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Monterey Bay Matchmakers Reviews: Should You Hire Them?

Monterey Bay matchmakers reviews

Hiring a matchmaking service is a commitment - of your time, trust, and emotions - not to mention your hard earned money. There’s a lot on the line, so it makes sense to check out Monterey Bay Matchmakers reviews.

And this one has all the details you need to make an informed decision! Starting with...

The Company Behind Monterey Bay Matchmakers

They’ve got a local office - SE Corner San Carlos & 4th Ave. But the website is actually run by a company that also operates a host of similar matchmaking services all across the country.

The websites all follow the same general process though. Potential clients can either call the listed number directly to speak with one of the matchmakers, or they can submit contact info via the website form and then wait for a call.


Did you notice that you’re also agreeing to the privacy policy when you submit your info? This is one you may actually want to browse, because it explains what happens with your personal data.

Spoiler alert:

Monterey Bay Matchmakers privacy policy

What that more than likely translates to is an uptick in those eerily specific online ads, as well as telemarketing calls.

The company that owns Monterey Bay Matchmakers is probably also in the online sales lead business, meaning they’re making a bit of money by sharing your personal data with providers of direct marketing services:

Monterey Bay Matchmakers privacy policy

But if you’re not worried about any of that, clicking “Complete” brings up a “Compatibility Profile” where you have the opportunity to provide answers to some basic questions like these:

monterey bay matchmakers compatibility profile

Don’t worry, you don’t have to put that much personal detail into an online form if you’re wary of that. You and your matchmaker can discuss your answers when she calls you.

The next step in the process will be a sit down at their offices, and that’s where you’ll get down to brass tacks - i.e. the membership packages they offer and the price tag.

How Much Does Monterey Bay Matchmakers Cost?

There’s one thing you won’t find on the website - cost.

But according to an investigation conducted by NBC Bay Area Responds, Bay Area singles paid between $3,000 and $8,000 to matchmaking companies that were all under the same ownership.

The VP of Monterey Bay Matchmaker’s parent company told investigators that reading the contract carefully could prevent complaints:


That’s actually good advice - make sure you understand the fine print before you pick up the pen.

Because once you’re committed, you only have 3 business days to cancel your membership. After that, it’s very difficult, if not impossible, to get a refund from Monterey Bay Matchmakers.

Monterey Bay Matchmakers Reviews

Monterey Bay Matchmakers is not particularly popular among the 14 clients who reviewed their experience on Yelp. Overall, they’ve got a 1.5 star rating.

The lone 5-star recommended review was from a client who felt he had found his perfect match via this California dating agency:

monterey bay matchmakers yelp reviews

But most of the reviews were 1 star.

This reviewer was frustrated with the low quality of her matches, and by the fact that her matchmakers weren’t local as promised:

monterey bay matchmakers yelp

This client felt the sales pitch was all smoke and mirrors, as what she experienced after signing up fell far short of what was promised:

yelp reviews monterey bay matchmakers

This client was also unhappy with the quality of her matches:

monterey bay matchmakers review on yelp

Google Reviews For Monterey Bay Matchmakers

Monterey Bay Matchmakers has a better rating on Google, receiving 3 1/2 stars overall.

This 1-star reviewer had a lot to say:

monterey bay matchmakers google reviews

Of course, internet reviews can’t predict what your experience will be like.

But when the less-than-stellar reviews all raise the same concerns, you might want to put some more thought into your decision. And maybe consider a few other options before deciding which matchmaking service to hire.

For instance, some matchmaking services, like VIDA Select, don’t use contracts so there’s no risk of being locked into a service that isn’t working for you. VIDA lets you pay by the month, so you have the flexibility to stop and start your service as needed.

And your dedicated matchmaker has access to a huge pool of Carmel area singles - the largest you’ll find anywhere. In fact, the average VIDA client only needs 2 or 3 months of service before finding that special someone.

You’re in control of the matchmaking process from start to finish, so you can pre-approve your matches before you meet them. That means you never have to “settle” - you’ll always be meeting eligible singles who fit your “perfect match” profile.

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