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Misty River Introductions Review [A Peek At Their Matchmaking Process!]

Thinking about trying Linda Miller’s matchmaking service? This Misty River Introductions review has all the details you need to help make that decision, including her matchmaking process, how much it costs, and what former clients have to say. 

Our team of experts has reviewed well over 200 matchmakers and their services, delving deep into their operations, success rates, and client experiences. 

With over 14 years of firsthand experience in the industry, our reviews are built on extensive research and a keen understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

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Meet Ontario Matchmaker Linda Miller

matchmaker Linda Miller

Linda Miller, a professional matchmaker with over two decades of experience, says she’s had a passion for bringing people together since her school years. 

Her knack for matchmaking surfaced as she paired many of her college friends, her sister, and friends of her mother.

Miller shared with the London Free Press that she would even go on dates with people just to try and set them up with someone else. 

"Anybody that was single was at my mercy. I even used to go on dates and say, 'I’ve got good news and bad news: The bad news is I don’t like you, but the good news is I know somebody who would.'”

Initially, Miller planned to be a clinical psychologist, but said she had a dream one night that made her pursue matchmaking instead. Following her newfound calling, Miller launched her first business in Manitoba.

She ended up selling that matchmaking service to a client she had successfully paired, and started fresh with a new one: Misty River Introductions. The name was inspired by the view of the Mississippi River flowing alongside her home in Carleton Place. 

Speaking to Ottawa Citizen, Miller shared that people seek her services for a variety of reasons. 

"People who are over 60, people who are retired or thinking about it, people who have lost a spouse, and people who have had a lot of their social circle going south for the winter or moving away from the community they’re in."

While Miller mainly serves singles in Quebec and Ontario, her reach also includes Florida. 

That’s because she has a number of clients who frequently trade the harsh Canadian winters for warmer southern US climate, with many clients going on first dates during their seasonal relocation. 

Matchmaker Linda Miller’s Dating Advice 

Miller frequently shares dating advice with clients and in interviews. She offers her insights about planning the first date in an interview with Tara Shannon.

In her opinion, singles should always arrange the first date over the phone and not through text messaging. She also believes this 'planning' conversation should be no longer than 15 minutes. 

Her reasoning? People should assign value to their time, thus implying that one's attention should be earned rather than freely given. 

Miller explains that spending too long on such conversations tends to create an impression of either having excessive free time or divulging too much too soon.

In interviews with Global News and Ottawa Citizen, Miller offered further advice for those navigating the dating scene:

Dating tips from Ontario matchmaker Linda Miller

Now that you’ve had a taste of Linda Miller’s dating advice, let’s take a look at her matchmaking process. 

Becoming A Misty River Introductions Client

Misty River Introductions Website Homepage

The initial step for prospective clients is registering for Misty River Introductions either through their website or by mailing in an application. As part of the registration, you must provide copies of your identification and a recent photograph.

Next, you'll have an in-person meeting or phone call to discuss your preferences for an ideal partner. Miller will also explain the various matchmaking packages they offer. Should both sides agree to proceed, a package is chosen and the matchmaking process begins.

Misty River Intros Packages & Cost

Misty River Intros matchmaking packages

Misty River Introductions provides three matchmaking packages, each catering to different needs. 

Both Packages A and B provide clients with up to 12 in-person introductions over an unlimited period of time. 

Package A includes 6 months of hold time, and you’ll need to pay an additional fee to view photographs of your potential matches.

Package B includes photographs, and you can put your membership on hold for up to 1 year.

Package C, the top-tier one, comes with unlimited potential matches (including photos) and unrestricted 'hold' time.

Misty River Introductions cost is not specified on the website. But according to articles and reviews online, pricing likely ranges from $1,450 to $4,000+, depending on the package you select. 

Linda Miller’s Matchmaking Process

After signing a contract, you’re required to call Misty River Introductions on the first Thursday after you join. During this call, you’ll hear about your first match. If you’re interested, you can request a photo be sent by email or regular mail.

After calling, you’ll receive your first two matches automatically. But after that, clients are required to email or call when they want to receive their next one. 

As Linda Miller’s website explains, she will match you up with other clients. Her database has 10,000+ singles from around Ontario and Montreal. 

When it comes to deciding who to pair you with, she says talent for observation plays a big role in her process:

"People always say I’m intuitive. But I don’t believe in intuition. I just think I’m a really good observer. And when I sit with somebody, I’m not only doing the mental Rolodex of who I want to match them with, but I’m looking at everything about them. I’m figuring them out.”

Miller and her team try to only suggest matches that live within a 1-hour radius of you, however, some client reviews indicate otherwise. (More on those coming up!)

When a potential match is identified, both parties are contacted to see if they're interested in meeting up. If there is mutual interest Misty River introductions will coordinate a time and place.

Once you’ve met the 12 matches specified in your contract, you have the option to renew your membership.

Misty River Introductions Reviews 

Misty River Introductions has an A+ rating with the BBB, and a 4.54-star rating based on 20+ reviews.

Misty River Introductions BBB rating of 4.54/5

The majority of reviewers reported a positive experience with the service.

5-star Misty River Introductions review on BBB
5-star BBB review for Misty River Introductions
5-star BBB review for Misty River Intros

There were also a handful of negative Misty River Introductions reviews on the BBB website. 

One was from a client who expressed frustration with the perceived quality of her matches:

1-star Misty River Introductions review on BBB

The other 1-star Misty River Introductions review was from a client who said she was disappointed, but didn’t provide any other details:

1-star review for Misty River Introductions on BBB website

There have been 5 Misty River Introductions complaints filed with the BBB in the last 3 years, all having to do with billing disputes or customer service issues. 

Misty River Introductions has a 4.1 rating on its Google business page. 

Misty River Introductions google review rating of 4.1

The majority of the 50+ reviews were 5 stars, with a handful of 4 and 1-star reviews as well. 

Several clients mentioned meeting someone special through the service:

5-star google review for Misty River Introductions
5-star Misty River Introductions google review
Misty River Introductions 5-star google review

Other clients who reported a positive experience appreciated the process: 

5-star google review for Misty River Introductions on google

Other singles who used Misty River Introductions appreciated the inclusivity, as Miller does offer services for LGBTQ+ singles:

5-star Misty River Introductions review on google

There were also a handful of 1-star reviews for Misty River Introductions, however not all of them were from people who had used the service. 

For instance, one was from the son of a client who didn’t think the service was a good investment. Others were from people who did not match any client records per the company’s public review responses.

In the 1-star Misty River Introductions reviews from former clients, lack of matches or low quality matches was a common complaint. For instance:

1-star Mistry River Introductions google review

Misty River Introductions has a 1-star rating on Yelp, based on just a few reviews.

1-star Yelp rating for Misty River Introductions

All of them mentioned similar concerns about the lack of matches, as in these 3 examples:

1-star Yelp review for Misty River Introductions
1-star Misty River Introductions Yelp review
1-star Linda Miller review on Yelp

There were also 10+ ‘Not Currently Recommended’ reviews, with some giving Misty River Introductions 5 stars. 

You’ve learned about signing up for the service and seen what other clients had to say, but the question still remains…

Is Linda Miller The Right Matchmaker For You?  

When you’re deciding if she’s the right personal matchmaker for you, one big factor to consider is where your matches come from. 

Many boutique-style matchmakers pull candidates from an internal database, matching you with other paying clients. As Miller describes on the Misty River Introductions site, she has 10,000+ clients on her list, from throughout Ontario and Montreal.

And your ideal partner may indeed decide to sign up for the same service you do. 

But you may also want to consider a matchmaking service that extends the search outside of a limited database by doing proactive scouting. 

That’s because, statistically speaking, it’s nearly impossible for any matchmaker to make consistently quality pairings from within a limited pool of singles in any one city.

Compatibility has to go both ways - a candidate needs to check your boxes, but that person also needs you to check theirs. The fewer singles you have available, the harder it is to find two people who are compatible with each other.  

And that’s why meeting low-quality matches is one of the industry’s biggest complaints.

If you want to make the best decision possible when it comes to hiring a matchmaking service, you should also consider one that offers proactive scouting.

Enamour, for instance, has a highly curated, invitation-only database of eligible singles. 

But the search for compatible matches doesn’t stop there - the team also uses recruiting technology and an extensive network of scouts to identify candidates from a wide range of online and offline sources.

VIDA Select is another option that should be on your radar if you’re ready to meet your ideal partner. Thanks to a modern approach, VIDA’s matchmaking team has direct access to the largest source of Ontario there is!

That means you can look forward to meeting matches who check every single box - and they’re just as excited to meet you.

Matchmaking packages are offered on a month-to-month basis, so you don’t have to invest in a long-term contract. The price of your package highly aligns with the number of hours your dedicated professional matchmaker will spend on your search, given your criteria, geographic scope, etc.

Basic packages start at just $1195, and Premium options begin at just $1795. Elite options start at only $2595.

On average, VIDA clients meet someone special within 3 months of beginning service.

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