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LEVEL Connections By April Beyer Reviews [With 2023 Cost!]

Thinking about trying April Beyer’s matchmaking service? This LEVEL Connections review provides all the details you need to help make that decision, including her matchmaking process and how much it costs!

LEVEL Connections website

Our team has reviewed well over 200 matchmakers and their services, delving deep into their operations, success rates, and client experiences. Our reviews are built on extensive research and a keen understanding of the matchmaking landscape honed over 14 years in the industry.

Let's dive in!

LEVEL Connection's Brand Of Matchmaking

April Beyer initially had a traditional matchmaking service called Beyer & Company that she founded in 1997. She paired paying male clients in San Francisco, Los Angeles and Orange County with women in her database.

But LEVEL Connections is a bit different. As she explained in an interview, she created an “offline, private network that matches our members based on my 10 category values system.”

Beyer’s matchmaking service now works with clients in Los Angeles, San Diego, Newport Beach, Orange County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

In a nutshell, men pay to join Beyer’s “private, member’s only network," and are then matched with women from within the LEVEL Connections database.

LEVEL Connections Cost

The LEVEL Connections price for men varies depending on whether or not they want help writing the dating profile that potential matches review, as well as other factors like direct support and having a photo shoot.

For men, joining LEVEL costs between $499 and $1,499 per month:

LEVEL Connections Cost

For women, joining the database of potential matches is free. But it does involve going through a screening process to have a profile included in the network.

LEVEL Connections' algorithm will suggest women as matches when they seem to fit a male client's search criteria. The application process can be completed through the LEVEL Connections website.

As free database members, women are only contacted in the event of a potential pairing - it's not a proactive search. The LEVEL Connections website advises women to "allow LEVEL to work in the background of your life."

LEVEL Connections Matchmaking Process

According to her website, her Emotional Value Triggers quiz equates to a Myers Briggs assessment for the heart. As Beyer describes, LEVEL Connections is basically a “hybrid of online dating and personal matchmaking.”

The EVT Matching Quiz™ each client takes to determine their “emotional value triggers” helps guide the matching process. As she explained,

The technology I created hasn’t replaced us and our expertise. It supports us so we can focus on what matters most — customer care and support.

As a LEVEL member, you'll theoretically be matched with singles who scored a high compatibility rating. The rating gets determined by the answers to the personality questionnaire and the matching algorithm.

If both halves of a match express interest, the LEVEL matchmakers exchange contact information on your behalf. Then you and your new match can plan a first date.

Men receive at least one match each week selected by the AI technology and matchmaking team. Clients can’t freely browse the LEVEL database; men only review a profile once a woman has expressed interest. Then, just like on a dating app, mutual interest results in a match.

Her matchmaking team requests that you report back with post-date feedback. As Beyer explained in an interview with,

Every time you go on a date, you learn more, and we learn more. Feedback is essential as it consistently updates our technology and your search criteria so you’re not wasting time repeating old habits and patterns.

April Beyer & LEVEL Connections Reviews

Beyer & Company rates 2 1/2-stars on Yelp, based on 3 reviews.

You'll find a glowing 5-star review from someone impressed with the interview process but who hadn’t been matched with anyone yet. The two 1-star reviews include one from a woman unhappy with the man she met via the service.

Beyer has been interviewed by various media outlets. However, client-based reviews on local platforms seem few and far between - and practically non-existent for LEVEL Connections.

That’s not actually a bad thing, considering Beyer has been matchmaking in some capacity for over two decades. Generally, unhappy customers take the time to pen a negative review. So she seems to be on the right track.

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