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Curious about, but want to try before you buy? With our Match free trial coupon code, you can take the popular dating site for a 3-day free test drive with full benefits:


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You'll still need a credit card even though it's free, as you'll need to create an account and select the membership plan you want to use if you decide to continue after the initial free period.

If you decide you don't want to continue, simply cancel your subscription before the end of the 3rd day and you won't pay a dime.

While 3 days is definitely enough time to test out all of Match’s features, it usually isn’t enough time to create a successful profile, match, build attraction through a back-and-forth message exchange, and schedule a date.

That’s why we also have a promo code that will save you some money on a 6-month subscription:


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If you want to do a little more research first, check out our Match and Match mobile app reviews!

The #1 Advantage Of Using A Paid Dating Site Or App

While you can join Match for free, it requires a paid subscription to unlock most of the site's features, including reading and sending messages. But if you’re serious about meeting someone special, that’s actually a good thing.

Dating sites like PlentyOfFish and OkCupid that offer a free membership tend to attract people who aren’t as serious about meeting someone, so you’ll find a higher percentage of message exchanges fizzle out.

But on Match, the monthly fees helps weed out the flakes. Since the users you’re messaging are also investing money in their membership, they’re more serious about actually going on real in-person dates and finding a long-term relationship. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be paying!

Whether you go with our Match free trial coupon or our 25% off promo code, if you’re a guy, you’re going to want to check out these tips for finding your perfect match fast!

These tips are straight from our team of modern dating experts, who have been helping singles like you meet someone special since 2009. That's thousands upon thousands of hours logged on dating platforms like Match, optimizing profiles, matching, and messaging on behalf of the clients we represent.

You're about to benefit from all that first-hand experience!

#1 Message Like A Boss

Whether your subscription lasts 3 days or 6 months, you want to meet high-quality women as quickly as possible. But you probably don’t have 2+ hours per day to spend reading profiles, picking out interesting details, and writing personalized icebreakers to each and every woman.

Without a modern dating assistant to handle everything for you, you need a time-saving strategy that also boosts your results. You need copy & paste messages.

In a nutshell, an effective copy and paste message is attention-grabbing, creative, and works for any woman who intrigues you. For instance: icebreaker that works

You can quickly send a message like the one above tons of women - no profile skimming required.

#2 Help The Matching Algorithm Help You’s algorithm is one of the best in the business. Their proven success rate is one of the many reasons they’re one of the most popular and trusted online dating sites out there.

But to get the best results, you need to answer all the questions and fill out all the criteria completely. Don’t fall into the “I’ll tell you later” trap when you create a profile.

match profile advice

She’s serious about finding someone, and half-assing your profile is not the way to impress her. Even worse, you’re seriously limiting how often you’ll pop up in search results.

This dating site also has a "reverse match" feature, which you can access from the "search" menu. Your reverse matches are based on your profile, so you'll be shown people who are looking for someone like you. If your profile is incomplete, you won't get accurate results.

Same goes for the written portions of your profile. Ruggedly handsome profile pictures will only take you so far. If the rest of your profile bores her, she might hesitate to return your message or reach out.

example of a bad match profile

A great profile attracts women for you - so be sure to check out these expert Match profile tips!

#3 Be The Total Package

You’re looking for the total package - she is too. Pay attention to how your profile pic appears in her search results:

Match search results

You need to look good here, because choosing your primary photo can make or break your chances with the matches you want to meet most. It’s not something to take lightly!

We’ve got a ton of info on how to select your strongest photos, but for now take these DOs and DON'Ts into consideration when choosing your main pic:


  • Choose a pic taken with a decent quality camera. The better the camera, the hotter you look.
  • Consider using a photo taken outdoors. You’ll get 19% more messages.
  • Get a second opinion. It’s hard to be objective about your own photos, so ask a female friend which photo she finds the most attractive.


  • Include anyone else in your primary pic. She doesn’t want to play the “figure out which guy you are” game.
  • Use a photo taken with flash. It makes you look 7 years older online.
  • Go with a shirtless selfie, unless you’re trying to turn her off. This goes double for bathroom selfies - they're a nearly automatic left-swipe for many online daters.

Our Guide is filled with info that will help you create the most attractive profile possible. From photos to usernames to the “About Me” section, it’s got everything you need to be irresistible on and get the most out of your paid membership.

meet women on

The time to take action and improve your dating life is now. You’ve got everything you need: the tools and the platform to make it happen. So don’t wait one second longer.

Get signed up for your free trial here, and use our expert advice to start meeting your ideal types of women today!

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