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Gina Hendrix & Exclusive Introductions [Matchmaker Review]

Gina Hendrix reviews

Author, radio host, social app creator, and philanthropist. Add “elite LA matchmaker” to the mix, and you’ve got a pretty good description of Gina Hendrix. But is her matchmaking service Exclusive Introductions the best way to meet your soulmate?

These Gina Hendrix reviews should help you decide. Keep reading for details like cost, her matchmaking process, and what actual customers thought of their Exclusive Introductions experience.

A True Renaissance Woman

In an appearance on “It’s Complicated,” Hendrix said she’s had 3 careers, all of which have given her insight into her current role as a matchmaker.

She was a flight attendant and a celebrity stylist/costume designer before founding Exclusive Introductions in 2008.

YouTube video

Since launching her elite matchmaking service, she’s also written a book (Stop Being A Bitch & Get A Boyfriend), hosted “Love Life Makeovers” on LA Talk Radio, and launched a philanthropic venture called Models n Mutts. Plus she’s trying to get Jones, a social app for women to befriend other women, out of beta testing.

Starting to wonder when she’ll have time to find your soulmate?

Don’t worry - Hendrix only works with 8 to 10 paying clients at a time.

The Exclusive Introductions Matchmaking Process

Gina Hendrix Exclusive Introductions

Hendrix says she doesn’t do any advertising. All of her clients come to her by referral, or are men she has met at various events.

She only works with men as paying clients; women submit a profile via the website and are added to her singles database for free, provided they pass the screening process.

Men also have to make the grade - she says since she works with only a handful of clients at any given time, she’s very discerning about who she’ll accept as a client.

She compares it to “getting married for a year,” and will get to know potential clients by doing several visits, including a home check, before they sign up for the service.

Exclusive Introductions works primarily with people in LA, Beverly Hills, and San Francisco, or who travel there often.

The cost for this matchmaking service varies per client, depending on how many people you want to meet during the course of your 12-month contract. But according to Yelp reviews, you can generally expect to spend between $5,000 and $25,000.

Speaking of Yelp, what do actual customers have to say about their experience with this self-proclaimed billionaire LA matchmaker?

Gina Hendrix Reviews

On Yelp, Exclusive Introductions has a 3-star rating, based on 2 reviews. One is positive, from a male client who thought they met some great LA singles through the service:

Gina Hendrix Yelp reviews

The other reviewer wasn’t as impressed with the quality of his matches, or the service in general:

Gina hendrix Yelp review

There are two Gina Hendrix reviews on Pissed Consumer, one positive and one negative.

One client was impressed with Hendrix’s level of personalized service, and wrote the review in response to the negative one:

Gina Hendrix review

The other reviewer felt Hendrix lost interest in him after he wasn’t happy with his first 5-6 matches:

exclusive introductions review

But as far as online reviews goes, that’s basically all you’ll find for Exclusive Introductions. And given that Gina Hendrix has been in the matchmaking business since 2008, that likely means she’s doing something right.

So is Gina Hendrix the best elite LA matchmaker for you?

Only you can make that particular decision. But given that she only takes clients on a referral basis, and of those referrals she'll only choose a select few, you may want to have a few other options on the table.

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