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Best Bumble Pick Up Lines To Send To A Guy You Like

Your photos and profile intrigued him enough to swipe right. But now the clock is ticking (literally), and you need a few great Bumble pick up lines.

Since you’re reading this, you already know “hey” doesn't work any better for a woman than it does a man. A pick up line like that isn’t going to spark his attraction or make him want to pursue you.

Wouldn’t it be great to have a few go-to Bumble openers that get responses from the type of high-quality local guys you want to meet most?

Bumble Pick-Up Lines That Get His Attention

Wish granted. Now you can stop wondering how to say hello on Bumble! Here are 6 Bumble pick up lines you can use right now.

Our dating experts have sent hundreds of thousands of openers on Bumble - we use the app daily on behalf of all the women we represent on this popular dating app. These proven openers really work, and you can even set one of them as your Opening Move!

Dazzle Him With A Smile

A simple smile wields a lot of power, whether you’re doing it from across the gym or at the bar. Considered a universal sign of flirtation, it’s a great way to catch his eye. The best part is it works on dating apps too.

Here is an example of how to make the first move on Bumble with a virtual smile:

Bumble opener example

This cute first message on Bumble is way more creative than the “Hi there” openers he’s probably used to getting. It also allows him to gracefully take control of the conversation.

That’s essential to do, as a lot of guys like to be in the driver’s seat, and they also enjoy the thrill of the chase.

Boost His Ego With Your Pick Up Line

Chances are you felt pretty good the last time you were singled out in a positive way, and guys are no different.

It’s human nature to want to talk about yourself, so give him the opportunity with a Bumble pick up line like this:

bumble opener example
PRO TIP: Greet your match by name in your Bumble pickup line. According to Bumble founder Whitney Wolfe, this simple opening line trick boosts your response rate by 60%!

Create An Emotional Bond

Research has shown that sharing personal information makes you feel closer. That’s essential if you want the message exchange to end with a date.

The best Bumble pick up lines to use on guys invite them to open up and make it easy to keep the fun conversation going:

pickup line for Bumble

Here are two more creative questions that will get him responding before the timer runs out:

Bumble opener idea
pick up lines for Bumble

Humor + Compliment = Response

Researchers have found complimenting someone can make them feel just as good as handing them a cash reward. And since humor is scientifically proven to put people in a good mood, plus make them feel more relaxed and accepting… sending him a funny compliment works like a charm.

That’s the kind of science you can put to good use in a Bumble opener! Start with a message like this:

funny Bumble pick up line

And then immediately send a follow up message like this:

good bumble opener

The above example works for any guy with a dog in his photos. But you can easily adapt it to fit any situation by swapping out “dog” for whatever noun fits with what’s depicted in his profile.

Starting The Convo Is Just The Beginning...

With these 6 Bumble openers at your disposal, starting the conversation with the cutest guys in your neighborhood should be a snap.

But keeping the conversation rolling until he asks for your number or suggests grabbing a drink? That takes some skill.

Here are 3 tips to make sure your promising message exchange doesn’t fizzle out:

#1. Make “Short & Sweet” Your Mantra

Even when you use one of the best pick up lines he's ever seen, most guys typically just aren’t huge fans of long, drawn out message exchanges.

If every message you send is a full rundown of your day, up to and including that cute thing your cat did this morning, he’s probably going to lose interest.

After all, it’s hard to be intriguing if he’s wishing he knew a little less about you, right?

According to Bumble’s data analysis, messages between 10-15 words got the highest response rate, and sending a GIF worked great too.

So keep every message on the short side. And when it seems fairly natural to do so, include a tidbit that highlights an attractive trait.

For instance, studies show that in the absence of familiarity, men are attracted to attributes like physical fitness. So it never hurts to mention that you’re taking a hot yoga class, or going for a long hike with friends on the weekend.

Asking him a question in your message is an easy way to both keep him engaged in the convo and move it along.

Just like when you’re talking to someone face to face, open-ended questions are generally more effective at getting someone to share details about themselves.

If you’re feeling stuck for something to say, “How about you?” or even just a simple "You?" are two general follow-up questions that work in most “getting to know you” online dating conversations.

#2. Keep An Eye On The Clock

If you want to get the best response rate, try to send your messages during Bumble’s peak usage times. According to Bumble’s internal data, 6pm is the golden hour.

And if you should find yourself in the middle of inclement weather, start swiping. Dating app usage in general increases 20-40% during weather events like blizzards and bad rainstorms.

#3. Be Willing To Move Things Off The App

In the bestseller “Modern Romance”, Aziz Ansari describes the pitfalls of falling into the “eternal conversation” trap. As he puts it, “After a certain point, if you’re still trading endless back-and-forth messages online, you’re just wasting time.

The only way to know if you’ve got actual chemistry with a guy is to meet him in person, so keep that end goal in mind. Once you’ve exchanged a few messages, you’ll have a fairly good idea if he’s someone you want to meet.

If you’re feeling it - accept his offer to meet for coffee or a cocktail. And if he doesn’t ask you, don’t be afraid to suggest it. If there’s mutual interest, he’ll say yes.

Meeting Quality Men On Dating Apps Doesn’t Have To Be Hard

Tired of endlessly swiping, checking out photos and profiles, and struggling to strike that perfect tone in your messages? Finding your dream guy is definitely worth all the effort, but who says you’re the one that’s got to put in all the hours?

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