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Naples Singles Reviews [The Cost, Events, Complaints, & More!]

naples singles reviews

Frustrated with the Naples singles scene? Hiring a matchmaking service is one of the most efficient ways to finally meet your perfect partner. But committing to the wrong one can be a costly mistake.

With over 14 years of firsthand industry experience, our team of matchmaking experts has reviewed 200+ services, delving into their operations, cost, success rates, and customer experiences. These reviews are built on extensive research and a keen understanding of the matchmaking landscape.

Check out these Naples Singles reviews, and see if they’re the right Florida matchmakers for you!

A Matchmaking Franchise

Naples Singles has a local office - they’re in the Beachway Professional Center at 3301 Bonita Beach Road.

But the same company who runs Naples Singles also owns matchmaking websites all over the country, including Maryland Matchmakers, Boston Matchmakers, and Connecticut Dating:

Examples of William Broadbent matchmaking sites

In addition to a similar appearance, all of the matchmaking websites follow the same general process. To learn more about how they operate, you can call the local number or you can fill out their contact form:

contact form

As the fine print says, they respect your privacy - but what does that actually mean? You may want to take a peek at their Privacy Policy to find out.

You’ll find paragraphs like this one:

privacy policy

And this one:

naples singles privacy policy

So in essence you're giving them authorization to provide (translation: sell) your contact info to third party providers, so you may notice a rise in hyper-targeted internet advertising and telemarketing calls.

So what else happens when you tap “Complete?” You’ll be directed to fill out a questionnaire filled with common questions most matchmaking services will ask, like these:

naples singles interview form

You can either complete the form online, or just wait to cover the information over the phone when your matchmaker gets in touch to set up the face-to-face office consultation.

You’ll likely find you’ll have to wait until then to find out answers to your “big” questions, like membership options and price tag.

How Much Does Naples Singles Cost?

Cost is not mentioned on the Naples Singles website. Nor is it mentioned on any of the matchmaking websites owned by the same parent company.

Prices don’t seem to be set, as they vary from client to client. That means you could be able to get the final number down a little, if your negotiation skills are up to par. Other factors that could affect your membership price include your credit and current finances, contract length, and how many matches you’d like.

Based on Yelp reviews and a WINK news story, you can expect to spend between $1,500 and $6,000. No matter what the final number ends up being, it will be documented in your contract.

Make sure you completely understand what you’re committing to by signing it. Once your 3-day “right to rescind” has elapsed, you’re not eligible for a refund.

Naples Singles Reviews

There don’t seem to be a lot of online reviews for this Florida matchmaking service, but the available ones aren’t great.

This dating agency was the subject of a WINK news investigation. It revealed that the parent company, Romance Pros International, had 9 complaints lodged against it with the state’s Attorney General’s office.

It also uncovered that Romance Pros International sites in Florida and Virginia, including Naples Singles, Tampa Singles, Sarasota Singles, DC Singles and Virginia Singles, had accumulated more than 60 BBB complaints among them.

In 2012, Romance Pros International had to pay over $21,000 in restitution and fees to customers, and it was ordered to comply with the state’s Deceptive and Unfair Trade Practices Act, including:

romance pros court order

But in 2017, customers were still unhappy with the matchmaking service, and contacted the WINK Call To Action team.

All 3 of the Naples Singles Yelp recommended reviews are 1 star. One reviewer felt they couldn’t fulfill their end of the contract, but wasn’t able to get a refund:

naples singles yelp review

Another reviewer was able to get a refund within 3 days of signing up, and felt like the matchmaking service in general was very “unprofessional:”

yelp review naples singles

There are also a handful of Naples Singles reviews on RipOff Report. Including this one from a client who was frustrated with the low-quality matches:

naples singles review

So do all these negative reviews automatically mean you’re doomed to the same fate if you sign up with Naples Singles? Of course not.

You may end up meeting your soulmate through them, you may not. There’s no way to predict that.

But you may want to do some research on the parent company and make up your own mind before locking yourself into a contract.

Or, maybe you’d feel more comfortable hiring a matchmaking service that doesn’t even use them?

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