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Meet Matchmaker Kristi Price [KP Matchmaking Review!]

Thinking about trying Kristi Price’s matchmaking service? This KP Matchmaking review has all the details you want, including how she got her start, her matchmaking philosophy, actual client reviews, and more! 

Our team of experts has over 14 years of firsthand experience in the matchmaking industry. And we’ve reviewed more than 200 matchmakers, digging deep into their processes, success rates, and client experiences. 

These reviews are built on extensive research and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape!

Let’s start with a peek at the face behind the business!

Meet KP Matchmaking Founder Kristi Price

Matchmaker Kristi Price

With a background in wealth management, coaching, and equestrian training, Kristi Price is no stranger to helping others with various aspects of their lives. But she discovered her true calling was connecting people in the pursuit of love.

She started out as a dating coach, drawing on her own past experiences to better relate to her clients.

In an interview with Shoutout Miami, she explained,

"After my divorce, I made a lot of mistakes dating the wrong type of men for me. I did soul-searching to value myself more, set better boundaries and spot red flags." 

This journey led her to understand the significance of self-worth and recognizing patterns of incompatibility. As she explained in an interview, she wanted to help other singles avoid making the same mistakes she had, empowering them to make better choices in their dating lives.

KP Matchmaking homepage

Price launched KP Matchmaking in Philadelphia in 2008, but she said her first experience with matchmaking actually took place back in her college days. 

"I went to Penn State University and while I was there, I helped my introverted friends approach and meet other singles. I enjoyed connecting people for love at an early age.”

Over time, KP Matchmaking has expanded its geographical reach, opening offices in New Jersey and West Palm Beach

And in 2022, Price further broadened her reach by launching a second company in Pennsylvania, Biohacker Matchmaking.   

Kristi Price’s Matchmaking Philosophy 

Coaching and education form a significant part of Price’s matchmaking process. As she explains in an interview

I’m all about relationships and helping people show up as their best selves — both in their professional and personal lives.

She also shared that part of her coaching is dedicated to helping clients foster emotional healing.  

I work with clients to help them move on, heal and focus on the present so they can open their hearts and minds to love again.” 

And when it comes to the matchmaking component, Price says she brings an element of “humanity” to her business. 

I get to know my clients’ hearts, and understand what truly inspires them about being with that special someone. Then I introduce them to women who share the same values, goals in life, and attitude toward love.”  

Price believes in being assertive when it comes to the pursuit of love, saying,

"If you want to meet a partner, you cannot sit on the sidelines, waiting. We experience the best things in life by creating new opportunities. You have to get out there and connect with other singles.

Having found her own calling following her divorce, Price often shares her advice with others who are navigating their post-divorce journeys. Here is a taste of her best tips for dating after divorce!

Kristi Price's dating advice for divorced singles.

What To Expect As A KP Matchmaking Client 

Price and her team mostly work with singles between the ages of 25 to 60, typically people who are “intellectually curious and passionate about creating a life they love.” 

She believes that dating should be an enjoyable journey, and prefers working with clients who share a similar optimistic outlook. Or as she describes it, "I choose to work with positive-minded, professional men and women who have a zest for life.” 

If that sounds like you, signing up starts with filling out an online questionnaire. That’s followed by a complimentary 20-minute phone consultation to see if you’re a good fit for services. 

Alternatively, you can join the database for free, but that’s a passive approach. You’ll only be contacted if a paying client is looking for someone like you. To ensure you receive matches, you’ll want to purchase a service package.

KP Matchmaking does not disclose package pricing on their website, which isn’t unusual. To get a good idea of what you can expect to spend based on what comparable services charge, check out this quick guide to Philadelphia matchmakers!

Assuming you decide to come on board as a client, next up is the initial matchmaking consultation. During this meeting, you’ll discuss desired attributes and what shared interests you’re looking for in a partner. 

This 1-hour consultation costs between $250 and $400 depending on if you’re meeting virtually or in person.

KP Matchmaking cost for initial consultations

You’ll then have what Price describes as an “image consultation” in preparation for your photoshoot. She and her team will help you pick an outfit, something that you would typically wear on a date. This is for the images that will accompany your profile in the KP matchmaking database. 

Once the photoshoot has taken place, your search begins about a week later. The matchmaking team will source compatible Philadelphia singles from the database, screening the ones who express interest in meeting you.

After reviewing their profiles and photos, you can decide if you’d like to meet in person. KP Matchmaking sends a “text introduction” that confirms all the date details, and you’ll also be provided with your matches’ phone numbers in case something comes up at the last minute. 

After each date, you and your match have the opportunity to fill out a feedback form. 

KP Matchmaking doesn’t guarantee a specific number of dates, however they aim to deliver 1 to 2 matches per month.

Next, let’s take a look at what clients have to say about their KP Matchmaking experience…

Kristi Price Reviews 

KP Matchmaking has a rating of 4.7 on their Google business listing based on 15 reviews.

KP Matchmaking 4.7 Google rating

These reviewers mentioned how attentive and hands-on Price was during the process:

5-star Google review for KP Matchmaking
KP Matchmaking review with 5 stars

This client praised Kristi Price's coaching techniques and said working with Price helped him gain more confidence:

Kristi Price 5-star review

There was a single 1-star review from a client who reported a negative experience:

1-star Kristi Price review on Google

KP Matchmaking has a Yelp listing, but no reviews as of yet.

KP Matchmaking has not yet been rated on Yelp.

Kristi Price’s Philadelphia matchmaking service also has yet to be reviewed on platforms like Trustpilot and the BBB.

Is Hiring Kristi Price The Right Move For You? 

Online reviews can give you an inkling of what to expect, but your hiring decision will likely come down to what’s disclosed during your initial consultation. Cost, contract length, where your matches come from… those are all important considerations.

For instance, while Price and her team can do a bit of scouting when necessary, their internal database of singles is their primary source of potential matches for you to meet. 

And while your dream match may also have decided to sign up with KP Matchmaking, keep in mind that compatibility is a 2-way street. Finding singles whose preferences mesh perfectly is difficult for any matchmaker to do from within a limited dating pool in any particular city.

So if you want consistently high-quality matches, it’s important to opt for the service with access to as many singles in your area as possible.

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VIDA also stands out from other matchmaking services when it comes to contracts: there is no long-term commitment. Instead, packages are purchased on a monthly basis, so you can date on your schedule.

If you meet someone incredible right away and want to see where things go, or if it turns out VIDA’s approach isn’t the best fit, simply don’t continue with the second month! It’s that simple. 

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