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Millionaire Match Profile Tips That Will Make You Shine Online

Using a millionaire dating site can be a great way to meet incredible women. But with some much competition, standing out is key. These MillionaireMatch profile tips will help you do exactly that!

Before we tackle the basics, let's talk money. You don’t actually have to be a millionaire to become a MillionaireMatch member. In fact, most users don’t actually bother becoming "Certified Millionaires" because that requires verification, which takes time.

Submitting a copy of your tax return, bank statements, and other financial documents to a dating website can be a hassle … but if your income stream puts you in the “Certified Millionaire” category, we’d recommend jumping through those hoops.

After all, the smart women on this site tend to be pretty skeptical. The "Certified Millionaire" branding on your profile will cut through the “cheap talk” and give you a leg up on the competition.

Regardless of your certification (or lack thereof), if you choose to use MillionaireMatch, remember that you’re representing yourself as a wealthy man, and most women on the site will have expectations about the thickness of your wallet. So be prepared for some gold digging.

However, despite the superficial jewel hunters on MillionaireMatch, there are some good girls on the site who just want to find an emotionally available, mentally normal, and financially stable partner. You can find anything you want here. You just have to know who you’re targeting and optimize your profile accordingly.

The main thing to remember about MillionaireMatch is that if you set expectations, be prepared to live up to them. Don’t misrepresent yourself too much. For instance, if you tell a woman that you’ll pick her up in your private jet and instead arrive in your busted 2009 Honda, don’t expect things to go your way. This also means that if your yearly income is closer to Joe the Plumber’s than Howard Hughes’, you might want to check out a more inclusive site, like OkCupid or PlentyofFish.

Regardless of the site you’re on, be smart. Don’t wire money to anyone you haven’t met, and don’t give away personal information over the Internet. It may seem obvious, but it’s happened to the best of men on MillionaireMatch and other online dating sites.

But if you’ve got some money to spend and you’re looking for a highly attractive woman who takes excellent care of herself, then MillionaireMatch might be the right site for you.

Ready to meet your match?

Let’s begin…

Step 1: Optimize How Your MillionaireMatch Profile Appears In Search

Being attractive online isn’t just about facial symmetry or bulging pectorals—especially on MillionaireMatch, where your (perceived) wealth automatically makes you more attractive. Don’t throw away this advantage with a lame or sleazy username or headline. After all, that’s one of the first things a lady will see.

Let’s say I’m a New York-based lady searching for the man of my dreams on MillionaireMatch. As you can see below, I’ve got plenty of ways to search:

MillionaireMatch search fields

Regardless of how I filter my searches – by location, first date ideas, or income – my search results will look a lot like this:

search result

The first thing I see is a headline, a username, and a short description of the user.

This first impression can make or break your chances. So please, make sure your headline isn’t something like this …

ask and tell

“Ask and I'll tell you?”

Oh man.

If he can't even bother to come up with a good dating profile headline, why would she think he's worth contacting on a dating site? Next!

MillionaireMatch Headline Tips:

  1. Choose a headline that suggests fun AND class. If you can’t think of any, you can even choose song lyrics. For instance, “First We Take Manhattan, Then We Take Berlin” suggests that you might be the kind of fun, generous gentleman who would take her on some international adventures. If song lyrics don’t do it for you, think about major ad campaigns: “Built Like A Rock” might refer to a car, but there’s no rule that says you can’t snag it for yourself. 😉
  2. Choose a username more imaginative than “TallGuy99” or “SportsLuvr8” or “FilthyRIch.” If you’re on MillionaireMatch, chances are you’ve got some resources at your disposal. Maybe you travel constantly, or maybe you skydive or have a yacht. Choose a username that suggests activity – “cl0udjumper” if you’re into skydiving or flying, “sailthe7seas” if you’re into sailing. Something, anything, that will differentiate you from the horde.
  3. Make sure that the age range you’re interested in isn’t out-and-out offensive. If you’re 45, don’t communicate that you’d like to meet 18-year-olds by listing your age range of interest as 18-40. This will only make you seem desperate or perverted, both of which are the kiss of death online.

Got all that? Good, because it’s time to move on to the most important thing...

Step 2: Optimize Your Profile Text On MillionaireMatch

You’ve optimized yourself enough to make me, Hypothetical New York-Based Lady, decide to click on the link to your profile for further inspection. The last thing you want now is to ruin all your good work by describing yourself like so…

Example of About Me profile text on

Whoo-boy. Where to start …

First off, if you don’t speak or write according to the conventions of Standard English, find someone who does and have them write your profile. Capitalizing every word makes you look like a 12-year-old girl who dots her “i”s with hearts.

Next, avoid giving a laundry list of adjectives. Instead of telling me that you’re “athletic and health-conscious,” why not show me by providing some details? Something like this might do…

“Keeping active is important to me, whether I’m throwing around a football, running along the lakeside trail with my dog, or lifting absurdly heavy objects in the weight room (without even grunting).”

This demonstrates that you’re physically fit, athletic and a little funny– all attractive qualities in a potential mate. Plus, you’re showing instead of telling, which makes your profile a lot more believable.

Look back at this hideous profile one more time. (Last time, we promise.)

Example of About Me profile text on

If this gent still has any readers left by the time they hit the last paragraph, he’s bound to lose them with this little gem: “Naturally we all have our fantasies, but the ultimate fantasy would be to find that special woman who keeps me satisfied...”

Um, ew. Hypothetical New York Based Lady says: “Well, duh, we do all have fantasies, Captain Obvious, but this is definitely not the place to talk about them.”

On a website like MillionaireMatch, the sleaze factor is pretty high. The real catches on the site do their best to avoid sleaze, so keep your profile clean and leave the sexual innuendo for the actual date. If you truly want to attract a quality girl rather than a “pro” or “semi-pro” who’s just looking to extract as much money from your wallet as possible, make it clear that you’re looking for mutual respect.

Here’s another example of a profile gone wrong …

Example of About Me profile text on

Good golly, ramble much?

To avoid this, he could have used the old rule: never complain, never explain. Also, “I hope you enjoyed my photos” is a terrible opener – and then to go ahead and explain your photos here in the “About me” section makes it even worse.

Lastly, describing yourself as the guy that you “take home to mom” is just… not attractive. Hypothetical New York Based Lady is shutting that down right now.

Here’s a profile that would make HNYBL sit up and take notice…

Example of About Me profile text on

Catchy opener. Hypothetical New York Based Lady is intrigued.

And hmm, he clearly likes staying active … and he’s into the arts … and travel … and philanthropy. Yet he never comes out and says that. Instead, he paints different pictures that make it clear that he’s interested in lots of different things, has had plenty of adventures, and would probably make an awesome date. All without using a single boring adjective to describe himself.

A+, sir. A+.

To Review:

  1. Standard English and a good grasp of grammar are your friends. If you don’t know the difference between you’re and your, or if you’re not quite certain of when to capitalize a word, or if you can’t spell, get someone to help you. Remember, you’re on MillionaireMatch to demonstrate high value, so don’t end up looking value-less.
  2. Sex has its place in your life, just not in your online dating profile. Do not mention anything related to sex, fantasies, kinks, fetishes, the physical proportions of your ideal woman, etc. It will just make you look sleazy – and you don’t want that.
  3. Paint a picture. Avoid describing yourself with tons of adjectives. If you’re having a hard time making yourself sound really interesting, brainstorm some adjectives that describe you and find an example of how you embody those adjectives. For example, if you’re “artsy,” why not open with a sentence about the last exhibit you attended?

Use Your New Profile To Attract The Good Girls On MillionaireMatch!

Setting up an online dating profile can be tricky business – especially if you’re keeping expectations high and using an online dating website like MillionaireMatch. But we’re confident that you can find the girl of your dreams if you just optimize your profile, describe yourself well, and keep it classy.

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