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Dating Profile Usernames: Do They Matter?

attract her attention online

With women, details matter. When a man walks into a room with a confident gate and suggestive eye contact, he may peak a woman’s interest.

…And she will do this immediately:

She will size him up to figure out whether or not he “fits the bill”. She will look for any flaws that may indicate he is faking, or that he is not the man he is pretending to be.

If she scans this man from afar, and she notices, for example, that his nails are well manicured, and his shoes are elegantly selected to match his décor, she may assume that this man takes lots of pride in himself, and that he has an acute sense of fashion. She may also think that he probably has high self-esteem, he’s socially intelligent, and, as a result, he probably has high social status...

… ALL that from a clean set of fingernails and some nice shoes...

Having a good online dating username can have the same subtle effect with women.

Just like the example above, a good username can reveal an entire menu of good qualities about you, and a bad one can destroy your chances with her before she even has the chance to know who you really are…

A profile username can’t get you a date by itself, just like a manicured hand won’t get you a date by itself.

But when a man walks into the room…

Confident gate… suggestive eye contact… AND he’s got nice hands and feet… this combination creates a deeper level of meaning to a woman in that context.

Although a pair of nice shoes will NEVER get you a girlfriend by itself, a pair of old, hideous ones can kill your chances with a woman.

I’d be exaggerating if I said that your username was critically important to getting a date. It’s not… BUT it does always need to pass the test of not sucking.

When you have a username that makes you look bad or shows that you completely lack brains and creativity, it will be damaging to your response rate from women.

A Bad Username Can Hurt…

Most men don’t pay attention to details like this; so most usernames typically have the same boring, unoriginal ring to them…

Here’s a typical username: Pittguy78

In this example, it’s obvious that the user is probably from Pittsburg, and he was probably born in 1978…


This lets a woman know instantly that you are not creative, and you’re probably very lazy…

As soon as she sees this kind of screen name, a woman will immediately begin to put you in the category that she’d never date: the “just like every other loser” category…

A good username keeps the online dating process running smoothly…

At best, it will work to “pre sell” a woman on your attractive qualities. At the least, you won’t get disqualified by a woman…

If you can show off your best talent, convey a sharp sense of humor, or communicate mystery, fantasy, adventure, paradise, or some sort curious contradiction in your username, you will be off to a solid start with attracting more women online.

On a final note, the quest to find the perfect username that women find irresistible is ultimately can be inefficient way to spend your time. That’s because even though a great username can help your response rate from women, a username has much more potential to “break” you by being bad than it does to “make” you by being good.

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