Events & Adventures Review (2019) – Is It Worth The Cost?

Events And Adventures review

White water rafting, ziplining or solving a murder mystery dinner sure sounds like more fun than another Friday night alone, swiping and messaging on Tinder… so you’re thinking about signing up for Events And Adventures. But is this activities-based dating service worth the money? This Events And Adventures review is packed with the information you’re looking for, from cost to […]

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7 Funny Bumble Bios That Attract Women (Updated 2019)

Survey says a sense of humor gives you +1 attraction points, so why not inject some humor into your Bumble bio? She’s got to deem you worthy of a message, and a funny Bumble bio could give her a reason to swipe right and reach out. But humor done wrong falls flat… and leaves her unimpressed. You’re looking for a […]

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Ultimate Guide To Bumble (Updated 2019)

Ultimate Guide To Bumble

If you’re serious about meeting that someone special, then you need to get serious about Bumble. This guide is packed with useful knowledge and insider’s tips, whether you just downloaded the app for the first time or you’ve been using it for years. If you’ve got burning Bumble questions to ask, you’ll find the expert answers you need here. This […]

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10 Bumble GIFs Women Can’t Resist

She sent you a message, so your strong photos and Bumble bio captured her attention. Now the trick is holding on to it long enough to build attraction – because that’s the only way she’ll “yes” to a date. Sending a GIF boosts your response rate on Tinder by 30%, and Bumble GIFs are just as effective. The dating experts […]

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Dine Dating App Review – Does It Actually Work? (2019)

Dine App Review

The premise is simple – instead of matching with someone and exchanging messages, the Dine dating app lets you skip straight to planning your first date. In theory it’s a great idea, especially if you’re tired of promising message exchanges that end up fizzling out before you get a phone number. But does it actually work in practice? This Dine […]

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