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7 Bumble Bios That Will Make Her Laugh [And Message You!]

Looking for funny Bumble bios? You're in the right place. In this post, you'll find 7 dating profile examples that you can use as inspiration to create the best Bumble bio she's ever seen.

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Funny Bumble Bios For Guys

VIDA's team has been using Bumble daily since it launched in 2014, keeping track of what works and what doesn't work. We've watched Bumble evolve over time, and all of the strategies you're about to discover are based on years of research, data analysis and first hand experience.

In other words, these proven profile examples have all been battle tested on this popular dating app!

Critical Acclaim

Why leave all the reviews to Rotten Tomatoes? This witty bio idea puts a fresh twist on a recognizable format, whether it’s a Yelp, movie, or book review:

funny Bumble bio example

It’s also a great way to showcase attractive characteristics, without being in-your-face about it. In the example above, your potential match learns you enjoy cooking, dress well, and work out. Sounds like a great Friday night, right?

Even though they're 300 characters or less, the best funny Bumble bios pack in a handful of attractive qualities - enough to make her take notice. Research has found that women find attributes like a willingness to take risks, bravery, and courage attractive. So that’s a great place to start.

Be Better Than Those Other Guys

Chances are she’s swiping through profiles in between meetings, or while catching up on The Bachelor and checking social media. The point being, you may not be the only show in town. Boring is one of the worst things to be on any dating app, but particularly one where the woman has to choose you.

A funny dating profile like this may just be your chance to snap her out of auto pilot - and into messaging mode:

example of a funny bumble profile

This good Bumble bio example has the trifecta - a funny beginning, a few attractive traits, and a call-to-action that doubles as a conversation starter. Who could resist that?

Surprise Her, In A Good Way

Odds are you’ve both come across your fair share of losers on dating apps, so why not forge a bond over the shared experience? These are two examples of how to poke some fun at your competition, then let her know you’re the Real Deal:

Bumble profile example
Bumble bio for guys

Put It All On The Table In Your Bumble Bio

She’s checking out your pics and reading your bio on a tiny phone screen. It’s a point in your favor if she can easily skim it. Research has shown that the more understandable your words are, the more likeable and intelligent you seem. What’s easier to read than a simple list like in these examples?:

funny Bumble bio example for guys
funny Bumble profile

These funny bio examples easily lend themselves to humor. You can substitute practically any line with an attractive quality or trait, and you’re golden.

Just make sure not to put anything actually negative in the “cons” section. That's one of those common mistakes a lot of guys make on dating apps, and it's not hot. Plus, using words with a bad connotation make you seem less attractive and inferior, which basically guarantees you're not getting a right swipe.

(If you think you're making other common Bumble mistakes, check out these 6 fixes for your profile and pictures!)

Bumble Bios That Harness The Power Of Emoji

When you’re faced with a strict character limit, emoji are a great way to quickly convey ideas without using up much profile real estate. Plus, they add a lot of visual interest. So when it comes to short dating profiles, emoji are a win-win.

Bumble profile with emojis

Inject Some Humor Into Your Bumble Prompts

Your bio isn’t the only place you can showcase your good sense of humor - why not add a clever line or two to a profile prompt?

my move makers example

My Move Makers, otherwise known as Bumble Prompts, are short, 120-character snippets of info that you write in response to a specific prompt.

You can answer up to 3 of them, and with over 30 to choose from you’re bound to find a few you can use to put a smile on her face.

The Bumble Prompt example above works on several levels - it’s funny, plus it gives her useful - and attractive - information. She finds out he’s a devoted dog owner, and who can resist a pug?

Everything you write in your Bumble bio should contribute something positive to the mental image that she’s building of you in her head, and make her want to talk to you off the app. Be careful not to derail her impression with “humor” that will likely turn her off, like in this real-world example:

bad move maker example

Want more profile help? Check out these My Move Maker examples and tips!

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