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How To Get More Dates With Video Prompts On Hinge

Curious about Hinge video prompts? You’ve landed in the right place.

Let’s get started with…

What Are Hinge Video Prompts?

The Hinge video prompts feature lets you add an up to 30-second video to your profile in response to one of 16 new video-specific options, or any of the regular Hinge prompts.

Uploading a video prompt to your profile won’t replace any of your existing prompt answers.

Hinge video prompt pop-up notification

The feature rolled out in September of 2022, and per the dating app it’s all about “helping daters get to know the person behind the profile and create better conversations with matches before meeting.”

Hinge also revealed more than half of their users thought mannerisms were the most intriguing part about watching a potential match’s video. Hearing the sound of someone’s voice and getting a glimpse of their environment was also important to them.

How Hinge Video Prompts Are Different Than Hinge Videos

Hinge videos occupy one or more of the 6-spots in your photo lineup, and can be uploaded from your camera roll, Facebook or Instagram. 

But Hinge video prompts must be recorded in-app, as a specific prompt is paired with a video. The prompt you choose will be displayed on the video as it plays.

You can use any of the available Hinge prompts for inspiration, or choose from the “video-first” menu.

Hinge video-first prompt menu

Examples of video-first prompts on Hinge include:

  • Let me teach you how to
  • My review of
  • Things I own that just make sense
  • A friend’s review of me
  • Put a finger down if
  • Quick story time
  • Hi from me and my pet
  • Can we talk about
  • Rate my fit
  • I’m a 10 but
  • Cook with me
  • Something that’s special to me
  • A daily essential

How To Add Hinge Video Prompts To Your Profile

The process is very similar to adding a Hinge voice prompt

To add a Hinge video prompt to your profile:

  1. Tap the profile icon
  2. Tap Edit Profile
  3. In the Video Prompt section, tap Select a Prompt
  4. If prompted, grant permission for the app to access both your camera and your microphone
  5. Tap the prompt on the lower portion of the screen to bring up the menu
  6. Select the prompt you’d like to use
  7. Tap the button to begin and stop recording 
  8. Tap Redo if you want to re-record or the purple > if you want to use it
  9. Make any changes you want via the Edit Video screen
  10.  To mute the audio in your Hinge video, tap the sound icon in the upper left corner
  11. Tap Done to add the Hinge video prompt to your profile, or tap Replace Video if you want to start over

Your video prompt will now be displayed with the rest of the content in your Hinge profile.

3 Expert Hinge Video Prompts Tips

Adding a video element to your dating app profile can be extremely effective. Seeing you in action shows off your personality in ways that written content and still images can’t. It also adds authenticity to your profile, which is important.

But as with any element you choose to include in your dating profile, you need to approach it strategically.

Keep these 3 expert tips in mind when adding a Hinge video prompt to your profile:

#1: Choose With Your “Perfect Match” In Mind

Knowing what type of person you’re trying to attract will help narrow down which prompts will be most effective for you. Remember, you’re not limited to just the “video-first” prompts. You can use any of the existing prompts as well.

For instance, if your perfect match is the adventurous, outdoorsy type, choose a prompt that lets you showcase that side of you.

Recording yourself engaged in an outdoor activity is far more compelling than sitting in a room talking about it. The next time you’re on a hike, canoe trip, etc., fire up Hinge and record a video for a prompt like “My happy place”, “I go crazy for”, “Typical Sunday”, “My simple pleasures”, etc. 

If you’d love your perfect match to have the same passion for books and reading that you do, record a video at your favorite used book store, or show off a few of your favorites. Many of the Hinge questions lend themselves to describing a hobby, like “I wind down by” or “I geek out on”. 

You have a max of 30 seconds to get your point across, so choose a specific interest or hobby you’d like your match to have in common or be open to trying with you.

#2: Set The Subtext

Hinge is an app for serious relationship seekers, so you can bet traits like loyalty, responsibility and stability are fairly high on just about everyone’s ‘must have’ list.

But it’s not all that impactful to write “I’m loyal, responsible and stable” in your profile. A video lets you prove it.

The “Hi from me and my pet” video prompt is an excellent way to communicate those 3 attractive qualities, since all are required for pet ownership.

Hinge user recording himself and his dog for a video prompt

Plus, showing off your adorable dog makes an easy conversation starter, and it’s both endearing and engaging.

If you’re not a pet owner, there are still plenty of easy ways to show off attractive, relationship-ready qualities. If you’re a handy homeowner, select the “Unusual skills” prompt and do a quick video tour of a DIY project around your house. 

Or maybe you want your matches to know family is important to you. 

Opt for the “Let me teach you how to” or “Something that’s special to me” prompt, then record yourself preparing a dish to bring to Sunday dinner with your family or decorating the cake you made for your cousin's birthday.

The options are nearly endless - you just need to have a plan. That being said…

#3: Be Spontaneous, Not Rehearsed

When you hit the start button and begin recording your Hinge video prompt, it should seem natural and real. So think about what you want to say beforehand, but don’t script it.

The last thing you want to do is sound rehearsed, or worse, like you’re reading cue cards. That’s the opposite of genuine and authentic.

Hinge lets you re-record your video prompt as often as you want. However, it doesn’t save previous takes. Chances are your second or third try will be your best, and sound the most unrehearsed.

Want more Hinge video advice? Check out these 7 tips for making your Hinge videos the best they can be

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