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Best Bitmojis For Tinder [With 13 Tinder Messages That Work!]

If your Tinder message doesn’t immediately catch her attention, your odds of getting a response plummet – especially when she’s attractive. Not only are bitmojis hard to miss in a crowded message feed, they’re perfect for instantly conveying a thought or emotion.

Best bitmoji for tinder

But with the entire sticker library to pull from, which are the best bitmojis for Tinder?

Keep reading for message examples women can’t resist, and the best bitmojis to pair with them!

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The Art Of The Icebreaker

There’s a lot of competition on Tinder for the most attractive local singles. It’s no different than trying to meet women at a party – and the closer she edges to a “10,” the more guys there are clamoring for her attention.

So if you’re one of those guys guilty of messaging gems like “Hey” or “Hi there” to all your matches, resist the urge to continue that trend bitmoji style. It likely won’t work any better in cartoon form.

A good Tinder icebreaker accomplishes two goals:

  1. Sparks some sort of emotional connection
  2. Makes it easy to answer by asking a question

Creating an emotional connection may sound complicated, but it’s really not. In simple terms, just make her feel something. Happy, curious, intrigued – any positive emotion will help boost your response rate. When she feels a connection to your message, she’s more likely to take time to respond.

The best bitmojis for Tinder complement your icebreaker, rather than stand on their own. Remember – your goal is to make continuing the conversation as simple as possible by asking her a question.

Here are 9 proven Tinder conversation starters that even your most attractive matches won’t be able to exist, plus great bitmojis to pair with them:

Who Can Resist Dessert?

good bitmojis for Tinder

Want to boost your odds of a response by 40%? Ask your match one of the delicious-sounding questions above. When it comes to dating app conversations, women love talking about food.

Fun to think about, easy to answer – and few can resist smiling at the sight of ice cream big enough to share… file these two under “Perfect Tinder Opener.”

Everyone’s Favorite Subject…

People generally take any opportunity to share something about themselves, it’s human nature. In fact, talking about yourself engages your brain’s pleasure centers, so it will literally make her feel good to respond to a Tinder icebreaker like this one:

great bitmoji for Tinder

There are plenty of bitmoji stickers that fit this Tinder opener perfectly, just choose one showing a fun activity. And since it’s your avatar engaging in it, she’ll get the impression you’re a fun guy to be around.

Here are a few more great Tinder conversation starters that give her the opportunity to share something about herself, plus some attention-grabbing bitmoji options to send as a follow up:

bitmoji tinder message

funny bitmoji to send on Tinder

Get Personal

So far, all of the Tinder message examples you’ve seen so far could be sent to any of your Tinder matches. Copy and paste messages are an excellent way to save a ton of time while simultaneously boosting your response rate – a win/win scenario if ever there was one.

But that’s not to say going the customized route won’t work, because if you’ve got the time to scroll through her photos and check out her bio, that can pay off as well.

And here’s some good news – you can combine both approaches with these “situational” icebreakers.
If you can tell from her Tinder profile she’s a fan of dogs, this opener is virtually guaranteed to get her responding:

funny bitmoji for tinder

For any women who are into skiing, this gem works wonders:

Into party girls? Try sending this Tinder icebreaker to all the ones who catch your eye:

Keep track of all your best material, and after awhile you’ll have a list of handy “go-to” Tinder openers perfect for just about any situation.

PRO TIP: Call Her By Name

Most Tinder profiles show first names, so use it in your icebreaker. You’ve heard that quote about your name being the sweetest sound you can hear in any language? Not only does it help spark that feeling of connection on apps like Tinder, it also makes your copy and paste message seem customized just for her.

Bitmojis Aren’t Just Perfect For Icebreakers

Even when you’re using proven Tinder message examples like these, you likely won’t get a response 100% of the time. And her lack of response may have nothing to do with you.

For instance, maybe she got it at an inconvenient time for her. Ideally, you can send your messages during Tinder’s peak activity time, which starts increasing around 5 pm, peaks at 9 pm, and drops off around midnight.

That means 9 pm is when the odds of getting an immediate response are the highest:

peak Tinder activity

But let’s say you don’t get a response to your Tinder icebreaker. That’s okay, because studies have shown sending a second one will increase your odds of getting a reply.

The data showed the average second message was sent approximately 4 hours after the first, but even singles who waited a week to send it still got a reply in over 1 in 3 cases.

The key to getting that response? Not sounding desperate. Bitmojis are a perfect way to keep that second message light hearted and fun.

Here are two message examples that work no matter what you wrote in your first one:

bitmojis for tinder that work

great bitmojis to use on Tinder

The two bitmoji stickers above work because they have a slightly sarcastic edge to them. There are quite a few to choose from, so keep a keen eye on your avatar’s expression because that will affect the message you’re conveying with the image.

When it comes to sending an unanswered second message, the line between confidence and desperation is fine indeed:

Bitmojis Can Help You Move The Convo Off Tinder

Bitmojis come in handy when you’re seeing signs she’s ready to move things off Tinder.

Not sure what to look for? Here are a few big indications you should ask her out on Tinder:

  • Her messages are on the long(ish) side. The more time she takes to tap out her message, the likelier it is she’s into you.
  • She’s asking questions of her own. Signs of curiosity like that mean she’s invested in learning more about you.
  • She’s hinting at having free time this weekend. While some women don’t mind taking the initiative and asking you out, plenty still prefer the old-fashioned way. This is a subtle way of letting you know you should ask her out already.
  • She replies quickly, rather than waiting a few days. Of course, there are exceptions to this rule, like travel, big work projects, etc. But generally, if she’s wanting to meet IRL, she won’t keep you waiting long.

Here’s a quick tip for getting her to say “yes” to a date: Start by making a statement you already know she’s going to agree with. That small “yes” makes it easier to give the bigger “yes.”

So what does that look like in practice? This:

It’s important to give her options when asking for the date – internal data here at VIDA shows that will double your success rate, whereas not giving her a choice cuts your acceptance rate in half.

Here is another example of how to ask her for a date on Tinder:

good bitmoji to use on Tinder

Don’t wait too long to get a date on the books or her phone number. You risk losing her interest or her profile disappearing.

A general rule of thumb is start trying to move things off the app after exchanging 8 to 10 messages, assuming you’re starting to see indications you’ve built up enough attraction.

Sound complicated? It is! If you to meet the highest quality local singles, you can’t just wing it on Tinder. You need a strategy, plus a strong photo lineup and a great bio.

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