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3 Best San Antonio Matchmakers [2023 Top List!]

Looking for a matchmaker in San Antonio to help you find your ideal partner? This insider’s guide to the best San Antonio matchmakers is the perfect place to start your search!

VIDA Select (by Scott Valdez)

VIDA Select San Antonio matchmaking

Established in 2009, VIDA Select brings its upscale matchmaking services to the heart of Texas. Taking a modern approach that unlocks the largest database of singles there is, your dedicated matchmaker can help you discover your soulmate right here in San Antonio!


Successful professionals ranging in age from 20s to 60s+ who are looking for an effective way to meet their ideal partner. 

Cost & Contract

Clients can choose from a wide array of matchmaking packages, all offered on a monthly basis. That means there are no long-term contracts! Basic services start at just $995 per month and Premium matchmaking packages start at $1595 per month. Elite services start at only $2395 per month.

Packages are designed to cater to your specific needs, with careful consideration given to factors such as matching criteria and search radius. The cost of your package highly aligns with the amount of time that should be dedicated to finding your perfect match.

On average, clients meet someone special within just three months of service! 

What To Expect

Potential clients begin with a quick screening process, followed by a complimentary consultation where you’ll share a little about yourself and the type of person you want to meet. 

If you’re a good fit for the service and vice versa, you’ll be paired with a dedicated matchmaker who will be by your side throughout the whole process. As each potential match is presented, you’ll have the opportunity to approve or pass - no more disappointing dates with matches who don’t align with your preferences or values!

Additional Services

Personal styling, image consulting, and dating coaching.


Enamour San Antonio matchmaking

Looking for a highly personalized matchmaking experience? Look no further. Enamour’s team of matchmakers skillfully combines intuition, relationships psychology, and cutting-edge recruitment technology to identify individuals who genuinely meet your criteria for an ideal partner.  


Enamour works with successful professionals seeking to meet equally exceptional matches.

Cost & Contract

Matchmaking packages begin at $15,000, with contracts starting at 6 months. Packages are tailored to fit each client’s search criteria.

What To Expect

At Enamour, your journey begins with a matchmaking consultation where you'll have the opportunity to share your preferences, interests, and ambitions with your dedicated matchmaker. 

The Enamour team curates an exclusive, invitation-only database, and your matchmaker will start there in her search for matches who align with all your criteria. The team also utilizes advanced recruiting technology to scout beyond the database as well, identifying highly compatible singles from a variety of sources.

Before any potential candidate is presented to you, they undergo a thorough vetting process and an interview to access compatibility. Only those who pass this screening are presented for your approval.

Once you've met each match, your matchmaker will check in with both of you. This post-date feedback is an invaluable part of the process, as you can share your impressions to help finetune the search as well as receive insights into how the first. 

Additional Services

Dating coaching

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking (by April Davis)

LUMA San Antonio matchmaking

LUMA Luxury Matchmaking was founded in Minnesota back in 2010. It has since expanded to include locations across the US, including Texas. When it first launched, April Davis’s service was called Cupid’s Cronies, but she later rebranded to a name that better represents her dating service. 


Busy, professional singles looking for like-minded partners.

Cost & Contract

Matchmaking packages range anywhere between $2,800 and $100,000, with the specific price outlined in your contract. 

The number of matches specified, your search criteria, and any add-on services are all reflected in the final cost. 

LUMA offers a passive membership at no cost, meaning your profile is included in their database and available as a potential match. Keep in mind, though, this option does not guarantee you’ll meet someone. It’s not an active search, so you might never be contacted. 

What To Expect

Your matches will come from LUMA’s database unless you’ve decided to pay for the “personal search” option. In this case, your matchmaker will scout for your matches outside the database and interview the one they feel are most compatible. 

After each introduction has been made, both you and your match have the opportunity to provide post-date feedback about how things went. 

How To Hire The Best San Antonio Matchmaker

Considering another matchmaker not on this list? There are quite a few services operating in Texas, some based locally others nationally. 

And like all personal services, having a successful outcome hinges on picking the one that fits you best.

It's crucial to make an informed decision, particularly if you're considering a San Antonio matchmaking service that entails a long-term commitment, as some require a year+ commitment. These services typically require upfront payment for the entire contract duration.

To avoid a costly mistake, the type of research you’re doing right now is crucial! Searching for online reviews is where most people start. But the true opportunity for learning more about a matchmaking service lies beyond just the rating or number of stars.

Those ratings are usually determined solely on user reviews, and you already know those are subjective experiences worthy of a grain of salt or two. 

What’s really insightful is seeing how - or if - the matchmaking company responds to those reviews. It’s like a sneak peek into how they approach customer service! 

Check out the company's response, focusing on their tone. Do they admit to any mistakes on their part? If so, are they willing to rectify them? Are their responses logical and sensible when disagreeing with the review?

You can often unearth crucial information about contract terms, matching process, and more in review responses. 

For instance, here is a BBB review about a San Antonio matchmaker not listed in this guide: 

BBB review for a San Antonio matchmaker

In it, the reviewer complains about one of her introductions being so far off her stated criteria that she didn’t want it to count as one of the number of matches specified in her contract.

Now, by reading this portion of the company’s response, you learn two useful tidbits of information:

BBB review response
  • The matchmaker’s opinion on what “most closely fits” what you’re looking for is the only opinion that’s considered
  • They rely on your feedback to select ensuing matches, but even the ones who don’t meet your criteria “count” as one of the 10 you pay for

That’s not to say this approach is wrong! It’s just a consideration you’d want to be aware of before locking yourself into a long-term contract. 

The details revealed in review responses like this one can help you formulate specific questions and areas of clarification to bring up during your consultation call, and you’re one step closer to ensuring you hire the right service for you! 

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