How To Use Dating Sites Discreetly With Private Profiles

Want total control over who sees your online dating profile? These 4 popular dating sites allow for selective visibility on your dating profile, so you can reveal it only to matches who intrigue you.

Here is how to make your profile private on:

Simply click a link above to jump to that dating site, or compare them all to see which one best suits your need for selective visibility.

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How To Hide Your Profile On Match.com

“Private Mode” is a feature that allows you to control access to your profile.

You must have a paid subscription to purchase it, as it’s not an ala carte option for free members.

To add Private Mode, simply click on the white “power up” button at the top right of the screen:

power up button on Match

Then select the Private Mode option from the menu of available add-on features:

private mode options on Match

You can switch Private Mode on and off from the “Profile Settings” screen:

activate private mode on match

While it’s turned on, any matches you have previously contacted at any point will still be able to see your profile, so activating this feature won’t affect any message exchanges you have going.

But your profile will now be invisible to anyone else. When you see someone you’re interested in, communicating with them in any way will instantly make your profile visible to that person.

Here are all the actions that will make your profile visible to a match while you’re in Private Mode:

actions that will make your match profile visible

private mode badgeYou’ll know you’re visible to a match because you’ll see a purple badge on her profile, and the words “She Can See You” will appear under her photo.

When you stop using Private Mode, your profile will appear in the “Who’s Viewed Me” section of anyone whose profile you checked out while Private Mode was enabled.

If you want absolutely no record you were ever there, even when Private Mode is off, you need to use it in tandem with the “Undercover” feature.

Undercover isn’t something you can toggle on and off. Instead, you purchase individual sessions. Each session lasts 24 hours, during which time you can view and “favorite” profiles without the person being notified.

The cost of an Undercover session varies depending on which promotions are available at the time, but it is generally around $1.99 per use:

Undercover on Match cost

You purchase Undercover the same way you do Private Mode – click on the Power Up button and select it from the menu of features.

If you decide you want a match to know that you viewed or “favorited” her profile while in Undercover mode, you’ll need to redo it once your session has expired.

A black bar at the top of every page will help you keep track of the time while you’re in Undercover mode.

One thing to keep in mind – activating Private Mode or Undercover will void your 6-month match guarantee.

How To Hide Your Profile On MillionaireMatch

On MillioniareMatch, limiting visibility to your profile is a feature available to Gold members.

A Gold premium membership costs $70 for 1 month, $135 for 3 months, or $240 for 6 months. To read all about the perks that come with it, check out this MillionaireMatch review.

To control who is able to view your profile, click on “My Settings” at the top right of the screen:

MillionaireMatch settings

Then click “Photo/Profile Privacy Settings”:

privacy settings on MillionaireMatch

These are the privacy options for your profile:

millionairematch private profile

For your photos:

hide your photos on MillionaireMatch

And for your activities on the site:

privacy options on MillionaireMatch

How To Hide Your Profile On OkCupid

OkCupid incognito modeOkCupid’s “Incognito Mode” makes your profile visible only to people you “like” or message.

You can browse with wild abandon, and no one will be the wiser.

Your profile also won’t show up in the Match Search or DoubleTake sections of anyone you haven’t liked or messaged. And if anyone that you haven’t expressed interest in tries to visit your profile page, they’ll get a message stating your profile doesn’t exist.

The cost of Incognito Mode varies depending on how much access you purchase at once:

OkCupid incognito mode cost

To purchase Incognito Mode, simply type “/incognito” into the browser bar when you’re logged into your OkCupid profile (www.okcupid.com/incognito).

You can toggle it on and off by clicking your photo at the top right of the screen, then “Settings”:

OkCupid privacy controls

From there, select ‘Privacy’ from the menu on the left side of the screen:

OkCupid privacy

Then it's simply a matter of switching it on and off.

How To Hide Your Profile On Plenty Of Fish

POF makes it easy to limit your profile’s visibility – and you can do it for free.

To hide your profile, click “Edit Profile” on the menu bar at the top of the page. From there, simply click this link:

hide your profile on POF

When your profile is hidden, you can undo it by following the same steps. You’ll see the link changes to “To unhide your profile from others click here”:

unhide your profile on POF

While hidden, your profile won’t appear in any search results, nor will your photo be featured in any image bars.
But even while hidden, your profile is still selectively visible. Here is the list of people who can still see it:

who can see a hidden profile on POF

As you can see, anyone who favorited your profile can still see you even when yours is hidden.

If you don’t want a particular person to have access to your profile, click “Favorites” on the menu bar at the top of the page:

pof favorites

Then click “Who Fav’d Me”. You can restrict their access by removing them from this section:

who favorited me on POF

While POF no longer has the username search function, there are still a few hacks on the web that allow you to do just that. If you’re worried about being discovered that way, you can change your username. You’ll need a paid subscription to change it, though.

A premium subscription to POF costs $38.70 for 3 months, $51 for 6 months, and $81.40 for 1 year. To see what features come with an upgraded membership, check out this POF review.

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