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Mature Singles Only Review - Is It Legit Or A Scam?

Mature Singles Only

Meeting new people when you’re 40+ can be tough. Your bar days are over, office romances are best avoided, online dating feels like an exhausting part-time job, and you’d like to expand your network beyond just friends, the gym and Sunday services. So you're considering Mature Singles Only.

A matchmaker can introduce you to singles you’d never meet on your own, but finding a good matchmaker can be just as hard as finding your soulmate.

Reading reviews is a great way to narrow down your options. This Mature Singles Only review has what you need to know to decide if this matchmaking service is legit or a scam.

What Exactly Is Mature Singles Only? is a website that connects people with a nationwide network of matchmakers. The first step is filling out their “90-Second Profile” form.

get started here image

You’ll be asked for your gender and preference (i.e. I’m a man seeking a woman), zip code, birth date, marital status, type of relationship sought, name and occupation, income range, and contact information.

If there’s a matchmaker in your area, you’ll fill out a “Dating Preferences Survey” with some basic background questions, like these:

Mature Singles Only dating preferences survey

The information is then sold to a local matchmaking service. The cost and quality of the service will depend entirely on who gets your information.

If there isn’t a matchmaker near you, you’ll be referred to a dating site like and given the chance to create an account on the spot: free trial membership graphic

What Happens With Your Personal Information?

Before signing up for a matchmaker referral, be aware that Mature Singles Only will likely be selling your contact information. Not just to one or more matchmaking services but also to telemarketers and advertisers.

Their business practices are clearly outlined in the Privacy Policy. But when’s the last time you actually read one of those? Here is the relevant paragraph:

Mature Singles Only privacy policy

The Verdict

Mature Singles Only is legit in that they really will either connect you with a local matchmaking service or refer you to a dating site. But they’re making money by selling your information. And they’ll keep on selling it. So you may experience a surge in telemarketing calls, banner ads, targeted Facebook promotions, emails, etc.

Some people are okay with that, and appreciate easier access to products and services they might also be interested in.

But if keeping your personal information private is important to you, you’ll probably want to look into other options.

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