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Bonnie Winston Reviews [Best Celebrity Matchmaker For You?]

Bonnie Winston bills herself as a celebrity matchmaker and relationship expert. She founded Bonnie Winston Matchmaker in 2012, and now has a presence on both coasts.

She’s on your radar, so here’s the million dollar question - is she the right person to find your ideal partner? From how she got started to how much her service costs and more, this Bonnie Winston review will help you decide!

Let’s get started with…

Bonnie Winston’s Road To Celebrity Matchmaker

Bonnie Winston

Winston says she has always had a knack for helping people find love. 

As she explains in an interview, she started making matches when she was just 16, and has long been the one people gravitate to for relationship advice and matchmaking.

I was always the wing woman. I would walk into a trendy restaurant [with my single friends] and scout the room to see if it was worth us staying… My single friends would tell me who they liked or wanted to meet, and I would arrange for it to happen.

Before becoming a professional matchmaker, Winston was a model scout and agent for Elite Models in New York City. This career took her from New York to Los Angeles, where she founded a photography agency in Beverly Hills.

The photographers she represented worked with celebrities like Brad Pitt and Gwyneth Paltrow, and Winston built up a network of contacts from coast to coast.

In 2010, she switched gears, closed her photography business, and began matchmaking for friends. That segued into matching up paying customers, and she launched Bonnie Winston Matchmaker in 2012.

The company works with clients across the United States, with their main office in New York and a presence in LA as well.  

What To Expect From Matchmaker Bonnie Winston

Winston works with men and women as paying clients, generally professional singles in their 20s to 60s. A boutique matchmaker, she is selective about who she works with. 

In an interview, she explained that she only adds a new client when one of her existing clients has found a solid relationship. She typically has 12 to 18 active clients at any given time.

The matchmaking process starts with an initial consultation. She’ll get to know you, your values, and your interests. And, of course, what you’re looking for in an ideal partner.

She’ll also tailor a matchmaking contract for you. Service length, number of matches and other factors vary client to client. Once you’ve signed on the proverbial dotted line, she and her team will start your search.

You’ll be meeting matches pulled from her “Date-A-Base.” As the name implies, this is her internal database of eligible singles. The database is worldwide, and free to have a profile placed in it.

Date-A-Base Membership

Joining the Date-A-Base is a passive membership option. That means going the free route with Bonnie Winston Matchmaker offers no guarantees of ever being contacted by the team.

Depending on the particulars of your contract, you may also meet matches scouted from online dating sites or through Winston’s network of contracts.

In the future, Winston hopes to bolster her network throughout the US and Canada, partnering with more professionals in the dating industry. As she explains in an interview

I look forward to expanding my relationships with other matchmakers across the country. I don’t think of it as competition, but as working together to accomplish finding love for people. 

If one of the potential matches she has identified wants to meet you, then she’ll arrange a date. 

Complementary Services

While Winston’s focus is matchmaking, she also offers personal image consulting and coaching. 

She’s no stranger to handing out dating advice, having contributed to various media platforms over the years. 

Here are 3 of Bonnie Winston’s dating tips from around the internet:

#1: Class is always in style. 

As she explained to, “Class is just being kind. If you’re kind, it shows, and people are attracted to it.

#2: Mirror your date’s choices when ordering off the menu on a first date.

In that same interview, she said it’s important to “keep pace with your date” when it comes to that potentially awkward moment when the server comes to take your order. 

As Winston points out, ordering way more food (or pricier items) may lead to your date feeling taken advantage of if they’re the ones paying the tab.

#3: Be brave - get out there!

As Bonnie Winston said in a NY Post article, it’s important to overcome that feeling of intimidation a lot of singles have when it comes to approaching people. The key to success? Practicing until you feel “100 percent comfortable.”

Of course, one of the major reasons singles hire a matchmaking service is so they can skip straight to the date. 

So how much does having Bonnie Winston as your personal matchmaker cost?

Bonnie Winston Matchmaker Cost

The “Date-A-Base” membership is free. But that route may never lead to meeting any matches. For that, you’ll need a VIP membership. 

VIP memberships start at $20,000 and go up from there. How far up?

Like most matchmaking services, she doesn't disclose all of her pricing online. It’s not unusual for a celebrity matchmaker price tag to range north of $100,000. On the West Coast, Patti Stanger’s services can run over $150,000, while Simona Fusco’s services can go for over $250,000.

And over on the East Coast, millionaire matchmaker Janis Spindel charges up to a literal million for her matchmaking prowess.

Is hiring Bonnie Winston Matchmaker to find your ideal partner worth the price? To answer that, the next logical step would be checking online reviews.

Bonnie Winston Reviews

Except in her case, Bonnie Winston reviews are hard to find! There’s one on glassdoor, and while it’s positive, it’s about interviewing to be on her matchmaking team.

Her matchmaking service has yet to be reviewed on platforms like TrustPilot, Yelp, or the Better Business Bureau. 

It’s not uncommon for high-end matchmakers to lack online reviews, and with over a decade of matchmaking experience under her belt Winston’s process clearly works for some. 

But is her approach right for you? With no reviews to fall back on, it may help to consider factors like how you feel about committing to a long-term contract. While Winston does tailor her memberships to fit the client, once you’ve signed… you’re locked in.

You could meet someone right away, or not meet anyone at all - and it’s the same price. If that gives you pause, you may also want to think about a service like VIDA Select where you can pay by the month.

High-End Matchmaking On Your Terms

VIDA Select offers the same level of tailored matchmaking service, but at a fraction of the cost. And even better, clients have the convenience of monthly matchmaking packages, so you can start, stop and pause your service at any time. 

If you feel sparks with your very first match and want to see where things lead, you can! You don’t have to worry about paying for months and months of service you might not end up using. And if the service isn't quite the right fit for you, simply don’t continue with the next month.

VIDA’s matchmaking team has access to a nearly unlimited pool of eligible singles, which is why the average client meets someone special in only 3 months. 

Incredible results, less upfront risk… if you’re ready to start meeting highly compatible relationship-minded singles, why not see what VIDA Select’s matchmaking team can do for you?

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