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Meet Julia McCurley [Best Austin Matchmaker For You?]

If you’re considering working with Julia McCurley it makes sense you’d want to know more about her and her ATX matchmaking firm Something More

Our team has reviewed over 200 matchmakers, diving deep into their service, customer experience, and success rate. Our reviews are built on comprehensive research and a keen understanding of the landscape honed through 14+ years of first-hand experience in the matchmaking industry.

From how she got started to her matchmaking process and more, this article has everything you need to decide if she’s the right matchmaker for you!

Let’s start by meeting the matchmaker!

How This ATX Matchmaker Got Her Start

Julia McCurley, Austin Matchmaker

Julia McCurley embarked on a new chapter in her professional life after a successful career as a headhunter and recruiting executive in the tech industry. She recognized the absence of offline and personalized matchmaking services in Austin and said she set out to fill that void.  

My friends and family encouraged me to do this because there wasn’t anyone here on the ground in Austin doing offline, personalized matchmaking. And recruiting is a lot like matchmaking. You're interviewing people, getting beyond their resume, and trying to make a good match

She founded Something More in 2009 with the goal of helping Austin singles connect in a new way. 

As she shared in a press release,

Something More's mission is to be in the last 'first date' business. One couple at a time, we are changing the romantic landscape of Austin, from being known as the best place to be single to the best place to find love

McCurley firmly believes that everyone deserves love and happiness, considering it an essential aspect of human nature to seek a life partner. 

When asked about the best part of her job, she emphasized the impact she’s had on people's lives.

As she explained in an interview with Austin Business Journal,,

Changing people's lives for the better. Everyone deserves love and happiness - it’s part of human nature to have a mate  Even if we say we don’t need one we really do.

Something More is headquartered in Austin, but they work with clients throughout the state of Texas. 

McCurley's commitment to Texas singles has earned her numerous appearances on major television networks such as ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox affiliates. 

Additionally, her expertise has been sought by publications like the Huffington Post, Austin American Statesman, and the Austin Business Journal. She also authored a book, Game Set Match: A Professional Matchmaker’s Advice on How to Win at the Game of Love

Want a taste of her best dating advice? McCurley shared some tips for singles with HuffPost on how to get more second dates.

3 dating tips from Julia McCurley

Julia McCurley’s Matchmaking Philosophy

A boutique matchmaker, McCurley only takes on a limited number of clients each year, usually between 50 and 70. By working with fewer clients at a time, she says she can provide a more focused level of customer service. 

I would rather provide the highest level of customer service and not spread myself too thin.

According to McCurley, her match selection process goes beyond algorithms and surface-level interests. She takes into account factors like love languages, temperament, and attachment styles. 

In an interview with DatingNews, she explained, 

[My clients] want more face-to-face interaction and emotional connection with someone that cannot be determined online.

If you’re thinking about becoming a client, the process starts by filling out the inquiry form on her website. Once you've done that, you'll be contacted for an interview to determine if you're a good fit.

During that consultation, you’ll also learn about the contract and cost details, and decide which service package is right for you. More details on those coming right up!

If you sign the contract and purchase a package, you’ll be paired with other clients or singles sourced from McCurley's social network. Potential matches are interviewed to assess compatibility before being presented to you for consideration.

McCurley sees her role as a matchmaker as increasing the chances of clients going from a first date to a second date. She even describes part of her process as "semi-therapy." 

As she explained

A lot of semi-therapy goes on when you’re a matchmaker. I’ve had people cry in my office. I’ve heard some stories you wouldn’t believe. It makes you appreciate the human spirit and how strong we actually are.  

After each introduction, you and your match can both let the Something more team know how things went after the date. If it went well, they’ll guide you on how to move from the first to second date. 

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Julia McCurley? 

Something More offers 3 levels of matchmaking memberships: Executive, President, and CEO. 

Executive packages start at $11,000 and last for 6 months, while the President package spans 9 months and costs you roughly $17,000. Both include an orientation with your matchmaker, date coaching, and concierge services. 

The 6 and 9-month programs are only for local searches.  

If you want to work directly with McCurley or want a more expansive search, you'll need to purchase the CEO package. The price starts around $27,000, lasts for 1 year, and gives you the opportunity to have scouting done statewide.  

Is Julia McCurley & Something More Right For You?

MuCurley has carved out a niche for Something more in Austin’s dating scene. But is her service the right fit for you? Put our Something More review on your reading list, so you can check out more details and real client reviews. 

But for now, you’ll want to consider crucial factors such as where your matches come from, your budget, and the length of your contract. 

McCurley’s prices are in line with what other Austin matchmakers charge. Enamour, for instance, pairs its ambitious and discerning clients with equally extraordinary matches from their exclusive, invitation-only database.

Enamour prices start around $20,000 for a 6-month contract, with packages tailored to fit each client’s search parameters. All of Enamour’s packages also include extensive scouting; their matchmaking team uses a high-tech recruiting process to pinpoint highly compatible singles for you to meet.

VIDA Select takes a modern approach that leverages Austin’s largest source of eligible singles. Like Enamour, VIDA’s search extends beyond an internal database, which means you’re only meeting matches who truly check all your boxes.

But instead of investing in a 6, 9 or 12-month contract, VIDA takes a different approach.

Clients simply pay for one month of service a time, choosing from a range of packages to ensure the best fit for your particular requirements. 

Basic matchmaking services begin at just $1095 per month, with Premium options starting at just $1695 per month. Elite packages start at only $2595 per month.

VIDA clients typically begin a relationship with a match after only 3 months of service, on average.

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