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Show Us Who You Are!

The final step in your application for our IT Manager position is to submit a very short video clip so we can really get a feel for who you are.

Since VIDA is a remote company, and we almost never get the pleasure of meeting our team members in person before they come on board, we have found that a very quick video clip can give us a great idea of who a person is, and what he or she is like.

We don’t need you to look like you’re ready for a night out, or to have the perfect background, or to have zero noise around you. All we need is for you to give us a meaningful answer to our question, and most importantly: be yourself!

Step #1

Take some time to think about your IT management experience, and how it may apply to our industry.

Review our website if you haven’t already.

Think of your relative IT experience to our needs. Technologies such as:

  • Python, Java, other critical programming languages
  • Emulation technologies
  • VPS / VPN Infrastructure
  • Cloud Storage Solutions
  • Machine Learning / Deep Learning

Think of your leadership style, and why you enjoy leading IT professionals.

Step #2

Press the Button Below & Tell Us More About You!

Please take 3 minutes or less to answer the following question:

Why are you interested in being an IT leader at VIDA Select, and what experience will you bring to the table to push our IT projects forward, keep them on track, and continue to grow our IT team?

At the beginning of your video, please state your name clearly.

And remember, there’s no right or wrong answer! Just be yourself.

Thank you!

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