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Meet Natacha Noël [Best Montreal Matchmaker For You?]

If you’re thinking about hiring professional Montreal matchmaker Natacha Noël, it makes sense to do a little recon. This short Natacha Noël review has the information you need to decide if Absolute Bachelor Club is the best choice for you.

Our expert team has reviewed hundreds of matchmakers and their services, diving deep into their process, cost, success rates, and client experiences. With over 14 years of firsthand industry experience, we know what clients value most in a matchmaking service!

From how she got her start to her philosophy, dating advice, and more, keep reading to find out all the details. 

Let’s start with how she got started matchmaking…

Meet Montreal Matchmaker Natacha Noël

Montreal matchmaker Natacha Noel

Canadian-born Natacha Noël began her professional path after obtaining a bachelor's degree in communication. Her first job brought her to the airwaves as the host of “Taboo”, a Canadian radio show.

From broadcasting, she pivoted into her next career as a matchmaker. Her entrepreneurial spirit led her to establish her first business venture, the Absolute Bachelor's Club, in her home country. This company works exclusively with men as paying clients.

Absolute Bachelor Club website

Becoming a matchmaker brought Noël a great amount of joy and she realized she'd finally found her calling. As she shared in an interview

"I’m on my path of doing what I feel is my life purpose. My work is being validated through the success my clients are finding. It’s amazing, and I’m happy to be on this path."

Motherhood, however, brought about a shift in perspective for Noël. The birth of her twin daughters sparked a desire to extend her services towards helping women on their quest for love. She explained the reason for this change and the impact it had on her opening a second company, called Match Parfait.

There’s something about becoming a mom that changes your outlook. It made me think about my legacy and making the world better for my kids. I began thinking about how I can best serve the community of women, and that’s how I gave birth to Match Parfait.”

Following her marriage, Noël and the twins relocated from Canada to New York City to join her new husband. Once in the States, she continued to expand her presence in the industry, launching a third company in 2017 called Millionaire Search International.  

Natacha Noël’s Matchmaking Philosophy  

Noël describes herself as a connector, putting it this way in an interview

"My mission is to bring people together who are ready for commitment and to share their amazing lives."

Beyond connecting commitment-minded individuals, she adds another layer to her approach for helping women. With her Match Parfait service, she incorporates education and coaching into the process. 

According to Noël, the goal is to help alleviate the stress that comes along with trying to identify compatibility, and expedite the dating process for her female clients. 

As she shared in an interview, "My focus is on how to get you with the perfect guy as quickly as possible."

Noël also wants to help influence the newest generation of singles, equipping them with tools to navigate the complexities of modern dating. She acknowledges that forming relationships now is less straightforward now than it once was. 

"There’s no longer one way to date and get in a relationship, and so many young people start with a confused outlook and don’t know how to build a committed relationship with someone."

In her opinion, the key to successfully matchmaking clients centers on creating a balance between emotional and intellectual compatibility. Os as she puts it

"My style is dating with purpose and your head in mind. Your heart needs to match, but it’s not all about infatuation."

When it comes to getting to know her clients, this Montreal matchmaker takes a thorough approach - from paying home visits to analyzing their social media activities. 

According to Noël, even photos on social media can negatively affect a client's ideal image, and she doesn't shy away from recommending a photo be removed when necessary. 

She isn’t afraid of being candid when doling out dating advice, either. She’s even been known to suggest interior design tweaks to male clients when she feels “their home could benefit from a little touch of femininity.”  

Noël says she understands the unique dating challenges faced by successful professionals, explaining it this way in an interview with Now Toronto:

When you are successful, you have a different lifestyle than the regular nine-to-fiver. For instance, you may have a lot of business traveling. The partner really has to understand this going in, which is not to say they’re not going to support your goals and your dreams, but it comes with a responsibility.

Want another taste of her advice for singles? Here are three of Natacha Noël’s best dating tips from around the web:

Montreal matchmaker Natacha Noel's dating advice

What It Costs To Work With Natacha Noël 

Noël offers a broad range of services and price points between her three matchmaking companies. This elite matchmaker charges anywhere from around $3,000 to $25,000+. 

Pricing depends on factors such as the complexity of your search, matching criteria, how many cities you’re open to dating in, etc.

Matchmaking contracts span anywhere from 6 months to 1 year. Depending on the specific contract terms, you’ll either be meeting singles from an existing database or paying an additional cost for personalized searches conducted on your behalf. This “VIP” scouting can be local, national, or international.

Working directly with Natacha Noël as your matchmaker requires purchasing one of her more comprehensive, top-tier plans.

In addition to matchmaking, Noël offers dating coaching services, with packages designed for 3, 6, or 9 months. And if you’re looking for a personalized option you can purchase individual coaching sessions.  

Service must be paid upfront and all matchmaking packages include a certain amount of ‘freeze time.’ Prior to going out on a date her team will share photos and detailed information about each potential match with you for approval.  

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