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Meet Michelle Begy [Is Ignite Dating Your Perfect Match?]

Are you considering hiring Michelle Begy as your personal matchmaker? In that case, you'll undoubtedly want to delve deeper into her journey and understand Ignite Dating’s matchmaking process. 

From the smaller boutique operations to the big industry players, our expert team has reviewed over 200 matchmaking services.

Our insights are based not only on our extensive industry experience spanning 14+ years but also on comprehensive research, genuine customer feedback, and a profound understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

This short profile is packed with all details you need to decide if Michelle Begy is the best UK matchmaker for you.

Let’s start from the beginning! 

The Backstory On Michelle Begy

Matchmaker Michelle Begy

Before entering the world of professional matchmaking, Michelle Begy had a successful career in advertising and PR. Then in 2013, she joined RSVP, a dating agency and singles club as a Director of Events. In that role, she coordinated all kinds of social opportunities for singles to meet their perfect match.

In 2018 she also assumed the role of “Head Hunter Matchmaker” for RSVP, giving her the experience she needed to launch her own agency, Ignite Dating, in 2020.

Ignite Dating website

As she explained to TechRound, she believed singles were looking for an alternative way to meet quality matches.

Educated and successful people did not have time for the labor-intensive scrolling of online dating, were growing bored of the ineffectiveness of database matching, and did not want to have their profiles all over the internet.

Begy was able to quickly expand her service, opening additional UK locations and launching a franchise model across six territories. One of her goals, as shared in a Forbes interview, is to provide a more localized and personal service, tailored to the specific needs of each region. 

Dating in a rural setting differs from finding a partner in London, so franchisees can offer the best advice and introductions based on their local knowledge.

In terms of the future, Begy told Forbes she plans to continue expanding, growing the current franchise number to 12 by 2025 and entering the Australian market.

But for now, Ignite Dating is headquartered in London and works with clients across the UK, Australia, Switzerland, and the United States. According to Begy, clients come from all walks of life and range in age from 29 years old to up into their late 70s. 

As she puts it

Our private network of available ladies and gentlemen boasts successful people from all walks of life, whether in the corporate world, creative industries or academically, all with the commonality that they are seeking a lifetime relationship.

Begy and her team offer ongoing support to clients throughout the process, and she also doles out dating advice via various media channels. Here’s a taste of her best advice for singles just getting back into the dating game:

Michelle Begy's expert dating tips

What To Expect From Ignite Dating 

Ignite Dating weaves a psychological component into their matchmaking approach, with Begy believing that understanding both yourself and your partner is vital when it comes to fostering a lasting relationship.

As she explained in an interview with Stylist,

When you think about the relationships around you and how you treat those that you care about, you will notice a pattern in the actions that you take and how you feel when you receive those actions towards yourself

That’s why learning is a big part of Ignite Dating’s process. You’ll learn about yourself, about the 5 love languages, your attachment styles, and your Myers-Briggs personality type. 

Knowing both your and your partner's primary love language can help create a better understanding of each other's needs from the relationship.

If that style feels like a good fit, the next step is filling out an online inquiry form. You’ll be contacted to arrange an in-person or virtual meeting with a matchmaker for a consultation call. 

Next, if you decide to move forward with Ignite Dating, you’ll purchase the service package and sign the contract. 

As a client, you’ll work with a matchmaker to create an Ignite Dating profile and have a professional photo shoot for the dating profile images.

Your matchmaker spends time getting to know you to gain a better understanding of the values and preferences that are important to you. 

That’s one of the major advantages of using a matchmaking service, whether you opt for Ignite Dating or one of the many other UK matchmakers:

While you might have an idea of what you’re looking for in a partner, conversations with your matchmaker can help you identify and prioritize the most important aspects of what creates a fulfilling relationship for you. 

Next, the Ignite Dating team conducts a search for potential partners through their private network, database, and affiliate agencies. They also headhunt online, as Begy’s service is one of the preferred “offline partners” for Elite Singles.

As Begy explained to ThriveGlobal,

We do not rely on database matching but instead provide hand-selected, ID-checked introductions that have been picked using a unique blend of psychometric profiling, experience, and intuition.

Once a match has been found, your matchmaker will share the details and talk through first-date logistics. Begy and her team suggest keeping the first date casual. 

As she shared in the same interview, 

We always recommend keeping it quite low key for the first date – maybe opting for a brunch date somewhere so that you have the option to end it after a chat over coffee and cake if it is not quite right for you, or extending it out if the vibe feels right.

As a client, you might get the opportunity to work with Genevieve Gresset, a matchmaker who partners with Begy for date coaching. Gresset is the VP of an international matchmaking group in the US but provides individual coaching for some of Ignite Dating's clients. 

According to Begy

Our clients get a direct line to Geneviéve’s coaching services to help them get dating ready. By undergoing a session with Geneviéve, they have a better understanding of their dating attachment style and a clearer view on what they are looking for in a partner and how to get the best from their dating journey.  

Now that you know the process, you’re probably wondering…

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Michelle Begy? 

And that’s something you’ll have to wait and find out during your initial consultation, because Ignite Dating doesn’t disclose their pricing online. That could be because it might vary by location, depending on which franchised matchmaker you’re working with.

Ignite Dating caters to “medium to high net worth individuals”, so It’s likely on the higher end of the spectrum. According to Begy, “Cost is one of the biggest hurdles when it comes to people signing up to use introduction and matchmaking services.”

Let’s take a look at what a few other UK matchmakers charge to get you in the ballpark. 

Enamour, an elite international agency with a presence in London, starts at $20,000 USD for 6 months of service. With Enamour, you’ll be meeting highly compatible matches selected from their heavily curated, invite-only database. The Enamour team also employs high-tech recruiting methods to scout beyond their database, consistently pinpointing matches who check all your boxes.

Another millionaire matchmaking agency in London, Drawing Down The Moon, starts at £10000+ inc vat. DDTM is one of the UK’s longest-running services, having been in business for over 30 years.

Seventy Thirty, founded in 2001 by elite matchmaker Susie Ambrose, starts around £12,000 and can run over £60,000 plus VAT depending on how your package is tailored. 

Modern matchmaking service VIDA Select offers the extensive search capabilities and high-quality matches of these other elite dating agencies, but at a fraction of the cost. Elite matchmaking packages start at just $2595 per month, while Premium packages start at $1695 per month. Basic matchmaking packages begin at only $1095 per month.

So now that you know what you can likely expect to spend, the question remains:

Is Michelle Begy The Right Matchmaker For You? 

Ignite Dating has multiple locations and works with a network of affiliated sources, so it’s possible Begy and her team can find compatible matches for you. 

So when making your decision, it will come to factors like whether you’re comfortable with the Ignite Dating process, how much you want to invest in a matchmaking service, and the particulars of your membership contract - particularly the length of it. 

The industry standard ranges from 6 months to a year or more, and you’ll generally be required to pay for the entire package up front, before the search for compatible matches begins. That’s one of the reasons why the type of research you’re doing right now is so important - you don’t want to commit to a long-term contract, only to realize down the road you made a pricey mistake.

But that’s not how all matchmaking services handle contracts. VIDA Select, for instance, has a pay-as-you-go structure. Clients purchase one month of service at a time, which gives you plenty of flexibility to pause or end your service on your terms. 

Whether you want to see where things lead with an intriguing match or you simply feel like the process isn’t quite the right approach for you, you’re not locked in to anything long-term. Just don’t purchase another month - it’s that simple!

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