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10 Bumble GIFs Women Can’t Resist

She sent you a message, so your strong photos and Bumble bio captured her attention.

Bumble message notification

Now the trick is holding on to it long enough to build attraction - because that’s the only way she’ll “yes” to a date.

Sending a GIF boosts your response rate on Tinder by 30%, and Bumble GIFs are just as effective. The dating experts here at VIDA use them all the time, so we know which ones get the highest response rate for our clients.

Here are 10 GIFs that get responses, and you’ll also get some effective questions to pair them with. Ready to double your response rate and score more Bumble dates?

Get The GIF Party Started

Just because she introduces herself with some variation of “hey there” doesn’t mean you need to respond in kind. That’s just boring, and as you’ve no doubt discovered, boring doesn’t get you dates.

Use a funny GIF to say hi back, then ask her an interesting question that she’ll enjoy responding to. Choose a GIF like one of these:

Whale Hello There gif

Jimmy Kimmel Hay gif

OMG Hi Bear gif

Follow it with a question that sparks a conversation:

question to ask her on Bumble


good Bumble question

Questions like the two examples above work well because they’re so much more engaging than replying with something lame like “Hey, how are you?” What’s next... “Fine, how about you?” Talk about a snoozefest.

Show her you can do the heavy lifting when it comes to dating app conversations. When you put yourself in the conversational driver’s seat from the get go, it’s a lot easier to lead her down the road to a date.

Weekend = Date Potential

When Thursday comes around, seize the opportunity to start laying the foundation for a weekend date. “What are you up to this weekend” is likely your competition’s go-to line, so you need to do better than that.

Ask her a question like this:

Bumble question for women

Paired with a GIF like this:

Drake dancing gif

Or a question like this:

Bumble message example

Followed by a GIF like this one:

sloth gif

After exchanging a few messages about weekend plans, suggest meeting up for a cup of coffee or a cocktail.

But before you do that, make sure you're seeing a few of these signs she's ready to say "yes" to a date first:

signs you should ask her out on Bumble

GIFs Are The New “LOL”

If she says something cute and/or funny, you could reply with a “lmao” or a smile emoji. But why not get the same point across in a unique and memorable way, with a GIF like this:

laughing lizard gif

Or this:

smiling dog gif

Cute animal GIFs are dating app gold. Even if she isn’t an animal lover, who can resist an adorable fluffy puppy?

puppy with wings gif

The Bumble GIF above is a great way to reignite a stalled conversation, or just bring a smile to her face. And the happier you make her feel, the higher the odds she’ll keep the message exchange going.

Questions That Will Save Your Convo

You’re well into a promising message exchange with an intriguing woman you really want to meet… and all of a sudden, crickets. Don’t worry, it happens to everyone. And the right question paired with the right GIF could be just the ticket to reviving the message exchange.

Here are two examples:

message to restart a Bumble conversation
superman searching gif
Bumble question
telepathy gif

Bumble GIFs Will Only Get You So Far

Bumble GIFs are a lot like sugar in your coffee - a little goes a long way. Use too many and she’ll start thinking you don’t have much to actually say.

If you find yourself using GIFs as a crutch on dating apps, maybe it’s time to consider letting an expert do the hard part for you. The dating experts at VIDA will handle all your back-and-forth messaging apps and set up your dates for you!

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