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NYCity Matchmaking Review: Is Michelle Frankel Best For You?

If you’re interested in hiring a New York City matchmaker, it’s no wonder Michelle Frankel is on your list of contenders. She’s been in the industry since 2012. 

But with so many options to choose from, it can be hard to decide which service is the best fit for what you’re looking for. This NYCity Matchmaking review is packed with information about her matchmaking process, what other clients are saying, how she got started and how much it costs.

Let’s dive in!

A Passion-Driven Change

michelle frankel

Michelle Frankel spent years working as an attorney in Washington, D.C. As she explained in an interview with, she decided to move to New York City after ending an engagement. 

At her new firm, she quickly found herself playing matchmaker for her colleagues, even introducing her boss to his future wife. After realizing how fulfilling this was for her, she decided to take a leap of faith and switch careers. 

As time went on, I realized that I was much more passionate about matchmaking than practicing law, and so I took a risk and gave up my career after 10 years of practicing.” 

As Frankel puts it, she ‘traded in law for love.’ 

It was Frankel’s passion for connecting people that encouraged her to open her boutique matchmaking firm in 2012. Her office is in Midtown Manhattan.

NYCity Matchmaking later expanded into New Jersey, opening an office in Ridgewood. New Jersey Matchmaking is an extension of NYCity Matchmaking, and she also offers matchmaking for Jewish singles

Frankel’s Matchmaking Philosophy

NYCity Matchmaking works with both men and women as paying clients, but takes a slightly different approach for guys. As she explained in an interview, the matchmaking process for men is a bit more complex: 

With men, there typically has to be physical attraction off the bat. A client can tell us who they are attracted to, but finding qualities to fulfill long-term compatibility is much more complicated. We really take the time to ask and answer the question, “What makes you happy?” for each client.” 

She said she encourages clients to let go of the reins and not try to control the process. Frankel reminds them that while they may have achieved success in some areas of their lives, they have a higher probability of finding love if they let go of their ‘must haves’ checklist. 

I manage expectations by getting people to let go of their criteria and persuade them into keeping an open mind. Whether it’s finding your perfect mate or anything else in life, if you keep an open mind and have an open approach, something good is bound to happen.”

She also suggests that if you’re single and looking, you should be online. According to Frankel, not putting yourself out there limits your opportunities, even if that’s not how you meet your partner in the end.  

NYCity Matchmaking Review: What To Expect

NYCity Matchmaking Review

NYCity Matchmaking works with a diverse client base in terms of age and location. Clients range in age from 20s to 60s and come from all over the United States, but Frankel primarily focuses on singles living in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, DC and Connecticut.

Frankel is also building a reputation as a Jewish matchmaker, having been featured on an episode of My Unorthodox Life. That’s a popular Netflix series following the family of Julia Haart and their transition to a non-religious lifestyle in Manhattan.  

If you decide to join NYCity Matchmaking as a paying client, Frankel and her team will pair you with compatible matches from her database. If needed, she will also utilize her network of contacts and scouts to source matches.

When a match is found, Frankel's team handles planning the date and coordinating all the logistics. Then, after each date you’ll both give and receive objective feedback on how things went. 

NYCity Matchmaking also offers image consulting, body language coaching, photo sessions, and mock dating exercises.

NYCity Matchmaking Cost

Potential clients have several options to join NYCity Matchmaking, but not all of them come with a proactive search.

Joining as a Member is free, but it just means you’ll have a profile included in Frankel’s database. While you could be considered as a potential match for her paying clients, there are no guarantees of ever meeting anyone at this level.

You can also opt to join the database as a Premier Member, which requires a consultation. Premier Members are given priority over free Members when it comes to being matched with paying clients. 

The initial consultation costs $475 if you do it in person, or $350 via video or phone. During this hour-long+ session Frankel and her team delve into your background, lifestyle, values, and relationship goals. 

As Frankel explained in an interview with Bergen Magazine, the most important aspect of this initial consultation is getting to the heart of what you want in a future partner.

“Oftentimes, they think they want one thing but it’s really something else.”

Purchasing a matchmaking package also requires a paid initial consultation. Package prices vary depending on many factors, including the specificity of your search criteria, where you want to meet people, and what other services you may require to be successfully matched.

Contract lengths are typically around 6 months. NYCity Matchmaking prices start around $7,500 and can range over $25,000. 

Michelle Frankel Reviews 

If you are thinking about working with Michelle Frankel, you might be interested in hearing what past clients have to say in their NYCity Matchmaking reviews. 

Michelle Frankel’s NYC matchmaking service has a solid 5-star rating on Yelp with over 50 positive reviews.

Many were from members of the database, like this reviewer who had a positive experience meeting Frankel’s paying clients: 

NYCity Matchmaking Yelp review

Other reviewers like this one appreciated the care that went into the vetting process:

Yelp review for Michelle Frankel

This reviewer appreciated Frankel’s use of networking:

NYCity Matchmaking review on Yelp

NYCity Matchmaking’s Google reviews are similarly positive, earning the service a 4.9 out of 5 star rating.

NYCity Matchmaking Google review rating of 4.9 stars

As with Yelp, the reviews were from a mix of singles who paid for services or joined the database for free:

Example of a Google review for NYCity Matchmaking that's 5 stars
Example of a Google review for Michelle Frankel that's 5 stars

NYCity Matchmaking has a 4.8 out of 5 star rating with TrustAnalytica, with over 40 mostly positive reviews. The two negative reviews were from people who had not actually used the service.

Online matchmaking service reviews can be a useful tool. What reviewers have to say can help you generate questions to ask during your initial consultation, and how a company chooses to respond to an online review can give you an insightful peek into their approach to customer service. 

But what’s ultimately more important is deciding what you want from a matchmaking service before signing a contract. Matchmaking is a worthy investment when you make an informed decision.

Budget of course, can be a big factor. Frankel’s prices are inline with other New York Matchmaking services. 

For instance, Enamour offers a white-glove matchmaking experience, with access to an exclusive invite only database. Packages start around $15,000 for a 6-month contract.  Maria Avgitidis and Lisa Ronis are in that same price range.

It may come down to how you feel about long-term contracts, which are typical for most matchmaking services. You purchase a 6-month, 9-month, or even a year’s worth of service up front. 

But that’s not always the case. VIDA Select, for instance, offers professional matchmaking services on a pay-as-you-go basis. VIDA has a wide range of packages to choose from, ranging from basic to elite service. 

And every package is paid monthly, which means you don’t have to worry about purchasing time you don’t end up requiring if you meet someone special right away. On average, VIDA Select clients begin a relationship with a match in just 3 ½ months! 

That’s largely because VIDA’s matchmakers leverage the largest database of singles there is, so you can look forward to meeting matches who check all your compatibility boxes.

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