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Can Louanne Ward Find Your Ideal Partner? [2024 Matchmaker Review!]

If you’re looking for love in Western Australia and you’ve landed here, you’re probably wondering if Louanne Ward is the best person to find your perfect partner. This Louanne Ward Matchmaking review has all the details you need to help you decide!

Our team of experts has reviewed over 200 matchmaking services. With over 14 years of industry experience, our insight comes from comprehensive research, real customer reviews, and a keen understanding of the matchmaking industry. 

Meet Matchmaker Louanne Ward

Louanne Ward matchmaking

Louanne Ward has been in the matchmaking industry for decades, although she didn't originally set out to become a matchmaker or entrepreneur. She spent several years in management and customer service before taking a job working for 2 other matchmaking services in Australia. 

While working at People’s Introduction Bureau, Ward grew to understand that effective matchmaking was a skill that could be learned and refined. At the same time she began researching to identify gaps in the Australian dating market. 

In an interview, she recounted how she sought out the specialized market she now serves: 

 "I started looking at niche areas I could work in and researched what Perth had that was different. Perth has more self-made millionaires per capita than any other state — I aimed to create an environment for these individuals, prioritizing above all their confidentiality."

Ward ended up buying People’s Introduction Bureau in 1993, later rebranding to Louanne Ward Matchmaking. She currently has two offices in Western Australia.

Known as “Perth’s Millionaire Matchmaker,” Ward primarily caters to an affluent clientele. She describes her typical clients as being multi-millionaires who are "used to having everything that money can buy."

Her male clients generally range between 30 to 50 years of age, and prioritize discretion due to their wealth, professional careers, and exclusive residences. 

Meanwhile, she finds her female clients to be assertive and ambitious, often seeking her help because their success can be intimidating to men. 

She described the type of singles she generally works with this way:  

They’re a privileged bunch of people, they come from a certain circle where they would see it as inappropriate to be involved with something like that. Perth is a very small town and everyone knows everyone.”

Louanne Ward’s Dating Advice

Matchmaker Louanne Ward is often sought out for her insights into love and relationships. She frequently shares advice over various media platforms such as TV, radio, social media, and print channels.

She emphasizes personal readiness for those looking for love. Ward believes that singles should be fully prepared to pour time and effort into their dating journey.

As she puts it

It’s so important for people seeking a relationship to invest the time to meet people face-to-face in order to have the best chance at finding and achieving relationship success.” 

In addition, she suggests that individuals need to be "psychologically and emotionally" ready before welcoming another person into their life.  

For the single ladies looking for their Mr. Right, Ward often shares her advice on finding a partner. She urges women not to seek out perfection since it’s not a realistic goal. 

Instead she suggests sharing empathy and reducing criticism. In her own words

"There are so many great guys out there, and we do a lot of shaming over certain things – whether it be jobs or whether they are emotionally open or not; You're being unrealistic. In my perception, we have 90 percent of women who are trying to date 10 percent of men. And no one is going to tick every single box."

Ward revealed in an interview with The Sun that she often observes singles repeating dating mistakes that create roadblocks to establishing a relationship:

Louanne Ward dating tips

Louanne Ward Matchmaking: What To Expect

If you’re interested in becoming a client, the first step is contacting their office by phone or through the website. 

Next, someone from their team will reach out to you to schedule an initial discovery session to learn a little more about you and your relationship goals.

However, keep in mind that not everyone who expresses interest becomes a client. 

Given the pricing structure and each person's matchmaking preferences, only about half of the interested individuals progress to the interview stage and are subsequently "prepped" for dates.

Louanne Ward How We Work

Once on board as a client you can expect to meet with Louanne Ward multiple times to dig deeper into your personality and what qualities you’re seeking in an ideal partner. 

You’ll also be asked to provide a list of 5 non-negotiable characteristics you desire in a partner.

Ward’s approach can prove to be challenging for many clients. As she explains, the difficulty arises when what clients envision as their ideal partner doesn’t align with someone who would truly complement them. 

It’s quite confronting for a lot of people because they come in with their list of ‘I want this and I want that’. And quite often when you get down to it, what they think they want in a partner and what is best for them are usually poles apart.” 

All clients and prospective matches are required to submit both professional and casual photographs, enabling Ward to create comprehensive profiles to present to both parties. Surnames are kept confidential during the first encounter.

You’ll be meeting matches sourced from Ward’s database, or proactively scouted. 

Throughout the matchmaking process, Ward offers dating advice via texts, makes restaurant reservations, arranges transportation, and helps with styling.  

According to Ward, this level of involvement increases her clients’ chances of making meaningful connections. 

When it comes to affairs of the heart, you’re vulnerable. I tell my clients, ‘You can be a little more vulnerable with me because I’m going to make sure these people are right’.”

After each date, both the client and the match will provide feedback so she can make any adjustments to the matching process if needed. 

What It Costs To Hire Louanne Ward 

Louanne Ward Matchmaking offers several membership packages which are tailored based on search requirements. Aspects like your match preferences and geographic scope are taken into consideration. 

She doesn’t disclose pricing on her matchmaking website, but has mentioned in interviews that clients can expect to pay anywhere from $5,000 to $15,000+ AUS.

Louanne Ward Matchmaking also offers dating coaching, image consulting, and professional photography for an additional fee. 

Louanne Ward Reviews

Louanne Ward Matchmaking has a 4-star rating on its Google business profile.

Louanne Ward Matchmaking 4.0 star Google rating

The majority of the 25+ reviewers had a positive experience working with Ward, with a handful of reviews limited to just the star rating without any comments. 

Several former clients mentioned they met quality matches through the service:

5-star Louanne Ward Matchmaking review on Google
5-star Louanne Ward Matchmaking Google review

And some Louanne Ward Matchmaking reviewers found her dating coaching beneficial:

Louanne Ward Matchmaking 5-star Google review
5-star google review for Louanne Ward Matchmaking

A handful of former clients like this one didn’t feel the service met their expectations:

1-star Louanne Ward Matchmaking google review

Matchmaking service reviews can be helpful, especially when you go beyond just skimming the star ratings. Often, a matchmaker’s response on the platform can offer insights into how the process works.

For instance, this former client shared a negative experience regarding the quality and quantity of matches she received:

1-star Louanne Ward Matchmaking review on Google

And Ward’s response offers a peek at how a particular membership level works:

Louanne Ward Matchmaking response on Google

When you’re perusing reviews of any matchmaking service, jot down any questions you have about a particular client’s experience and you’ll get the most out of your complimentary consultation call. 

(Want a handy list of questions to ask any service you’re thinking about hiring, straight from the experts? Check out our handy Guide To Hiring A Matchmaker!)

Is Louanne Ward Matchmaking The Right Matchmaker For You? 

Matchmaking is a deeply personal service, and your decision will be based on factors like how you feel about your initial consultation, the cost, and the contract length. 

Typically, matchmaking services ask for full payment upfront, before the service even begins. Contracts often span multiple months, and some even last a year or longer. 

But that’s not always the case. VIDA Select, for instance, offers service on a pay-as-you-go basis, with no long-term contract required.

Instead, packages are monthly, with the total cost highly correlated with the number of hours your matchmaker will devote to your search. 

Basic matchmaking services start at just $1195 USD per month, with Premium options beginning at just $1795 USD per month. Elite packages start at only $2595 USD per month.

VIDA’s modern approach to finding your perfect match unlocks the largest source of Western Australian singles there is, which is one of the reasons clients meet someone special in an average of just 3 months!

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