensive and insightful reviews.

Start your search here, with these 6 best Atlanta matchmaking services!


Enamour website

Perfect for Atlanta singles seeking the highest quality matches, Enamour offers a tailored matchmaking experience.


Enamour works with both men and women, typically accomplished, selective professionals.


Packages begin around $20,000.

What To Expect

As a client, you'll have a dedicated personal matchmaker overseeing your search. After getting to know more about your lifestyle and matching criteria, she'll begin screening candidates carefully selected from Enamour's invitation-only, highly curated database.

Enamour's team also uses recruiting tech and an extensive scouting network to identify highly compatible singles from a variety of sources, both offline and online. No stone is left unturned in the search to find your ideal partner!

Each potential match is thoroughly vetted, interviewed either in person or via video call. If they pass the screening, your matchmaker will send you a full profile for review.

She'll also arrange all the first date details, and follow up with both you and your match after each one. Feedback is part of the process, not only so your search can be fine-tuned, but also so you can benefit from any insights into your dating process.

In addition to matchmaking, Enamour offers complementary services such as dating & relationship coaching, personal styling, image consulting, professional photography, and more.

VIDA Select (by Scott Valdez)

Scott Valdez

Looking for an affordable Atlanta matchmaking service that gets great results?

VIDA Select's modern take on finding your soulmate could be exactly what you need.


Typically men and women, mid-20s to 60s.


VIDA offers an assortment of matchmaking packages across 3 levels of service: Basic, Premium and Elite.

Package cost highly correlates with the number of hours that should be dedicated to your search each month, taking into account your matching criteria and locations.

Basic packages start at $1195/month, Premium options begin at just $1795/month and Elite packages start at only $2595/month.

What To Expect

VIDA doesn’t require long-term contracts. You simply pay each month you’d like your matchmaker to actively search for your ideal partner.

Clients often meet someone special by their second or third month, as matchmakers select high-quality matches from Atlanta’s largest pool of singles.

The first step is seeing if you qualify! If so, your dedicated matchmaker gets to know you - and all about the type of person you consider highly compatible. You'll receive full profiles, including photos, to approve or pass on.

And all the date arrangements are made for you!

Curious to see what VIDA's team of matchmakers can do for you?

One on One Matchmaking (by Sarah Kathryn Walmsley)

Atlanta matchmaker Sarah Kathryn Walmsley

Atlanta matchmaker Sarah Kathryn Walmsley also owns Eight at Eight, a dating agency that hosts dinner parties for an even mix of single men and women.

Founded in 2008, One on One Matchmaking helps clients who want a more traditional matchmaking experience.


Typically relationship-minded single professionals in Atlanta.


$3,500 to $10,000 for a minimum of 10 matches.

What To Expect

Clients get matched with other members, as well as Atlanta singles in the Eight at Eight database.

When a match is identified, you’ll receive an email containing the details of your date. Afterward, your matchmaker checks in with your match and then provides feedback and dating tips based on your match's observations.

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Single Atlanta (by Leisha Murphy & Lisa Lyngos)

Atlanta matchmakers Leisha Murphy & Lisa Lyngos

Perhaps the only Georgia dating agency helmed by twin sisters, Leisha Murphy and Lisa Lyngos have over 30 years of matchmaking experience between them. They launched the service in 1998.


Men and women living throughout Georgia.


Matchmaking services start around $1,000 to $5,000 depending on which membership package you select.

What To Expect

You sign a contract for a specified number of matches, rather than a length of time.

You’ll get matched with other paying clients. But the amount of information you receive on them beforehand depends on your membership level.

For instance, seeing photos before accepting the match costs more than just receiving basic background info.

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Kelleher International (by Jill Kelleher & Amber Kelleher-Andrews)

Kelleher International

Based in the San Francisco Bay area, Kelleher International has branches around the US, including Atlanta. Jill Kelleher founded the service back in 1986.


Men and women seeking “The One.”


The price varies according to the scope of your search. A local one starts at $30,000, a national one at $45,000, and an international search - AKA “CEO Club” - starts at $150,000.

What To Expect

Your membership can last anywhere from 1 to 3 years. You’ll be matched with some of the 50,000+ singles in the Kelleher database.

You also have a year’s worth of “hold” time, so you can have your matchmaker suspend the search temporarily as needed.

Exclusive Matchmaking (by Susan Trombetti)

Exclusive Matchmaking Atlanta homepage

Susan Trombetti calls herself one of Atlanta's “millionaire matchmakers.” However, her elite matchmaking service is headquartered in Annapolis. It was founded in 2011.


Typically men in their mid-30s+ looking for a long-term relationship.


The initial consultation costs $350/Skype or $550/in person.

Men 21-32 years old qualify for the “Exclusive Introductions” membership, which costs $3,500.

Standard memberships run from $7,500 upwards of $125,000 depending on the level of personalized service and date coaching you want. If you don’t want a long-term search, you can opt for a one time “Bachelor Party” starting at $4,000.

What To Expect

Men are matched with eligible women in the Exclusive Matchmaking database.

While your matchmaker looks for suitable candidates, you'll receive any date coaching and/or advice she feels will help you reach your relationship goals. Once she finds a good match, you'll go on a date.

After each introduction, you can provide feedback to help your matchmaker adjust her search as necessary.

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