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What Is Match Vibe Check? [Plus 3 Video Dating Tips!]

Vibe Check is a feature on Match’s dating app that lets you go from message exchange to video chat within the app.

Using it is simple – once you’ve exchanged messages with a match, a black video icon appears in menu bar:

Match Vibe Check

To use the feature for the first time, you’ll have to agree to the Terms & Conditions, but after that you can tap on the video icon to send your match a Vibe Check request. (You’ll also want to enable the push notification to receive video check requests when you’re not actively using the app.)

If your match accepts the request, the video chat will start immediately within the Match app. It’s free, and you can talk for as long as you like.

Video chatting is the best way to see if you’ve got enough chemistry with a match to warrant a face-to-face encounter.

These 3 Match video dating tips will help you feel more confident and make a great first impression!

#1. Pre-Set The Stage

Video dates are exploding in popularity, so if you haven’t done one yet odds are excellent you will soon.

It’s worth investing some time setting up a “go-to” space in your house. It doesn’t have to be anything elaborate – just a well-lit, clean and distraction-free nook that looks great on camera.

Natural light from a sunny window is flattering, but you’ll also want to plan for evening video calls.

The room’s ambient light may not be enough, so experiment with an additional light source such as a desk lamp you can move around so that your face isn’t harshly lit or cloaked in shadows. Once you’ve figured out what looks good, it’s easy to replicate those conditions for each call.

Once you’ve got the backdrop and the lighting sorted, practice holding the phone so that you’re capturing your most flattering angles.

Holding it too high or too low can distort your image significantly, and figuring out the placement ahead of time means you’ll spend more time focusing on your match and less time being preoccupied with how you look.

How to look great on a video chat

#2. Have Some Conversation Ideas At The Ready

If you’re nervous about the dreaded “awkward silence” that sometimes happens the first time you talk to someone, don’t be. There are plenty of ways you can prepare for running out things to say!

For starters, before sending a Vibe Check request, give yourself a profile refresher. Jot down a quick list of their hobbies, interests, the last book they read, pets, etc. Odds are excellent your match will enjoy talking about anything they chose to mention in their dating profile.

Take another peek at their photo lineup, too. Asking where a certain image was taken is a great way to get the conversation rolling in a travel direction, which is generally an easy topic to talk about. Even if you haven’t traveled much yourself, you can always talk about your dream vacation or bucket list destinations.

Here are 10 more good questions to ask during a video chat with a match:

10 great questions to ask on a video chat with a match

These are great “rescue” questions if you can’t think of what to say next, but don’t fall into the Interview Trap.

Let the conversation flow naturally, rather than asking one unrelated question after another. And be sure to also answer anything you ask your match – they also want to learn about you!

#3. Treat It Like A First Date

Your first video chat with a match is important – it’s essentially a face-to-face conversation, just with a screen between you. In fact, in many cases the video chat will determine if there’s going to be a first date.

That means you need to focus on all the same things you would if your match was right there in front of you.

Here are 8 essential Do’s & Don’ts for video chatting:

Video chatting do's & don'ts

Now that you’ve got all the tools you need to make your Match video chat a success, check out these creative and fun video date ideas!

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