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NYC’s Top 5 Millionaire Matchmakers

Looking for the very best NYC millionaire matchmakers?

You’re at the point in your career where time literally equals money. So you probably don’t have a lot of extra hours set aside to hit bars, clubs, and other places where New York singles go to mingle.

And when your standards are high, it’s even harder to meet someone who intrigues you. But you’ve come to the right place. Our Millionaire Matchmaker NYC short list features 5 exclusive matchmakers who can find you the high-quality partner you deserve.

NYC Millionaire Matchmaker: Patti Stanger

Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger

Known as “The Millionaire Matchmaker®,” Patti Stanger is practically a household name thanks to her popular TV show.

She’s a 3rd generation matchmaker who founded her service, the Millionaire’s Club, in 2000. Although headquartered in Los Angeles, her agency has affiliated matchmakers in NYC.

Stanger and her team offer a variety of services in addition to matchmaking, including image consulting, relationship counselling, date coaching, and photography. Clients can choose from several packages, all of which include one year of unlimited dating in the US and Canada.

Millionaire Matchmaker Cost

Prices start at $45,000 a year for the Bronze Package, and $150,000+ for Platinum level services. You can work directly with Patti Stanger for an additional $35k on top of the package price.

Looking to have the "Mixer Experience"? Stanger will host a breakfast, lunch, dinner, or cocktail party in your city. You'll meet 25 singles hand-selected from the millionaire matchmaker database. These events cost $35,000, plus additional expenses for things like food, alcohol, and the venue.

Clients can add mixer events to their membership package as well. The $20k “Basic Mixer” includes a 3-hour dinner for up to 10 singles, with additional costs for food and drinks. Your matchmaker will be there to guide you on your “mini-dates”.

The $30k “Deluxe Mixer” is set at an upscale venue, with food and beverage costs included in the price. Up to 20 singles will be invited, and Stanger herself will attend to facilitate your mini-dates.

NYC Millionaire Matchmaker: SEI Club

SEI Club is a unique NYC millionaire matchmaking service in that the business also offers to forge connections within the investment and high-end contemporary art communities.

The agency is headquartered in New York, with offices in LA, Chicago, Houston, Miami, London, Geneva, and Côte d'Azur as well.

SEI contact form

To join, prospective clients fill out an online application. If accepted, there is a $495 “entrance” fee paid prior to the initial consultation.

SEI Club Cost

There are a wide range of membership options, ranging from $12,750 to $1,000,000+ a year.

The pricier packages include access to more elite matches in SEI member portfolios. Memberships can be frozen or renewed at any time. The package price is inclusive of all costs - meaning no hidden fees.

SEI offers a money back guarantee if they don’t fulfill the number of matches agreed upon in the contract. The number of matches varies depending on the individual client and package option.

SEI also offers a millionaire club of sorts, with its “Million Dollar Membership” option. This package has no restrictions on number of dates, locations, or time frame.

According to various press releases, this ultra-discrete millionaire dating agency’s candidate pool is comprised of fashion models, CEOs, entrepreneurs, and other successful professionals. They claim to accept only 35% of the women who apply to be included in their dating pool.

NYC Millionaire Matchmaker: Kelleher International

Kelleher International was founded in 1986 by mother/daughter duo Jill Kelleher and Amber Kelleher-Andrews.

The main office for this elite matchmaking agency is in San Francisco, with a large branch office in NYC.

Kelleher International Cost

There are 3 membership options, depending on what type of search you want. Contracts range from 1 to 3 years.

A local search starts at $30,000, with the option to add additional cities for $5,000 per location.

A national search begins at $45,000, and an international search - also called the “CEO Club” package, ranges from $150,000 to $300,000. The CEO Club includes personal consultations with Jill or Amber themselves.

The guaranteed number of matches varies per client, based on the client’s location and match criteria.

All three memberships can be paused for a total of 12 months. That means if you want to take a break to see where a relationship goes, you can pause your service. You can do this as needed until all 12 months of “hold time” have been used.

Prospective clients fill out a simple online form so that a consultation phone call can be scheduled. That is followed by an in-person or Skype session to discuss the services and requirements in depth. Once a contract is signed, your search begins.

NYC Millionaire Matchmaker: Amy Laurent

Amy Laurent has been in the millionaire matchmaking business since 2005. She’s based in NYC, and has an affiliated office in LA.

As with Patti Stanger and Amber Kelleher-Andrews, this professional matchmaker is no stranger to television appearances.

She’s also an author, having published “8 Weeks To Everlasting” which helps people navigate the first 8 weeks of a relationship.

Amy Laurent Cost

Amy Laurent is a one-woman show, so she only works with 30 paying male clients at a time. A membership starts at $25,000 a year, which includes 12 months of “hold” time.

The number of matches included in a membership varies per client, depending on what each individual is looking for in an ideal partner. According to Laurent, she builds her database of eligible singles through word-of-mouth and recruiting at events.

Women also approach her after seeing her television appearances or reading articles she’s written in magazines like Cosmo. Laurent claims to have personally met with every NYC woman in her database. Women in LA are screened in person by her California office staff.

Potential clients have an hour-long interview with Laurent where their relationship goals and ideal partner criteria are discussed. If she feels like she can help, she will show you a handful of matches she feels would be a good fit. If you agree, you come on board as a paying client.

NYC Millionaire Matchmaker: Janis Spindel

Janice and Carly Spindel

Janis Spindel has been in the millionaire matchmaking business for 20+ years. Working with her daughter Carly Spindel, Serious Matchmaking has become one of New York City’s “go to” matchmakers for millionaire dating.

She offers several different membership options, starting with her “Flash Match” package. For $6,000, you will get 6 carefully selected matches that you’ll meet all in one night at a high end venue. It’s like speed dating elevated to millionaire standards.

Serious Matchmaking Cost

Spindel’s elite dating agency also offers yearly membership packages. Working with Carly Spindel starts at $25,000 a year, and working with Janis starts at $50,000 a year. You can also select the million dollar “Global VIP Service”, which is their most premiere membership package.

To get started, prospective clients fill out an online form, and then meet with Spindel one on one for a “simulated date” - i.e. an interview over lunch or dinner where she gets to know you.

She'll decide which package she feels is best for you, and start the search for your perfect match from there.

For more information on Janis Spindel and her process, check out these Serious Matchmaking reviews.

A Modern Approach To Millionaire Matchmaking

These millionaire matchmakers have all worked hard to earn their place on the Millionaire Matchmaker NYC short list. But does that necessarily mean their approach to millionaire dating will work for you? Only you can decide.

Traditional matchmakers like those listed above typically have one matchmaker with multiple clients. No matter how qualified she is, one matchmaker can only accomplish so much in a day.

VIDA Select takes a team approach to matchmaking. That means it’s not just one personal matchmaker working for you, it’s an entire team working together to find your dream partner.

But that’s not the only difference between VIDA Select and traditional luxury matchmaking services. Our matchmakers understand that you can’t impose a time frame on finding love. In other words - no contracts.

We’re so confident in our ability to find you your ideal date that we don’t need you to commit to an entire year’s worth of services. You pay only for the time you need, and you can pause your service at any time, for any reason.

Thanks to our modern approach to matchmaking, we have the largest database of eligible singles in the world. You’re holding the reins every step of the way. You pre-screen every match, so you’re only meeting people who intrigue you.

The first step is a low-key, confidential consultation to see if the VIDA Select approach is the right fit for you.

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