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Rose Matchmaking Reviews [Best Houston Matchmaker For You?]

Editor's Note: Rose Matchmaking is now part of LUMA Luxury Matchmaking. For everything you need to know about April Davis and her service, check out our LUMA Matchmaking review!

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Wondering if Jamie Rose's Houston matchmaking service is the best choice? This Rose Matchmaking review is packed with all the details you need to decide if she’s “The One” for you!

With plenty of Houston matchmakers to choose from, making the right decision is important. And our team of experts is here to help! With over 14 years of first-hand industry experience, we know exactly what customers value most in a service.

From the smallest boutiques to the large international outfits, we’ve reviewed over 200 matchmakers. 

Diving deep into cost, process, and client experience, our reviews are built on comprehensive research and a keen understanding of the matchmaking landscape. 

Let’s get started!

The Face Behind Rose Matchmaking

 Houston matchmaker Jamie Rose

Jamie Rose has been matchmaking long before she got into it professionally. She says she made her first match when she was just 16.

She began her career working working for a few other matchmaking services, but says she didn't always agree with their approach. That's why she launched her own dating service, Rose Matchmaking, in 2007.

As she told Voyage Houston:

“I think I got here today with my business by respecting my clients and working to the best of my abilities and just being as helpful as possible.”

Jamie says she focuses on a client’s needs and expectations, but she also helps them to be realistic about healthy relationships. In her words:

“When working with a matchmaker I think they need to be in tune to the client. Understand what their criteria is, and make sure their client is realistic. Guide them along as they meet new people and help them to understand what a good healthy relationship is.”

The Rose Matchmaking Process

This Texas matchmaking service has an office in Houston at 405 Main Street, Suite 525.

Prospective clients undergo a background check and a three-hour interview with Jamie Rose or one of her team members.

Consultation agenda for Rose Matchmaking

Once you’ve signed a contract, Jamie and her team will create a profile for you, which involves investing in pro photos.

Paying clients are matched with each other, so your profile will be added to the Rose Matchmaking database. That typically has between 200 and 500 clients in it, ages 21 to 82.

Then the matchmaking team, aided by an algorithm, will identify compatible matches.

You’ll review the profiles of your potential matches, and vice versa. If both people say “yes” to the match, contact information is exchanged. Clients can also meet people at Rose Matchmaking members-only mixer events.

Additionally, Jamie Rose offers image consulting and date coaching, which can take place in "real time" during the singles events.

Hosted at venues around Dallas and Houston, they're designed to get singles talking over a challenge, new experience, or brain teaser. Activities range from Easter egg hunts to a hypnosis party to a zombie escape room.

As she told Dating Advice

“I’ll try anything. A crazy theme really opens people up more and gives them an automatic icebreaker.” 

These events allow a matchmaker to make introductions and see how people interact with each other, which might lead to future feedback and coaching about a single’s dating behavior.

How Much Does Rose Matchmaking Cost?

Jamie Rose takes on both men and women as paying clients, and her matchmaking packages range from $2,750 to $15,000+.

Membership prices vary based on the number of introductions you’d like, how specific your “perfect match” list is (read: how hard it will be to find someone who checks all your boxes), whether or not you want the matchmakers to go out and “scout” for matches versus pulling them from the database, and the length of your contract.

What People Are Saying About Rose Matchmaking

Jamie Rose’s boutique matchmaking service has a 2.5-star Yelp rating. The recommended reviews are a mixed bag, ranging from 1 star to 5 star.

2.5 star rating for Rose Matchmaking

These clients said they met someone special through the service:

5-star Yelp review for Rose Matchmaking
Barbara B Jamie Rose

This client had a great experience working with Jamie Rose:

Rose matchmaking yelp reviews

But other clients weren’t as impressed with this Texas matchmaker. This client was unhappy with the customer service she experienced:

Jamie Rose reviews on Yelp

One said he only had 1 date so far, despite paying $8,000:

rose matchmaking yelp review

This client also only went on one date. She thought her matches didn’t meet her specified criteria, and was frustrated she didn’t have a dedicated matchmaker:

yelp reviews rose matchmaking

This Texas matchmaking service is not currently rated by the Better Business Bureau, but it does have 1/5 stars based on a client review.

Rose Matchmaking 1-star BBB rating

The 1-star Rose Matchmaking review was from a client who expressed frustration with Rose's communication style:

1-star BBB review for Rose Matchmaking

There was one Rose Matchmaking complaint filed with the BBB, however there were no details listed.

On Angi, Rose Matchmaking has an overall 2.3-star rating based on 3 negative reviews and one positive. Although Jamie Rose responded to one of the bad reviews indicating they didn’t have a client by that name.

Of the “real” customer reviews, the client who gave them an “A” had just signed up, but was happy so far:

rose matchmaking review angies list

The other two clients both felt they didn’t receive the quality matchmaking service they were promised:

rose matchmaking reviews angies list
Rose matchmaking angies list review

So should you make your mind up about Rose Matchmaking based solely on internet reviews? Absolutely not.

No matter which matchmaking service you’re thinking about hiring, call them up, use these reviews as a starting point to ask a lot of questions, and trust your instincts.

There’s No Shortage Of Matchmakers In Texas…

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