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HingeX Reviews [2024 Cost & Feature Comparison!]

Named as a nod to Hinge’s tagline “Designed To Be Deleted,” HingeX was released in February 2023. Now you’re here, so you’re probably wondering if paying for a HingeX membership is worth it.

Our team of dating experts weighs in! We've been using Hinge on a daily basis since it launched in 2012, so you're about to benefit from hundreds of thousands of hours of real-word experience, condensed into one handy article.  

This HingeX review has all the answers you’re looking for!

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How much does HingeX cost?

HingeX costs $49.99 when you sign up for a single month. Investing in a longer subscription brings the per-month cost down as low as $24.

HingeX 2024 Cost*
1 month - $49.99
3 months - $33/month
6 months - $24/month
*Price may vary by location

By way of comparison, Bumble charges $54.99 for a month of Premium membership and $79.99 for Premium+. Tinder Platinum has a $49.99 price tag.

Let’s take a look at all the premium perks that come with a HingeX membership.

HingeX Features

HingeX is Hinge’s top tier subscription, so it unlocks all the advantages the app has to offer:

  • Priority Likes
  • Skip The Line
  • Enhanced match recommendations
  • Hinge+ benefits

Hinge Priority Likes

Similar to Tinder’s Priority Likes feature, as a HingeX subscriber any like you send gets priority placement in your potential match’s feed.

HingeX priority likes

So what does Hinge mean by “toward the top of the list”? 

It all comes down to how Hinge sorts incoming likes. When you’re on the “Likes You” tab and using the “Recent” filter, your incoming likes are automatically revealed in this order:

  • Roses
  • Most recent
  • Priority likes
  • Likes

Note there is no visible difference between a Priority Like and a regular Like. Your potential matches aren’t notified that you’re a HingeX subscriber.

Sorting through who likes you is a Hinge+ feature, so you won’t have access to any of those filters unless you pay for Hinge. More on what comes with a Hinge+ membership coming up!

Skip The Line In Discover

Skip The Line is essentially a continuous profile boost in Discover, so your profile is always placed near the top of your potential match’s feeds. The app describes it as a “light” Hinge Boost, the ala carte paid feature that gives you heightened visibility for an hour.

HingeX Skip The Line

As a HingeX user, this feature always hums along in the background. You don’t need to do anything to turn it on or off. Hinge does not notify your potential matches that your profile is being boosted, or that you’re paying for HingeX.

While Skip The Line promotes your profile, it doesn’t supersede anyone’s matching criteria. So you’re still only shown to potentially compatible users.

Enhanced Match Recommendations

This feature is also exclusive to HingeX members. Like Skip The Line, this HingeX feature runs continuously in the background.

HingeX enhanced recommendations

The algorithm prioritizes the potential matches in your Discover feed based on common preferences and who it thinks you’re most likely to “like” based on the profiles you’ve recently “liked” or skipped.

Enhanced Recommendations vs Hinge Standouts

Enhanced recommendations can be found in your Discover feed, while Hinge Standouts are in a feed of their own. 

Hinge+ Benefits

Previously called Hinge Preferred, Hinge+ is the less expensive premium Hinge membership option. Here is how the cost compares:

HingeX 2024 CostHinge+ 2024 Cost
1 month - $49.991 month - $29.99
3 months - $33/month 3 months - $19/month
6 months - $246 months - $14/month
*Cost may vary by location

HingeX includes all the Hinge+ features as well:

  • Advanced match filters
  • Unlimited daily “likes”
  • See everyone who likes you
  • Easier profile browsing

In addition to the ability to screen your potential matches using all of the available filters, Hinge also makes it easier for Hinge+ subscribers to sort through their options in the Discover feed.

Similar to OkCupid’s stacks, you can now filter your Discover matches using these filters:

  • Compatible
  • Active Today
  • Nearby
  • New Here

To change filters, simply tap the button you want at the top of the screen in the Discover section.

HingePlus filters

For an in-depth look at Hinge+, check out our Hinge+ review!

Is HingeX Worth $49 A Month?

HingeX is worth the investment if you’re looking for a serious relationship, you live in a big city with a lot of Hinge users and you don’t want to spend a ton of time on the app. 

The enhanced visibility your profile will get thanks to the Priority Likes feature could get you in front of exactly the type of singles you want to meet, and the continuous profile boost also works in your favor. 

Standing out on a dating app is hard, especially when you’re in a mega-city. HingeX could give you quite the advantage over the competition.

If you’re happy with the amount of matches you get, Hinge+ might be sufficient. You’ll still have access to the different filters, so you can sort by compatibility or who’s nearby, which can be handy if you’re hoping for a spontaneous date.

Hinge+ Dating Preferences List

Access to the advanced preferences so you can screen your matches for dealbreakers like family plans, politics, drinking, drugs and smoking can save you from having to ask awkward questions or go on dates with people who won’t work out in the long-term. 

If you don’t mind only having 8 daily likes and you’re willing to spend extra time curating your matches, Hinge is a totally functional dating app without paying a dime. It just may take you a little longer to find quality connections.

Check out our comprehensive Hinge Guide for profile, photo and conversation tips that will boost your results on this popular dating app! 

How To Cancel HingeX

Hinge is the app designed to be deleted, so hopefully you’ll be deleting Hinge because you met someone special. As with a premium subscription on any dating app, it’s important to cancel HingeX the proper way. 

HingeX automatically renews, and simply deleting the app won’t cancel your membership.

To cancel HingeX on an iPhone:

  • Open your phone’s settings
  • Tap on “iTunes & App Store”
  • Access your Apple ID, logging in if prompted
  • Select “Subscriptions”
  • Select “Manage”
  • Tap on Hinge
  • Toggle the auto-renewal to “off” or select “unsubscribe”

You can also cancel your HingeX subscription online via your iTunes account. Just log into iTunes, open the Account Information page, select “settings” and then “manage”. 

You should see Hinge in your list of subscriptions, so click on it and turn off the renewal setting.

To cancel HingeX on an Android:

  • Open Google Play Store
  • Use the search function to find and select Hinge
  • Select “Unsubscribe” or “Cancel”
  • Confirm your action.

You can also cancel HingeX online. Log into your Google account, go to and select the “Subscriptions & Services” option from the menu. Click on HingeX and select “Cancel”.

Paying For Hinge Because You Want More Matches?

Hinge claims that subscribers go on twice as many dates, but that’s definitely not a given. You need a Hinge profile that attracts relationship-worthy matches, then you need the messaging skills to move things off the app. 

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