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Lox Club Reviews [Locations, Criteria, Cost & More!]

The Lox dating app reviews are in! Keep reading for everything you need to know about this exclusive Jewish dating app.

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What Is Lox Club?

The Lox Club dating app, sometimes referred to as the ‘Jewish Raya’, was created for Jewish singles with “ridiculously high standards.”

While many members are culturally Jewish, you don’t have to be Jewish to apply for membership. That being said, part of the application is explaining why you’d like to join a Jewish dating app. 

Lox Club was founded by Austin Kevitch and launched in late 2020. As he explained in an interview with Vogue, he started the app almost as a joke while going through a breakup. 

I was being a little tongue-in-cheek with [the website], making fun of the pretentious social clubs. To my surprise, hundreds of people started applying for it and sharing it all over Instagram.

This membership-based private app derives its name from a 1920s secret speakeasy started by Kevitch’s grandparents inside New York City’s Spielman’s Delicatessen.

Spielman's Delicatessen, Lox Club App

The Lox Club operated for over 30 years, drawing in Jewish celebrities, businessmen and other elite types. 

As word spread, high-profile non-Jews like Marilyn Monroe and Frank Sinatra became frequent visitors as well. The Lox Club was shuttered by law enforcement in the early 50s.

Kevitch revived the name because, as he points out on the Lox Club website, he wanted to weave in “some magic storytelling and mystery to create a fun secret speakeasy experience.”

Lox Club Cities

The Lox Club app is available in 9 locations across the US, with more regions to be added soon:

  • New York City
  • Los Angeles
  • Miami
  • Austin
  • Philadelphia
  • Chicago
  • Boston
  • Washington, DC
  • San Francisco

If it’s not in your area yet, you can still download the app, apply and get on the waitlist.

Lox Club waitlist notification

In the meantime, try one of these exclusive dating apps.

A Sneak Peek At The Lox Club Application

Much like exclusive dating app The League, the Lox Club has a waitlist. It generally takes 1 to 2 weeks for your application to be reviewed, although it may take longer in some cases.

Membership starts with downloading the app and filling out the application. You’ll need the password to “place an order,” so make sure to read the origin story.

Once you’ve provided the code word and verified your phone number, you’ll be asked to provide basic info like your name and email address. Having an Instagram is mandatory for admission.

Next up is your DOB, gender (with 50+ options to choose from), gender preference (men, women, or everyone), and whether or not you identify as Jewish. 

Once you’ve provided your current location and your hometown, the questions shift to your education and profession. Providing your alma mater is optional, revealing your profession is not.

Lox Club application information

Then you’ll select your primary photo, which the app suggests needs to clearly show your face. You only have to upload one photo for now, and 5 more once you’re accepted.

To increase your odds of being accepted to Lox Club, choose a profile pic where your eyes are visible. Per the Lox Club FAQ, sunglasses aren’t ideal.

What You Bring To The Table

The two most important sections for your Lox Club application are last:

  • Please provide a brief career history and future ambitions
  • Why do you want to join the Lox Club community?

These answers won’t appear on your Lox Club profile, although you have the option of adding your career-related answer later on. Both sections have a character limit of 450.

Lox Club application question

Answers are required, and super short answers won’t cut it. There’s a minimum character count of 70.

How To Get Accepted To Lox Club

To get accepted to Lox Club, follow the app’s advice and provide “thoughtful” answers. They are looking for ‘ambitious, funny, down-to-earth” people that would be interesting to talk to at a house party.

Make your answers conversational, like you’re talking to someone face to face. Ambition is front and center on this exclusive dating app, so keep that in mind.

Kevitch told Jewish Insider that he estimates only 20% of applicants are accepted. As he explains, 

I was very intentional about designing it so that we have the photos and also a career and ambitions section so people can actually write where they’re at in life and what’s their story and what they’re interested in and, more importantly, what their dreams are. Like, where they want to be in life. I think that says a lot about someone, lets you know a lot about compatibility and also is a great talking point for when you do start chatting with someone.

But Lox Club doesn’t reject people outright. If you don’t make it past the committee, you’ll be offered a spot on the waitlist and you can work on improving your application.

With all those hoops to jump through, you’re probably wondering if Lox Club is legit. Let’s take a look at what users have to say about their experience with this exclusive Jewish dating app.

Lox Club Reviews

When it first launched, the app generated quite a bit of press. It was written up on sites like Vogue, New York Times and Forbes. 

User reviews on the App Store and Google Play resulted in a 4.4 and 4 star rating, respectively.

Positive reviewers mentioned the app’s potential to grow, with one Lox Club user writing that it could “become a staple in the jewish dating forum.” 

Another reviewer wrote, “The idea of this app is great - exclusivity and Jews. What more could we want?

On the downside, many of the negative reviews mentioned a lack of matches, or matching with people who lived nowhere near them. 

In their Lox Club review, one user wrote, “Had high hopes for the app but there's no improvement and still can't search locally.”

This sentiment was echoed throughout reviews like this one, “First, the app doesn't allow you to set any preferences, except age range; if I knew this from the beginning I never would have signed up - don't need to see guys in PA, when I live in CA.

While some singles liked the exclusive nature of the app, and its focus on career and ambition, others found it potentially daunting. 

In an article for the Pittsburgh Jewish Chronicle, a Lox Club user named Michael had this to say about his experience:

It is a little intimidating. Would they be OK with dating a creative who doesn’t make a ton of money? Out of all the [apps] I’ve used, Lox Club definitely feels like the most serious. I can’t think of any other dating app where front and center, is career ambitions.

As with any product review, the user experience can vary widely. Before deciding if this dating app is worth your time, you’ll also want to consider the…

Lox Club Pros & Cons

On the plus side:

Potential matches tend to be more serious about finding a relationship. This isn’t a dating app where you can go from download to swiping inside of 5 minutes. The vetting process and membership cost helps screen out people who aren’t looking for meaningful connections.

It’s designed to focus on quality over quantity. Lox Club users are limited to seeing 5 to 12 profiles every 6 hours, so swiping may not feel as overwhelming as it can on apps like Tinder. 

You’ll have access to a Jewish matchmaker. The matchmaker is a member of the Lox Club staff who can help screen your matches, give you profile and photo advice, and more. (Reviewers had mixed feelings about how effective and responsive the matchmaker was, however.)

Potential cons include:

A small membership pool. Niche dating apps like Veggly for vegans, Fairytrail for digital nomads, etc. generally don’t attract the same number of users, so it may take awhile to get any results. You will likely want to use Lox Club in conjunction with a more popular dating app like Match and just filter for Jewish singles.

There’s no distance filter. By far one of the biggest Lox Club complaints is not being able to see only local matches. In fact, lack of match criteria in general is one area where many users felt the app could improve.

It’s not free. Once you’ve been accepted to the Lox dating app, you are required to purchase a subscription. Some Lox reviewers thought the price was too high considering the lack of local matches.

Lox Club Cost

Lox Club offers 3, 6 and 12-month memberships. A 3-month subscription costs $36, and a 6-month one costs $60. Signing up for a full year brings the cost down to $96, which equates to $8/month.

Users also have the option of paying a few dollars to purchase a few additional swipes once they’ve hit the 6-hour limit. It’s called the “skip the wait” feature.

Lox Club Review Verdict: Is It Legit?

This elite dating app attracts interesting, ambitious and career-minded Jewish singles. If you’re open to matching with people who may not be right in your backyard, it’s worth giving it a try.

The app will likely grow in popularity and add more locations to its roster, but in the interim it’s not one you’ll want to focus on exclusively. 

Use it in conjunction with other dating apps geared towards serious relationships, and screen for religion. This approach will give you far more options!

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