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Peggy Wolman Matchmaking Reviews [Cost, Process, & More!]

Wondering if Peggy Wolman has what it takes to find your ideal partner? This Peggy Wolman Matchmaking review has all the details you need to decide if she’s the right New England matchmaker for you!

Our team of experts has more than 14 years worth of professional matchmaking experience, so we’re well versed in what clients are looking for in a service. 

We’ve reviewed more than 200 matchmakers, diving deep into their processes, cost, client experiences, and more. Let's start by meeting the matchmaker! 

From Musical Theater To Matchmaking

Matchmaker Peggy Wolman

Peggy Wolman, with a 25-year background as a musical theater director, spent years helping individuals discover their unique voices. Then in 2009, her career took a different turn as she decided to pursue professional matchmaking. 

She founded Peggy Wolman Matchmaking in Massachusetts. Wolman has a Master’s in Social Work, and she also brought her husband, Richard, on board to work with clients. He has a Ph.D. in Psychology. 

As boutique matchmakers, the Wolmans only work with a limited number of clients at any given time. 

While their clientele largely hails from the East Coast, they can extend their services to individuals nationwide. Catering to singles of all age brackets, a significant portion of their typical clients are Baby Boomers. 

As Peggy Wolman explained in an interview, 

We’re pretty unique in catering to older adults, but they’re a large demographic everywhere. We offer the perspective of being older adults, so we can identify with the process of finding love again.

Wolman and her husband are no strangers to giving singles dating advice, and they’re often interviewed as dating and relationship experts, especially for older singles. 

For instance, here are 3 of their best tips for meeting new people while traveling:

Peggy Wolman Dating Advice

Peggy Wolman’s Matchmaking Philosophy

According to Wolman, her primary role as a matchmaker is instilling confidence in her clients and helping them get in a mindset that’s conducive to dating. 

As Wolman puts it

We show them how to get back into the world of dating and feeling better about themselves. They become active participants in their journey to find someone special. If you’ve been alone for a long time, that’s a step in the right direction.” 

The quest for finding a life partner is a multi-layered process, according to Wolman, requiring a blend of strategic planning, empathy, missteps, and a sprinkle of good fortune. Central to this journey is maintaining an open mind, fostering an environment where chemistry, or as she calls it — “the magic”, can spark.

Wolman recommends that her clients participate in coaching sessions before she gets her search underway. This step serves to identify, address, and overcome past relationship hurdles, helping them avoid the trap of repeating unfavorable patterns. 

According to Peggy Wolman Matchmaking’s website, coaching is particularly beneficial for those readjusting to the dating scene after a divorce, loss, or other circumstances. 

With the right advice, Wolman believes clients can be better prepared for what to expect and how to conduct themselves on dates. 

In her own words

In the end, we want the singles we work with to feel like we are guiding them to a better place in their lives.” 

Becoming A Peggy Wolman Matchmaking Client

Peggy Wolman Matchmaking website

The initial step for potential clients is to complete a member profile on their website. 

Next, a member of their team reaches out to set up a personal consultation. This meeting allows Wolman to learn more about you and what you’re looking for in a potential partner, and discuss the service options. 

For those who prefer a more passive approach, there’s an 'Exclusive Membership' option. 

As an exclusive member, you become part of their singles database free of charge. This means you’ve got the opportunity to be matched with a paying client if your profile aligns with their preferences.

But because there is no proactive search done on your behalf, you may never meet someone if you take this route.   

Matchmaking memberships at Peggy Wolman Matchmaking are tailored based on the preferences of each client. Factors such as membership duration, match preferences, and search parameters influence the total cost. 

Although specific pricing is not disclosed publicly, comments from past clients mention that costs start around $2,500. 

Once onboard as a client, you’ll undergo a personality test and spiritual inventory. These are geared toward providing Wolman with more in-depth knowledge of your values and personality styles. 

According to Wolman

"These two profiles help us understand the clients' values and personality styles. It may not sound very romantic, but finding love is a numbers game. It’s all about increasing odds and being open to new possibilities.” 

Suggested matches are pulled from their singles database or sourced via their extended matchmaking network. 

Depending on the specifics of your match requirements and chosen service level, the team may also actively recruit on your behalf.  Each match is screened face-to-face before any introductions are made. 

Peggy Wolman Matchmaking Reviews

Peggy Wolman Matchmaking has yet to be reviewed on platforms like TrustPilot, BBB, or Google, but you will find a couple on Yelp.

The service has a 1-star rating based on 2 reviews:

1-star Yelp rating for Peggy Wolman Matchmaking

One review wasn’t from a client, it was from a woman who wasn’t happy with her initial consultation experience:

1-star Peggy Wolman Matchmaking Yelp review

This review was from a paying client who did not find the value in the service they experienced:

Peggy Wolman Matchmaking 1-star Yelp review

There are 3 ‘Not Recommended’ reviews, one of which was from 2015. The reviewer said the Wolmans helped her meet her current boyfriend:

Yelp not currently recommended 5-star Peggy Wolman review

The other not currently recommended reviews were 1 star and 3 star, and it wasn’t clear if either reviewer was a paying client.

Checking out matchmaking service reviews on local platforms like Yelp can be helpful, since they can give you a subjective peek at the type of experience a particular person had. 

But in the cases where there aren’t many - or any - reviews to be had, you’ll be basing your hiring decision on how your initial consultation goes.

Whether you’re on the line with Peggy Wolman Matchmaking or any other service you’re considering hiring, that’s a call you’ll want to do a little bit of prep for. 

That’s where our short Guide To Hiring A Matchmaking Service will come in handy! 

Remember, our team of matchmaking experts has 14+ years of experience, so the guide is packed with insider’s tips and crucial questions to ask during your call to ensure you make a wise investment.

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