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Meet Gabriella Aratow [Can She Find You A Keeper?]

Curious about Keeper Introduction Services founder Gabriella Aratow? From how she got her start to her matchmaking philosophy and dating advice, this matchmaker review has all the info you’re looking for!

Our team of experts has reviewed more than 200 matchmakers, diving deep into their processes, cost, success rates, and more.

With over 14 years of first-hand experience in the matchmaking industry, we know what clients value most in a service!

Let's start with meeting the matchmaker… 

Meet Colorado Matchmaker Gabriella Aratow

Gabriella Aratow

Gabriella Aratow's foray into professional matchmaking began while she was helping her mother.

During a visit to Telluride, Aratow assisted her mom in setting up a account, an experience that piqued her interest in online dating. As she was browsing, she stumbled across Tawkify, a national matchmaker. 

Initially, she considered signing up for services but decided instead to ask about an employment opportunity.

Aratow recounted her experience with Aspen Times:

I’m about to sign up for this company, when a thought crosses my mind, which is that I had been out of the workforce for two years taking care of somebody who was sick in my family. I thought this is probably not a really good idea to be putting things on my credit card when I don’t even have a job. At the same time, I felt that this work itself was very much in my skill set.”

After working at Tawkify for over four years, Aratow took a leap of faith and launched her own company, Keeper Introduction Services (KIS), in 2020.

Keeper Introduction Services website

As she shared in an interview,

I’ve always been a natural connector and always loved thinking about who might like to take out whom… but I worked in finance, entertainment, and politics before I realized this could be my full-time profession.”

Although KIS is based in Basalt, Colorado, its reach extends to clients nationally and internationally. According to Aratow, her ideal client must be "single and serious about connecting for a fulfilling partnership."

While she has collaborated with clients in urban areas, her particular client niche is closely tied to ski towns and outdoor enthusiasts. As she shared in an interview

“I would say if there’s any kind of niche I’m known for in the matchmaking world, I’m sort of known for what I would call outdoor fitness type of people.”

Gabriella Aratow’s Matchmaking Philosophy

Aratow believes in a comprehensive approach to matchmaking that goes beyond just surface-level interests or desires. She advocates for people to find a best friend who can eventually become a treasured romantic partner, and believes many singles find dating difficult. 

According to her, the search for love is not "the same method as when you shop for a car." It often requires advice and coaching to help find truly compatible matches.

Aratow says the interviews she does with each client are thorough, with the goal being to discover what qualities they're looking for in a partner that would bring about a sense of fulfillment. 

However, she notes that not all potential clients come with realistic expectations. In her own words:

We have to talk through those notions a little and make some initial adjustments. If someone is seeking something I can’t personally understand or know just isn’t going to resonate in the dating market, then they are not a good client for me and I tell them I’m not a good match to work with them.”

Aratow is well aware of the disappointments and uncertainties that often accompany singlehood. In an interview with Shout Out Colorado, she mentioned that her approach to supporting clients requires a balance of empathy and assertiveness. 

I need to be both tremendously compassionate towards their experience in single-hood, which is often full of disappointment, frustration, and uncertainty but I also have to be a bit of a tough cookie and not indulge them.”

As she aptly puts it,

The way that I’m defining success is I want to put two people out on a date who want to see each other again.”

Gabriella Aratow’s Best Dating Advice 

Aratow not only dishes out dating advice to her clients, she's frequently spotlighted in various media channels and interviews. Her matchmaking skills were featured on the 2022 TV series, "I Am Shauna Rae," which aired on The Learning Channel.

Aratow provides insights drawn from her own experiences, particularly on how to navigate the challenging landscape of urban dating. 

She encourages singles to think outside the box instead of only focusing on people who mirror themselves. Aratow uses this analogy

A relationship is like a soup you cook together. Instead of looking for someone who brings the exact same ingredients, pick someone who brings ingredients that are also needed, but different — and then add the stuff you like on top!”

Aratow emphasizes that achieving success in dating involves a degree of self-reflection. She advises singles to recognize and resolve recurring dating habits that have previously hindered their relationships.

For example, if you have a history of chasing people who are hard-to-get, or emotionally unavailable, that likely means you need to conquer your own fears of intimacy. No one who is truly emotionally available can tolerate someone who isn’t for very long.”

In a chat with Mind Body Soul Magazine, Aratow highlights the importance of releasing control while dating. 

She suggests singles embrace a relaxed attitude during dates and adopt a go-with-the-flow approach. In her own words, 

A truly enlightened dater must learn to master the desire to control the date’s outcome and instead use the experience to interact with another face of humanity and refine their personal sense of belonging in the world.”

What It Costs to Hire Matchmaker Gabriella Aratow 

According to Aratow, matchmaking is a luxury service, one that “can come with up to a five-figure price tag.” As she explained in an interview with Aspen Times,

In the world of the marketplace of matchmaking price points, I would call myself fairly squarely in the middle.”

Standard matchmaking contracts usually last for 6 months and provide 1 or 2 introductions.

Potential clients start with filling out an online membership profile. Next, someone from the KIS team will reach out to schedule a consultation. 

This session will primarily be focused on understanding your relationship goals, elaborating on membership options, and discussing the pricing given your situation and search requirements. 

In addition to making introductions, Aratow assists clients in planning out the date and gathering post-date feedback to see how things went. 

Being listed in the KIS singles database is free, but you'll need to pass a vetting and screening process first. A passive membership, you’ll only be contacted if you match a paying client’s preferences. 

Want a deeper dive into Gabriella Aratow’s Colorado matchmaking service? Check out our Keeper Introduction Services review next! 

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