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Top List: America’s 10 Most Elite Millionaire Dating Agencies

You’ve got a lot of resources, but chances are spare time isn’t one of them. If your busy schedule is preventing you from finding the type of high-quality people you'd consider starting a long-term relationship with, an elite matchmaking service is a wise investment.

But a matchmaker performs a deeply personal service. When your standards are high you don't want to hire just anyone - you want to hire the best one for you.

Making that decision is about to get a lot easier! Our team of matchmaking experts has reviewed over 200 services, delving deep into their process and operations, success rates, and client experiences. Our reviews are built on thorough research alongside a keen understanding of the matchmaking industry.

Start your search here, with these 10 elite millionaire dating agencies!


Enamour matchmaking homepage

For over ten years, Enamour has been offering premier matchmaking services to discerning and accomplished clientele. 

Enamour’s matchmakers focus on the principles of relationship psychology during the screening process, helping to ensure that the matches they find are genuinely compatible. 

They carefully handpick potential partners from an exclusive, invitation-only database while also employing a blend of IT and recruitment technology to expand the search.

You will have the chance to both offer and receive feedback following each date. This provides valuable insight into the dating process, and also helps your matchmaker to refine the search.

Enamour Matchmaking Cost

Enamour’s matchmaking services start at $20,000. Each package can be tailored to fit a client’s specific search parameters.

Additional Services:

  • Personal styling
  • Image consulting
  • Professional photography

VIDA Select

VIDA Select millionaire matchmaking homepage

Investing your money wisely likely helped you get where you are today. And all of the millionaire matchmakers on this list excel at what they do - but what if you could get the same results for a fraction of the cost?

With VIDA Select, that’s possible.

Many high-end matchmakers pull potential candidates from a limited Rolodex. But VIDA’s elite matchmakers will hand select high-quality, incredible singles from the most extensive database in the world. And VIDA offers elite matchmaking at a reasonable price point.

VIDA Select Matchmaking Cost

Matchmaking package prices highly correlate with the number of hours that should be dedicated to your search each month, given the complexity of your matching criteria, number of cities you'd like to search in, etc.

Basic packages start at $1195 a month, Premium options begin at $1795 a month and Elite packages start at $2595 a month.

Clients have the flexibility to pay by the month, which means you never have to risk paying for time you don’t need. With some other elite matchmaking services, if you meet your ideal partner the first month, you’re still paying for the next 11.

On average, the typical VIDA client finds a match with “significant other” potential in the first 3 months, so why would you want to commit to a year or two of service?

Potential clients start with a quick screening process to qualify for the service. If so, you’ll be invited to book a complimentary consultation. 

Additional Services:

  • Date coaching
  • Personal styling & image consulting
  • Professional photography & photo editing

Millionaire’s Club

Millionaire's Club homepage

You may recognize millionaire matchmaker Patti Stanger, thanks to her stint on reality TV. She was on the Bravo docu-series  Millionaire MatchmakerTM.

She's not only a television personality, she also runs one of the most exclusive dating agencies in America - Millionaire’s Club, which is based in Los Angeles.

But she’s not just a matchmaker for LA singles. Thanks to an extensive network of scouts, her database contains profiles of over 30,000 singles living all over the world.

Millionaire’s Club Cost

A year’s worth of matchmaking services ranges between $45,000 and $150,000+. If you want Patty actively involved in your search, that’s an additional $35,000.

12-month contracts also include 2 months worth of ‘pause’ time.

Both members and non-members also have the option of purchasing a “Mixer,” where you’ll meet up to 25 carefully selected singles over the course of a single event, like a dinner or cocktail party, held in your area.

For non-members, those start at $35,000. Adding a Mixer on to your matchmaking package starts at $20,000 to meet up to 10 matches, or $30,000 to meet up to 20.

Additional Services:

  • Personal & business consulting
  • Image consulting, makeovers, and professional photos
  • Date coaching

To learn more about this celebrity matchmaker, check out this Millionaire's Club review.

Serious Matchmaking

Serious Matchmaking

Janis Spindel is truly a matchmaking force to be reckoned with, having been in the business for over 20 years in New York City. Her daughter Carly joined her as VP of Serious Matchmaking in 2009.

Carly Spindel & Janis Spindel

As she told Urbanette, Janis credits success as a matchmaker to her sixth sense for being able to “get people married.” She also said she’s able to meet (read: recruit) beautiful people wherever she goes, whether that’s while getting a manicure or taking a vacation.

95% of Serious Matchmaking clients are male, while women can pay anywhere from $250 to $1250 to meet with the Spindels for a quick, 30-minute screening to see if they’ve got what it takes to join her database and potentially date a millionaire.

Serious Matchmaking Cost

When it comes to a 12-month contract, you’ll find several membership packages available. The prices depend on which matchmaker you work with. If Carly is matching you, expect to pay between $25,000 and $350,000+.

Having Janis on your team starts at $50,000 and runs up to a cool million. Want to hedge your bets and have them both on the hunt? That begins at $80,000.

Prices increase depending on how difficult it may be to find matches who fit your “soulmate” criteria, if it’s a local, national, or international search, and other factors.

Your membership comes with 12 introductions during the course of the year. Per the contract, there is also an initial signing fee that starts at $65,000. That same amount is also due as a finder's fee if you end up in a relationship with a match they found for you. That could be getting engaged, moving in together, or dating for 12 months.

There’s also the option to purchase a “Flash Match” package if you don’t want to sign a 12-month contract. For $6,000, you’ll be introduced to 6 high-quality matches during a single event held at a venue in NYC.

Additional Services:

  • “Love Workshops” for women

To learn even more about the Spindels, check out this matchmaking service review.

Kelleher International

Kelleher International

Like Serious Matchmaking, Kelleher International is helmed by a mother/daughter matchmaking team.

Jill Kelleher got her start in the industry not as a matchmaker, but as a photographer for a singles company. She then had the idea to launch a matchmaking service for high profile singles who wanted to maintain their privacy, and founded Kelleher International in 1986 in San Francisco.

Matchmakers Jill and Amber Kelleher

Her daughter Amber Kelleher-Andrews joined her in 1995 and is now the CEO. These days, they're not just San Francisco matchmakers. The dating service has branches in multiple locations around the world, including New York, LA, Chicago, London, Stockholm, and Paris.

Kelleher International Cost

The price for a 1- to 3-year membership depends on the scope of your search. If you want matches locally, it starts at $30,000 (with the option to add more cities for $5,000 each).

A national search for compatible singles starts at $45,000, while the international package - AKA the “CEO Club” - starts at $150,00 and can range up to $300,000+.

Details like how many matches you’ll receive during the course of that year vary per client, and will be discussed during your consultation. But all contracts include 12 months of ‘hold’ time.

Additional Services:

  • Date coaching

Selective Search

Coming from a background of executive corporate headhunting, Barbie Adler applies all her Fortune 500 recruitment strategies to her millionaire dating agency.

She started Selective Search in 2000, and while the company is based in Chicago she has since expanded to work with an extensive network of matchmakers across the country in cities like Boston, Los Angeles, New York, and San Francisco, among others.

The majority of the roughly 275,000 eligible singles in her Rolodex are in the US, but a few of them are international as well, in cities like Sydney and Hong Kong.

Selective Search Cost

Women don’t pay to have their profiles listed in the database, however not just anyone makes the cut. Applicants are screened via a 2-hour (ish) interview with one of the matchmakers.

Potential clients have 3 membership options available, all of which include a 12-month contract. You’ll also be able to pause your service in 1-month increments, but with one caveat - that number of times you can do that must be negotiated into the contract up front.

If you just want your matchmaker to search for your ideal partner in a single location, that starts at $25,000 for up to 10 matches. For a search that extends to 4 or 5 cities, membership prices start at $50,000 for up to 10 matches.

Men 35 and younger can choose the “Young Executive” for $15,000. It includes up to 6 introductions, and unlike the other two packages you can opt for a 6-month membership instead of a year-long one.

Additional Services:

  • Date coaching
  • Professional photography

Want to learn more? Check out this Selective Search matchmaking service review!

Linx Dating

Linx Dating website

Nicknamed the “Silicon Valley Cupid,” Amy Andersen specializes in matchmaking for singles in the tech-industry. She started her millionaire dating agency in 2003, and credits the idea for it to a disastrous blind date.

She caught him checking out other women at the bar, and when she pointed out his behavior, he admitted he was making sure he didn’t miss out on a BBD - which is business speak for “bigger, better deal”.

Realizing that many tech types don’t necessarily know how to present themselves in a socially attractive way, her matchmaking services are augmented with date coaching and relationship advice.

Linx Dating Cost

There are quite a few options to choose from, with the price determined by whether or not you want to stick with matches from within the Linx database. All of the memberships are for 2-year contracts that also include 4 months of ‘hold’ time.

Premium packages start at $45,000 and include at least 8 introductions. To meet matches outside the Linx database as well, you’ll need the VIP membership. It ranges from $100,000 to $500,000+, but Amy will “search the world” for your perfect match.

Additional Services:

  • Date coaching
  • Personal styling & image consulting
  • Restaurant & travel booking
  • Closet makeovers
  • Proposal planning

Learn more about this Silicon Valley executive matchmaker!

Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking

Lisa Clampitt millionaire dating agency

One of Patti Stanger's proteges, Lisa Clampitt had plenty of experience matchmaking for millionaires before founding her own dating agency in 2001.

She also brings 12 years worth of social work experience to the table, which she thinks helps her give clients the best dating and relationship advice possible.

But her talents don’t stop there - in 2003 she founded The Matchmaking Institute, which provides training and certification for new matchmakers.

While she created the Matchmaking Institute in an effort to maintain a high level of standards throughout the industry, an added benefit is she can use that network of certified matchmakers to augment her database of 2,000 or so singles to help find your perfect match.

Lisa Clampitt Matchmaking Cost

She only works with a limited number of paying clients at a time, generally men in their 40s to 50s. They can choose from 3 membership packages: Silver, Gold, and Platinum.

The packages vary by factors like whether or not you want to be matched with local singles, see a photograph first, or want one-on-one “VIP” service. Membership costs range from $50,000 to upwards of $75,000.

Each contract includes 6 months of search time, plus a year’s worth of ‘hold’ time. The typical client gets 2-4 matches each month, but that number may vary if your ‘ideal partner’ criteria is fairly narrow and carved in stone.

Additional Services:

  • Date & relationship coaching

To learn more about this millionaire dating agency, go here.

The Bevy

The Bevy millionaire dating agency

If you like your personal services uber selective, this may be the millionaire dating agency for you. So exclusive they operate almost entirely on a referral basis, The Bevy is truly boutique in that they only work with select clients.

The Bevy matchmakers

Greta Tufvesson has a background in marketing and runs the Los Angeles office. Nikki Lewis worked for one of NYC’s top dating agencies before launching The Bevy, and she handles operations at the New York location.

While matches are carefully selected to meet your criteria, you won’t see any photos before the date. You’ll get basic background info, but will have to trust your matchmaker’s intuition when it comes to physical appearance.

The Bevy Cost

Women can be listed in the database free of charge, provided they meet the high standards. Memberships for men start around $25,000 (paid up front) and go up from there. Factors affecting the bottom line include how many locations you’d like the search for matches to encompass, and how specific your “must have” list is.

Additional Services:

  • Life & date coaching
  • Personal shopping & style consultations
  • Fitness & nutritional advice

To learn more about this exclusive millionaire dating agency, check out this review of The Bevy.

Amy Laurent Matchmaking

Amy Laurent

Like Patty Stanger, Amy Laurent is no stranger to reality TV. She appeared in Bravo's series "Miss Advised," which documented the everyday lives of three unmarried relationship professionals.

Amy Laurent's millionaire dating agency operates on both coasts, offering services in NYC, LA and Florida. She typically accepts a maximum of 30 paying clients simultaneously and has been running her matchmaking service since 2005.

Before becoming a client, the process begins with a 60-minute interview. During this conversation, you'll explore topics such as the kind of person you wish to meet and your own dating and relationship history. If Laurent accepts you as a client, she will identify compatible matches from her database.

Amy Laurent Matchmaking Cost

Hiring this millionaire dating agency starts at $25,000 for a 12-month contract. Contracts also include up to 12 months of "freeze" time.

Want more details? Check out these Amy Laurent reviews!

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