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A magnetically alluring online dating profile is like a bestselling novel, and the highest quality online dating profile writing services are very familiar with this fact.

Granted, a killer dating profile isn't going to get you a guest speaking engagement at Harvard, but it will definitely help you in other ways... if you take some cues from the bestseller section that is.

You see, big corporations make BILLIONS off books like The Hunger Games – way more than Shakespeare ever did – and it’s not happening by accident.

Publishing houses have teams of editors analyzing and tweaking new books to make sure they’ll pull the average reader into their magic and mystery. Don’t think for a second these giant companies would risk their time and money before they’re certain it’s going to attract the big bucks.

Now, I know some purists out there aren't going to like what I’m about to say. And this might even upset some guys reading this now… But the truth is, the most successful authors in the business – Stephen King, for example – actually have a formulaic system for creating the riveting kinds of stories no one is able to put down.

Your online dating profile needs to follow a “system” too if you want to attract tons of hot women online. And while I’d be the LAST person to say there’s only ONE way to write an effective profile, I can tell you that my company has identified some very specific profile frameworks that get dates again and again.

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However, even when you have this profile framework in hand, a polished, magnetically-attractive online dating profile takes time, skill and patience to craft. Luckily, a profile writing service can help take this burden off your plate. Not only that, but a professional dating copywriter will separate you from the pack so you stand out like a beacon in the night.

You see, it’s a very select few who could actually tell you WHY that bestselling author had them up till 3am unable to put his book down. And way fewer than that could ever write a comparable novel themselves. The same is true for online dating profiles.

At VIDA, we turn lonely and dateless guys into men with full schedules and more amazing dates than they ever imagined possible. And a VERY large piece of that puzzle is the way our online dating profile service copywriters craft profiles that get results.

Now, you could totally figure this stuff out on your own, don’t get me wrong. It’s definitely not rocket science.  You could also spend 40 hours studying copy-writing and online dating strategies and put more time into applying what you learned to your own profile. Hell, a doctor once told me “brain surgery is actually quite simple when you get down to brass tacks”…

But it takes time, practice and effort to learn the techniques and mindset-shifts to extract the sexiest, most alluring qualities in another person… and then it takes some top-notch writing skills to organize it all into a profile that will make you irresistible to amazing, gorgeous, and sensual females.

When being more textually alluring online can exponentially increase your inbound interest, improve your response rate, and give you much stronger foundation for first date success, why not leave this process up to a team of expert profile writers who KNOW the profile they create will make you absolutely irresistible?

At VIDA, we’re passionate about presenting our clients in a truthful way that makes them tantalizingly seductive. The frameworks and strategies we've developed for creating attractive profiles are deadly effective  And to say they give our clients a lot more “bang” for their buck would be the understatement of the century.

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