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Meet Executive Matchmaker Fay Goldman

Curious about Meaningful Connections founder Fay Goldman? 

This short matchmaker review has all the information you’re looking for, like how she approaches finding your perfect match and how much it costs to hire her.

Our team has reviewed over 200 matchmaking services, from the boutiques to the biggest international players. With 14+ years of first-hand industry experience, we have a deep understanding of what clients value most in a matchmaker!

Meet NYC Matchmaker Fay Goldman

Fay Goldman matchmaker

Goldman has been matchmaking for New York City singles for over 20 years. Much like millionaire matchmaker Janis Spindel, Goldman tailors her service to NYC’s “elite”. 

Prior to launching her dating service in 1998, she worked in sales. But as she explains in her LinkedIn profile, recognizing similarities in people and making connections comes naturally for her. 

Even before I started my matchmaking agency, I was always fixing people up. Early on people were usually amazed because it typically worked.

She’s also familiar with the particular challenges New Yorkers face when dating. She grew up in Brooklyn, and now lives on the Upper West side. As she explained to the New York Times

People have incredible schedules with work, and people are not always that friendly. It’s just rough. There’s such limited time. It seems to me, that’s the most common denominator with everyone I work with. Nobody seems to have any time.

And that’s where Meaningful Connections comes in.

Meaningful Connections

Fay Goldman’s Approach To Matchmaking

Like many elite matchmakers, Goldman is all about managing expectations from the beginning. 

In that same NYT interview, she mentions people who come in with a “shopping list” itemizing what they want and don’t want in a partner. Goldman tries not to take on any clients who are “too unrealistic”, and often suggests people “lighten up on the specifics.”

She added that widening the net and being open to meeting different types of people can lead to finding someone who will make you happy.

Goldman incorporates dating coaching and advice with her service, so when you’re face-to-face with a match you’ll make a good impression. 

These are 3 first date mistakes she advises singles not to make:

Fay Goldman dating tips

How Meaningful Connections Works

While Goldman works with clients of all ages, she generally describes them as “busy, successful professionals who outsource for other things,” like hiring a matchmaker to find them a compatible romantic partner. 

It all begins by filling out a contact form on their website. 

Then there is a questionnaire that reviews your lifestyle, past dating obstacles, and what you are looking for in a match. Goldman uses these answers to lead the hour-long discussion she has with every client. 

After that, Meaningful Connections can get started on searching for your potential matches and setting up introductions. Keep in mind, there will be an opportunity to give and receive feedback at the end of every date so you and your matchmaker stay on the same page.

Curious about what former clients have to say about their experience? Check out our Meaningful Connections review next!

Meaningful Connections Cost

Goldman doesn’t list her pricing anywhere online, and says she customizes her service packages to fit each client. But based on a handful of reviews, singles can generally expect a one-year contract with her to begin in the several thousand to $10,000+ range.

For women, joining the database of NYC singles costs around $500. That option doesn’t include proactive matching, however - you’ll just be considered if you meet a paying client’s requirements.

Is Fay Goldman The Best NYC Matchmaker For You?

Goldman has garnered some press coverage throughout the years, and a 20+ year stint as a NYC matchmaker shows her process works well for her.

But is it the right fit for you?

Fay Goldman is a traditional matchmaker, which means you’ll primarily be meeting singles who have applied to have a profile included in her virtual Rolodex, or people that she sources through her contacts.

But here's one thing about the traditional approach that's worth considering.

Whenever any matchmaker is working from a limited database, it’s always a roll of the dice as to whether or not your perfect match has also signed up for a particular service. Making consistently high-quality matches in any particular city is difficult for any matchmaker to do, simply because compatibility has to flow in both directions.

But what if your matchmaker had access to a nearly unlimited pool of eligible NYC singles?

With VIDA Select, that’s exactly what you get! 

VIDA’s matchmaking team combines all the best aspects of traditional matchmaking, like old-fashioned intuition, with all the leverage afforded by modern technology.

In other words - you’ll be matched with highly compatible singles from a huge dating pool, so no having to compromise on what matters to you most!

And VIDA Select is different in other important ways as well, like not requiring a long-term contract. Clients pay by-the-month, so service can be paused or stopped at any time. 

VIDA’s elite matchmaking team has been helping singles in New York City meet amazing, relationship-worthy people for over a decade. And on average, it only takes 11 dates! 

If you’re ready to fall in love, why not see if VIDA Select is right for you? Start by seeing if you qualify!

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