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The Ultimate Guide To Florida Matchmakers [2023 Top 9 List]

Looking for the best Florida matchmakers? With so many options, figuring out which professional matchmaking service fits you (and your budget) can be a challenge.

Don't worry - our team of matchmaking experts compiled this comprehensive guide to help Florida singles find the best matchmaker.

With our industry experience dating back to 2009, we are well acquainted with the major players - and the smaller boutiques as well. Our team has written over 200 matchmaker reviews, leveraging our in-depth knowledge of the matchmaking landscape and our first-hand understanding of what clients value most in a service.

Thanks to this list of the best matchmakers in South Florida and throughout the state, narrowing down your options just got a lot easier!


Enamour website

A "white glove" service that caters to those looking for a tailored approach to matchmaking, Enamour uses a powerful blend of relationship psychology, AT, and tech-based recruiting methods to pinpoint highly compatible matches.


The team works with both men and women as clients, generally successful professionals looking for matches as accomplished as they are.


Enamour's matchmaking packages begin around $20,000 for 6 months of service.

What To Expect

The matchmaking team takes a dual approach to finding your ideal partner. The search begins with Enamour's exclusive, by-invitation-only database. But it doesn't end there! Enamour also uses an extensive network of scouts and recruiting technology to source candidates from a variety of sources.

Your matchmaker gets to know you throughout the process, getting to the heart of what makes someone truly compatible. Each potential match is vetted either in person or via video call before being presented to you for approval.

During this screening process, she'll ask potential matches all those delicate "3rd date" questions to ensure you're only meeting people with long-term potential.

After each introduction, your matchmaker will check in with both you and your match, gathering valuable insights that she'll then pass along to you.

Enamour also offers an array of complementary services, including personal styling, relationship and dating coaching, and professional photography.

VIDA Select (by Scott Valdez)

Scott Valdez

Founded in 2009, VIDA Select’s international matchmaking service has direct access to Florida’s largest pool of eligible singles.

It can also help find your perfect partner in any city where you’d like to date, so it’s the perfect solution if you’re only in Florida for part of the year or travel for business or pleasure frequently.


Successful men and women of all ages who are seeking a committed relationship.


VIDA Select has an array of paid-by-the-month packages to choose from, offered at 3 different levels of matchmaking service. Basic packages start at $1095/month, Premium packages start at only $1695/month and Elite options begin at just $2595/month. Because there are no long-term contracts, you only pay for the time you need.

All monthly packages include unlimited matches. The cost highly reflects the total number of hours that should be devoted to searching for high-quality, highly compatible singles for you to meet. Factors such as your "must have" match requirements and the number of cities you'd like to be matched in are taken into consideration when choosing the package best suited for you.

What To Expect

VIDA uses an advanced data-driven process to find highly compatible, high-quality matches. You'll also benefit from a team approach to matchmaking, including professional photographers, photo editors, and writers.

But it all comes with the convenience of a single point of contact, as you'll be working with a dedicated matchmaker who will tailor her search to find your most compatible matches. After reviewing a full profile of each match, you can accept or decline the match, and VIDA takes care of the rest!

The first step to meeting your dream partner is a confidential 20-minute consultation call, scheduled at your convenience.

Additional Services

Style and image consulting, professional photography, date coaching

Matchmaking Miami (by Dan Silverman)

Dan Silverman

Previously known as the “Miami Dating Coach,” Dan Silverman now offers a full range matchmaking services. He launched the service in 2006, and in 2022 relocated to Austin, TX. However he frequently travels back and forth between Austin and Miami, continuing to work with Florida singles.


Silverman is a ‘boutique’ Miami matchmaker, so he works with a limited number of men and women at a time.


$15,000+/commitment specified in contract

Women can choose to have a profile included in Silverman’s single’s database without charge, however they are not guaranteed to be matched with anyone.

Both men and women can purchase matchmaking service packages, which start around $15,000 and include an unlimited number of matches.

What To Expect

Potential clients can fill out a basic questionnaire, then have an initial phone consultation. If Silverman feels he can help you, and has availability in his client roster, you’ll meet with him face to face to discuss your personal situation and relationship goals.

You’ll then be matched with singles from his database. Silverman also “scouts,” meaning he’ll approach people in various public places that he feels may meet your ideal partner criteria.

Contract Required


Additional Services

Silverman still offers a range of coaching packages in addition to professional matchmaking. Coaching can be done over the phone, for $200 an hour, or $100 for 30 minutes.

Clients can also purchase “In-Field Coaching” packages, which is one-on-one date coaching that allows you to practice your technique in public places. There’s a 1-month package for $2,000 that consists of 4 2-hour sessions, and a 3-month package which consists of 8 2-hour sessions for $3,000.

He also offers image consulting for $500.

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Elegant Introductions (by Nancy Gold Zimmer & Barbara Black Goldfarb)

Elegant Introductions website

Florida matchmakers Dr. Nancy Gold Zimmer and Barbara Black Goldfarb help singles all over South Florida find love, with a presence in Palm Beach, Miami, Boca Raton and Fort Lauderdale.

Founded in 2013, Elegant Introductions also works with singles in Boston, and select clients both nationally and internationally.


Clients are generally successful professionals ranging from their 20s to their 80s. Elegant Introductions is a boutique matchmaking service, only taking on a limited number of clients at a time.


Basic matchmaking services start at $15,000. Each client’s package price is determined by factors like time frame, number of introductions, and how many locations are included in the search.

What To Expect

Potential clients begin the process by meeting in person with the founders. This interview covers everything from your lifestyle, relationship goals and dating history to what factors make someone compatible with you. 

Elegant Introductions guarantees you’ll meet the number of matches specified in your contract. Compatible singles are found via word of mouth, referrals from past and current clients, their internal database, Zimmer and Goldfarb’s international network of colleagues, and other sources.

Dating coaching and style consulting are included with your matchmaking service.

Contract Required

Yes. Contracts generally range from 6 to 12 months, but can be tailored to fit a client’s needs.

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Love Boss Matchmaking (by Julia Bekker)

Julia Bekker Love Boss Matchmaking

After working for elite matchmaker Janis Spindel for almost a decade, Julia Bekker went into business for herself in 2012. Her first matchmaking service, Hunting Maven, is based in New York City.

She later expanded into the South Florida area when she co-founded Love Boss Matchmaking with Charlotte DiLuzio.


This elite matchmaking service caters to busy, professional men, and they market themselves as providing “luxury matchmaking services for the ultra wealthy.”


$1,000 - $25,000+/commitment specified in contract

If selected, women can join the database of eligible singles at no charge as a “Candidate”. Men and “selected women” can join the matchmaking service as paying Clients.

Love Boss Matchmaking services for men start at $25,000, although they sometimes offer a promotional introductory rate of $10,000. There’s also the option to meet a single match for $1,000.

What To Expect

Both men and women start by submitting an online form. Women’s applications will be screened, and if you’re accepted as a “Candidate” the matchmaking service will be in touch when (and “if”) you match a paying client’s criteria.

After filling out the form online, men will be contacted for an initial meeting, during which the services and package prices will be discussed. If you decide to move forward, you’ll be introduced to singles within the Love Boss database, or with women found through their network of matchmaking contacts.

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Wise Matchmaking (by Brooke Wise)

Brooke Wise matchmaker 1

Matchmaker Brooke Wise is based in Delray Beach, but her matchmaking service caters to singles in both South Florida and New York City. She launched Wise Matchmaking in 2011, after transition out of a career as a hedge fund manager.


A boutique matchmaker, Wise works with both men and women as paying clients, typically successful professionals. While she does work with bi-coastal clients and those in other areas outside NY, she maintains they need to have strong ties to Manhattan to be accepted into the service.


Wise Matchmaking does not disclose their pricing online; it will be addressed during the initial consultation.

What To Expect

Clients are matched with other clients, compatible singles from Wise's database, or with candidates sourced via her network of contacts if your package allows for it.

After each date, Wise follows up with a check-in call, where you'll have the opportunity to provide feedback on the quality of the match and discuss how the date went.

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Kelleher International (by Jill Kelleher & Amber Kelleher-Andrews)

Kelleher International

Kelleher is an international matchmaking service that is based in San Francisco, but has affiliated matchmakers in West Palm Beach.


While they are a large company, they have a “boutique” feel - Kelleher only takes on a limited number of clients, and are selective with whom they bring on board. They generally work with successful, prominent, and wealthy clients.


$30,000 -$300,000+/1-3 year commitment

The “local” matchmaking package starts at $30,000, but you’ll be limited to Miami singles. A national search is available starting at $45,000, and multiple global locations will run over $150,000.

No matter which level you decide on, your matchmaking service includes 13 months of “active” search time, plus 12 months of “hold” time.

What To Expect

Compatible matches are first pulled from the Kelleher database, and your matchmaker will also “scout” if needed.

When a match is identified, you’ll both get a description via phone of the other person. If there’s mutual interest in meeting, you’ll get your match’s contact information so that you can set up the date.

As with most matchmaking services, you’ll provide post-date feedback that will help your matchmaker identify your next match.

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking (by April Davis)

April Davis

This luxury matchmaking company calls a city near Minneapolis home, but they have multiple Florida locations as well, including Fort Myers, Boca Raton, Fort Lauderdale, Tampa, Naples, and West Palm Beach. It was founded in 2010.


April Davis works with both men and women as paying clients, typically successful, professional singles in their late 20s+.


$2,800 - $100,000/commitment specified in contract

There is no fee to include your profile in LUMA’s database, however you may never receive a match. If you want to work directly with a matchmaker and have matches found on your behalf, you’ll need to become a paying client. That starts around $5,000, and can range to $50,000+ for the more personalized VIP matchmaking packages.

What To Expect

Like most matchmaking services, becoming a client starts with filling out a contact form and having an introductory call. If you decide to purchase matchmaking services, your matchmaker will pull up to 40 compatible matches from the Miami area.

She’ll then do further screening on that batch of profiles, and if they “pass” she’ll meet with each one for an additional interview. You’ll get the opportunity to meet with at least 3 of the matches who pass the screening, and it’s up to you to exchange phone numbers during the date if you’d like to see them again.

Additional Services

Date coaching

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Serious Matchmaking (by Janis & Carly Spindel)

Serious Matchmaking

One of matchmaking’s most famous mother/daughter pairs, Janis and Carly Spindel are based in New York but work with an affiliated matchmaking team in Florida, with a location in Tampa. Janis Spindel original launched the service in 1993.


Serious Matchmaking is geared toward affluent men seeking a serious relationship. Women can request to join the database for a one-time fee that runs from $250 to $1,250 depending on how the interview is conducted, but you must pass the screening process to be included. Once in, there’s no guarantee of being matched with a paying male client.


$25,000 - $1,000,000/12-month commitment

The cost of this elite matchmaking service varies depending on whether you work with Janis or Carly. Carly’s 12-month matchmaking packages range from $25,000 to over $350,000, while working with Janis for a year starts at $50,000 and tops out at $1,000,000.

There is also a signing bonus that starts at $65,000 and is paid before service begins. Should you enter into a successful relationship with a match - for instance, dating for 12 months, moving in together, or getting engaged - you'll owe a finder's fee of the same amount.

Clients have the option of purchasing a “Flash Match” package for $6,000 rather than a matchmaking package. That includes a single event during which you’ll be introduced to 6 compatible women.

What To Expect

Women start by filling out an online application, and paying the interview fee. If you’re accepted into the database, you’ll be contacted if/when you’re a potential match for a male client. Men start with an initial consultation, during which all the details of the services are described.

Once you’ve selected a package, you can expect 12 matches within a year.

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