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Bumble Boost Review (2023) - Is Upgrading Worth It?

Bumble Boost is the least expensive of the two premium memberships this popular dating app offers. But is paying for the perks worth the money? In most cases, the answer is yes!

Unlimited Likes

Find out exactly what you’re getting with this Bumble upgrade, and when it makes sense to pay for a Boost subscription. You’ll also find out how it compares to the more expensive option, Bumble Premium.

How do we know so much about Bumble? Simple! We've been using it daily since it launched back in 2014, optimizing profiles, swiping, and sending messages on behalf of all the clients we represent online. We've logged thousands upon thousands of hours on Bumble, giving us a thorough understand of the app and all its features.

Whether or not you decide to upgrade, don't miss those 6 tips on how to get more Bumble matches!

Bumble Boost Perks

Upgrading to a Bumble Boost subscription unlocks 6 premium features:

  1. Rematch
  2. Unlimited Extends (AKA BusyBee)
  3. Backtrack
  4. Spotlight - 1 per week
  5. SuperSwipes - 5 per week
  6. Unlimited right-swiping


A “connection” normally expires within 24 hours if that first message isn’t sent, but you can use this feature to match with them again.

Rematch example

Even if you're not using Bumble Boost, an expired match will appear again eventually. But without the Bumble Rematch feature, you'll probably have to wait a while for a particular person's profile to pop up again in your match queue - especially if you live in a megacity.

Unlimited Extends

Normally when a match expires, the connection disappears.

Without the upgrade, you can only “extend” one match daily, which keeps the connection in your queue for an additional 24 hours.

Unlimited Extends allows you to do this with as many matches as you want.


You can still Backtrack on Bumble, but only with an upgraded subscription. Bumble removed the Backtrack feature for free users in 2020.

But with Boost, now if you accidentally swipe left on Bumble you can undo it by tapping the arrow.

Boost & Premium users can Backtrack as often as needed.


Bumble Spotlight isn't only for premium members - all users can purchase them in-app whenever you want a 30-minute stint of heightened exposure for your profile. Boost users get 1 Spotlight a week.

The "value" of a Spotlight varies depending on what quantity you purchase them in - they run around $8.99 for 1 all the way up to 30 for around $59.99.

Read more about the Spotlight feature and when to use it here!

Super Swipe

YouTube video

Almost every dating app has a way of elevating your "like" in the hopes of wooing a potential match. SuperSwipes are how Bumble does it.

5 SuperSwipes each week are included with a Boost subscription, and they are also available as an in-app purchase.

SuperSwipe prices start at 2 for around $8.99, dropping as low as around $1.67 each if you buy 30 at a time. You can also use a Bumble coin to purchase them if coins are still used in your area.

But just because you can... should you? Read all about SuperSwipes and when it's a good idea to use one!

Unlimited Right Swiping

This perk is exactly what it sounds like - you can swipe right on as many profiles as you want. That being said, you still want to make sure your choices are intentional.

Swiping right on everyone then sorting out your matches later does not impress the Bumble algorithm. This behavior is likely to have negative repercussions on how and when your profile gets shown to local singles.

Bumble Premium

Seeing who has already liked you requires a Bumble Premium subscription. Beeline used to be a premium feature of Boost, but now comes with the top-tier membership. 

Other Bumble Premium perks include making your profile invisible until you swipe right on someone, swiping and matching in other locations, and applying as many filters as you’d like to your match feed.

Click here for a detailed review of all the Bumble Premium perks!

How Much Does Bumble Boost Cost?

The cost of upgrading to Bumble premium depends on the duration of your membership and where you live. You can try it out for a week or a month, or commit to 3 or 6 months for a much lower monthly price:

Bumble Boost Cost* For 2023
$11.99 for 1 week
$24.99 for 1 month
$44.99 for 3 months
$69.99 for 6 months
*Your pricing may vary slightly

Is Bumble Boost Worth It?

Upgrading the dating app is worth it if you don’t check the app daily. The ability to get an additional day or rematch with expired matches could mean the difference between making a connection and striking out completely.

If you're dating in a population-dense area like NYC or LA where there are a ton of other users, it's likely worth going straight to Bumble Premium.

All of the Boost features are included, and everything else your premium subscription unlocks could help you focus on the people with true relationship potential.

Don’t bother with either Bumble subscription if you live in a less populated area. There simply aren’t enough Bumble users to make it worth it, and you’ll get a second chance at expired matches fairly quickly.

How To Cancel Bumble Boost

It’s easy to get rid of Bumble Boost if it’s not working out for you.

Follow these steps to cancel Bumble Boost on your iPhone:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Select iTunes and App Store
  3. Click on Apple ID
  4. Select view Apple ID
  5. Click on Subscriptions
  6. Select Bumble from the list
  7. Select “cancel subscription"

Here is how to cancel Bumble Boost on an Android:

  1. Go to settings
  2. Click on “Boost Subscription
  3. Click cancel

In either case, make sure you cancel before the end of the billing cycle, as Bumble does not offer full or partial refunds. You can continue to use Bumble Boost until your subscription runs out.

Occasionally the app may offer you a Bumble Boost free trial, usually for 7 or 14 days. Keep an eye on your Bumble notifications! The offers vary depending on your age and location.

Get The Most Bang For Your Buck With These 6 Bonus Tips

If you decide to upgrade, you want your profile to be absolutely irresistible, right? Here are 6 easy Bumble profile tips that will boost your results in no time:

#1. Have Someone Else Choose Your Photos

As it turns out, a complete stranger is better at picking out the pictures where you look the most attractive.

That’s because you’re so familiar with your own face that you tend to miss all the details that a stranger would notice right away, like your expression or even what you’re wearing.

There are tons of websites like PhotoFeeler that are devoted to crowdsourcing feedback on photos, so see how your Bumble pics rate with people who have never seen you before.

For an in-depth primer on choosing your best Bumble photos, go here.

#2. Fill Up Those Boxes

According to Bumble, profiles with all 6 photo spots filled get the most right swipes. That being said - quality wins out over quantity, as even just one bad photo can make her move on.

If you don’t have 6 photos where you’re equally attractive, check out this article for tips on taking some right-swipe-worthy pics.

#3. Guys, Make It Easy For Her To Send The First Message

At 300 characters or less, Bumble profiles are short and sweet. While you definitely want to highlight all your best features in your Bumble bio, save some space to ask her a short question.

When you put a line like: “Weekend getaway: Beach house ?️ city condo ? or mountain cabin ⛰️?” at the end of your bio, it’s super easy for her to start a conversation because she doesn’t have to stress over what to say.

Want actual dating profile examples? Check out these Bumble bios for guys that really work!

#4. Ladies, Keep Your Icebreakers Short & Sweet

When Bumble reviewed last year’s data, their data nerds discovered messages that were 10-15 words got the most responses. And include a GIF! Want some inspiration?

Check out these Bumble openers that get responses from incredible men!

#5. Pencil In Some Bumble Time Between 8 & 10 PM

According to Bumble’s internal data, the best time to exchange messages is between 8 & 10 pm. Activity on the app is highest on Sundays, and lowest on Fridays.

Aim for those peak days and times, since having a real-time message exchange end with a date set or phone number is the best case scenario.

#6. Bring In The Experts!

If you really want to date the most attractive local singles, you need to bring your “A” game. That means you need top notch photos, an irresistible profile, and witty, engaging messages that you can send before your matches lose interest and move on.

You’ll find everything you need for success on Bumble in this handy guide, but spoiler alert: it means work. Lots of it. 

If you don’t have time for that, or if you just want to skip straight to the "lots of dates with incredible people" part - why not let the Bumble experts at VIDA Select do it all for you?

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