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Top 3 Memphis Matchmakers [Which Dating Service Is Best?]

Thinking about hiring a dating service? With so many options on the table, figuring out which Memphis matchmaker is best for you can be tricky.

That's why our team of matchmaking experts compiled this guide to help Memphis singles find the best matchmaker. With our own industry experience spanning over 14 years, we're well acquainted with the major players and the independent boutiques.

We’ve written more than 200 matchmaker reviews, leveraging our deep knowledge of the industry and our first-hand understanding of what clients value most.

These 3 matchmaking services deserve a place on your short list. 

And at the end, you’ll also get 7 questions to consider asking any matchmaker before making your final hiring decision. It’s the expert advice you’re looking for!


Enamour website

A white glove matchmaking service ideal for those looking for a more tailored experience, Enamour's matchmakers have been helping Memphis singles find their ideal partner since 2009.


Enamour works exclusively with highly accomplished, incredibly selective singles.


Packages start around $20,000.

What To Expect

Enamour's matchmaking team uses an effective blend of intuition, AI, and relationship psychology to pinpoint highly compatible matches. The search starts from within the curated database, which is "invitation only".

But that's not where the search stops! Your dedicated personal matchmaker also leverages recruiting tools and an extensive network of scouts to source candidates offline and online.

Each potential match goes through a vetting process that takes place either in person or via video call. Your matchmaker will use the details she gathers from you throughout the process to ensure each candidate aligns with your preferences, lifestyle, goals, etc.

You'll have the opportunity to review a photo array and bio of each match. Upon approval, the introduction is arranged for you. Afterward your matchmaker will follow up with both of you, using that feedback to further tweak your search.

She'll also pass along any useful insights into your dating process that she receives from your match.

In addition to elite matchmaking, Enamour offers complementary services such as personal styling, image consulting, professional photography, and dating/relationship coaching.

VIDA Select (by Scott Valdez)

Scott Valdez

Thanks to a world-class team of dating experts, VIDA Select is one of the easiest ways to finally meet your perfect match. VIDA’s matchmakers blend the traditional approach with modern tech to access the biggest pool of Memphis singles there is!

Scott Valdez founded VIDA in 2009.


Typically successful, ambitious singles in their mid-20s to mid 60s who are serious about meeting highly compatible people.


VIDA Select offers 3 levels of matchmaking service: Basic, Premium and Elite. Package prices within those levels are highly correlated with the number of hours that should be devoted to your ideal partner search every month. Considerations like the specificity of your matching criteria, the number of locations you’d like to date in and which matchmaking team you work with are all taken into account.

Basic matchmaking packages start at $1195 per month, Premium matchmaking packages start at $1795 per month and Elite options begin at $2595 per month.  

Because all matchmaking packages are paid on a month-to-month basis, you won’t have to commit to a long-term contract. On average, clients meet someone special in just 3 months!

What To Expect 

The first step to working with VIDA is a quick online screening process to see if you qualify. Then you’ll have a complimentary consultation to see if you think VIDA’s approach is right for you.

Next is the good part - you’ll review a full profile of hand-selected, highly compatible Memphis singles. You approve every match, so you can look forward to finally meeting people who check all your boxes! 

VIDA also offers a full range of dating coaching, image consulting and personal styling services, so you can boost your confidence and look your best on all your dates.

Serious Matchmaking (Janis & Carly Spindel)

Carly Spindel & Janis Spindel

The matchmaking duo behind Serious Matchmaking aren’t locals. They are on New York City’s roster of elite matchmakers, but also offer services in both Memphis and Nashville (along with a handful of other cities around the US). 

Janis Spindel founded the service in 1993.


The Spindels typically take on successful, affluent men as clients. Women who pass all their screening processes generally join the database as potential matches.


$25,000 - $1,000,000+, depending on which matchmaker you work with.

Matchmaking by Carly Spindel starts at $25,000 and ranges over $350,000. Matchmaking by Janis starts at $50,000 and goes up to $1,000,000.

Contracts for men last 1 year and include both a signing fee and a finder's fee.

The signing fee starts at $65,000 and is paid right away. The finder's fee is the same amount, but only due if you get into a successful relationship with one of your matches. That includes dating for 12 months, moving in together, or getting engaged.

For women, joining the database hinges on passing an interview. The interview fee runs between $250 and $1,250, with the cost depending largely on what format it’s conducted in. A group interview has a lower cost than a one-on-one interview.

What To Expect

Serious Matchmaking is a traditional service in that you’ll largely meet matches from within the Spindel’s database. But if needed, scouting will be done on your behalf. 

All clients receive at least one match per contract month, as that is what NY state law requires. So expect to receive a minimum of 12 introductions.

During the initial consultation with your matchmaker, you’ll present what you consider to be your ideal match criteria, and also talk about your dating history, obstacles, etc. 

After each introduction, expect to provide feedback as well as receive it. 

Further Reading

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How To Get The Most Out Of Your Memphis Matchmaker Consultation

Once you’ve decided to hire a matchmaker, it’s important to do a little prep work before interviewing your top candidates. You want the right person leading your search for love!

Reviews are a great place to start, mostly because a company’s responses can give you valuable intel on how they approach both the matchmaking process and customer service. 

And if a matchmaking company you’re researching never responds to Better Business Bureau, Yelp or Google reviews and complaints, that also gives you insight into how responsive to your questions or issues they may be.

Use what you find on the local review platforms to inform the questions you ask during the initial interview. It shouldn’t be just a one way street, so don’t feel shy about clarifying things you’re uncertain about.

Matchmakers often take a different approach to providing the service, even though the end goal is the same. Some will just give you a verbal description of your match but not show you a photo, often explaining they want you to “keep an open mind” until you’ve met in person.

And for the services who lock you into a long-term commitment, there’s a lot of variation across contracts as well. 

Some promise to find you X number of matches in Y amount of time. Others simply promise to try and find compatible matches over an unspecified time frame. 

And still other contracts indicate you’ll be introduced to singles who meet “some” or “most” of your criteria using language like this:

endeavor to find style matchmaking contract

That example of contract language was taken from a BBB complaint lodged against a national matchmaking company.

These “endeavor to find” style contracts are common, and it can be a frustrating surprise if you didn’t realize you were signing one. 

It’s always wise to have a clear understanding of what you’re signing up for, before you actually sign up for it.

To that end, asking specific questions like these should help you narrow down your options:

7 important questions to ask your matchmaker

Before you start interviewing matchmaking services, decide what answers you want to hear. There isn’t a “correct” answer - it all boils down to what you want and are comfortable with. 

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