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How To Hire A Personal Dating Assistant In 3 Steps

You’re thinking about hiring a personal dating assistant, so you’ve likely realized that meeting attractive singles on dating apps takes a lot of time, effort and skill.

After all, you need more than just a great online dating profile and strong photos to catch the attention of quality matches. You have to crush the competition with top-notch messaging skills as well. 

So why wouldn’t you bring in an expert to get the results you want? 

How to hire a personal dating assistant

Follow these 3 steps to ensure you’re hiring the best personal dating assistant for you!

#1. Shop Around

Not all Personal Dating Assistants companies are the same. Some of them are awesome, but some of them will waste both your time and your money. And you won’t be any better off in the romance department than you are right now.

So do some due diligence. Read the reviews, check out their websites, and give them a call. They’re going to try and unload a double barreled sales pitch, but remember - during that initial phone call you’re interviewing them.

#2. Ask The Right Questions

This step is crucial! You’re about to spend some money, so you need to ensure you’re making the right choice. Before you invest a dime in an online dating consultant or virtual dating assistant, ask these questions:

#1. What exactly am I paying for?

A lot of personal dating concierge companies will tell you how much different packages or hours of service cost. But they won’t elaborate on what each of those dollars is buying you.

Make sure to ask any online dating assistant you're considering hiring where exactly your money is going. A reputable company will be able to tell you exactly how the time you pay for is being spent.

For instance, one Personal Dating Assistant company includes “inbound generation” hours in their pricing, but doesn’t make it very clear what that is or how it works. Here at VIDA Select we’ve been helping singles like you meet high-quality matches since 2009, and there’s no way they could be spending as many hours generating inbound interest for their clients as they claim.

Ask if your virtual dating assistant can provide a time log showing where the hours you are paying for are going. If they are unable or unwilling to provide you with a record of precisely where the time was spent in any given month, you may want to reconsider. A company not willing to be transparent usually has something to hide.

#2. What exactly does your "guarantee" mean?

Often, personal dating assistants try to attract clients by dangling a juicy guarantee that you’ll get a certain number of dates or “date opportunities” per month. We understand the appeal—if you’re spending money to outsource your online dating, you want to feel certain you’re at least going to get a date out of it.

But before you jump onboard, ask yourself… what are they really guaranteeing?

A “date opportunity” could just mean getting a phone number, and if one of those less than trustworthy personal dating assistants is scrambling to find you a match to fulfill the guarantee, you might find yourself calling a scammer, a “pro”, or someone you’d never even look twice at on the street, much less be interested in dating. At the end of the day, sure - they satisfied the guarantee. But there’s little to no value in it for you.

Reputable dating assistants make sure you have the opportunity to pre-screen all your potential matches and act as the gatekeeper, deciding for yourself who you meet. What’s a guarantee really worth to you if you can’t have any say over who you take out on a date?

#3. How do you feel about copy and paste messages?

A few of the personal dating assistant companies out there have been talking smack about copy and paste messages. Instead, they prefer to spend hours of your paid time crafting customized messages for each woman.

Meanwhile, an exhaustive study conducted by Christian Rudder of OkCupid (one of the most popular dating sites in the world) proved that copy and paste messages are a better approach.

Here at VIDA, we know that data-driven decisions are the most effective. So when an industry expert publishes a study, we pay attention.

Our copy and paste messages work like crazy, and we’ve got extensive data that proves it. So why would we spend a client’s time painstakingly crafting messages for one or two women, when we can send one proven-to-work message to 20 women in the same amount of time?

If your personal dating assistant is anti-copy and paste messages, ask them why. Do they have data that proves their time-devouring, customized message approach is more successful on dating apps and sites? And don’t just settle for a “yes” - ask them to share it with you.

#3. Make An Informed Decision

When you’re armed with the right questions to ask, you’ll get a good sense of whether or not a particular service is worth your time and money. Every company will have a different approach, but what matters most is that you end up with a dating assistant who:

  • Is open about where exactly your hours are being spent.
  • Will get you dates with high-quality singles who you are actually interested in.
  • Understands the data behind what works and doesn’t work in the online dating industry.

Our virtual dating assistants have years of experience in the online dating industry. We're a modern matchmaking service that understands what works—and what doesn’t—and we are committed to finding you the partner of your dreams.

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