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Shannon’s Circle Review [2024 Cost, Client Experience & More!]

Wondering if Shannon's Circle is the right San Francisco matchmaking service for you?

From the smallest boutiques to the biggest international services, we've reviewed over 200 matchmakers. Our insight comes from comprehensive research, real customer reviews, and a deep understanding of the matchmaking landscape developed over 14+ years in the industry.

From cost and customer reviews to founder Shannon Lundgren's approach to Ivy League matchmaking, this review has all the details you're looking for!

How SF Matchmaker Shannon Lundgren Got Her Start

Shannon Lundgren matchmaker

Before jumping into the matchmaking industry, Shannon Lundgren was a product manager leader for Wells Fargo. As she explained in an interview with Insider, she and her team were responsible for the “digital experience” visitors to the popular website had.

In 2012, Lundgren said she happened to see an article in Harvard Business School’s alumni publication, and it changed her career trajectory.

The article profiled another alumna’s matchmaking service, and the bootcamp she had founded to help others get started in the industry.

Lundgren enrolled in the 3-day matchmaking bootcamp, and decided this was the career she wanted to pursue.

She founded Shannon’s Circle shortly after finishing the bootcamp program. Her reputation spread through her Harvard alumni community, and she left her corporate job to work on Shannon’s Circle full-time in 2021.

Shannon’s Circle: How This Ivy League Matchmaking Service Works

Shannon's Circle San Francisco matchmaking website

According to the Insider interview, clients come to Shannon’s Circle by way of her Harvard network, word-of-mouth referrals, and Google searches.

She also has a partnership with The League dating app, offering matchmaking services via that online dating platform as well.

So what can you expect if you sign up? Read on to find out.

Prospective clients start with a consultation, which is generally the first step with any matchmaking service you’re thinking of hiring. Lundgren offers a boutique dating service, only taking on 15 active clients at any given time.

Lundgren says she carefully considers whether the type of match you’re seeking is in line with the type of people in her network.

As she told Insider,

The key is to know what searches are in your wheelhouse and which ones you shouldn't take on. I avoid searches that have religious-specific preferences as my circle doesn't skew religious, so I don't have the network to fulfill that search criteria… It's always a challenge to find the right love match. It requires perseverance, hard work, belief — and a little magic.

If she decides to bring you on, and you feel you can trust her with the search for your perfect match, you’ll sign either a 6 or 12-month service contract.

During the Shannon’s Circle consultation, you’ll share your dating history, relationship goals, lifestyle details, and other personal information. You’ll also give her an idea of what type of singles you want to meet.

Shannon’s Circle Cost

Shannon’s Circle matchmaking service packages start at $10,000. Contracts typically last for 6 or 12 months, but can be customized to each client’s search requirements.

As she told, “My goal is not to get you out on a bunch of dates, my goal is to get you into a great relationship.” 

There is no cost to join the Shannon’s Circle database as a potential match. But that’s free, meaning no active search will be done for you. You may never meet anyone that way.

What Clients Are Saying In Their Shannon’s Circle Reviews

There are only a handful of Shannon Circle’s Yelp reviews. But they are all 4- or 5-star, resulting in an overall 5-star rating. This reviewer praised the quality of the matches he met through the San Francisco dating service:

Shannon's Circle Yelp review

This Yelp reviewer described his Shannon’s Circle experience as “bespoke”:

Shannon's Circle review on Yelp

There are also a handful of “Not Recommended” Yelp reviews for Shannon’s Circle, all 5 stars.

The positive trend continues for Shannon’s Circle Google reviews, which were also limited but all 5 stars.

This reviewer reported being in an 8-month relationship with one of the matches Shannon Lundgren found for him:

Google review for Shannon's Circle

And this client described his positive experience working with Shannon Lundgren in his review:

Google review for Shannon Lundgren

Shannon’s Circle has yet to be reviewed on platforms such as Trustpilot and the Better Business Bureau. 

But that’s not necessarily a bad thing, as online matchmaking service reviews are only one of the things you want to consider when deciding where to invest your trust and your money.

Which San Francisco Matchmaker Is The Right Choice For You?

When answering this question, you’ll want to consider everything from how the service aligns with your budget to how you feel during your initial consultation. And just as importantly, where your matches come from.

Many boutique matchmakers, like Shannon Lundgren, rely on an internal database of potential matches supplemented by networking. And while that approach can definitely be effective, it can be limiting too.

As she explained to Insider, her limited network is the reason she generally won’t take you on as a client if you’re looking for a partner who shares your faith. Her match pool just isn’t deep enough to accommodate it. 

Because remember, for a match to be successful, compatibility has to go both ways. So if shared faith is an important consideration, maybe you want to also consider other matchmaking services who can leverage a much deeper pool of San Francisco singles.

Enamour, for instance, not only has an exclusive "invite-only" database. The matchmaking team also employs a mix of recruiting technology and a network of scouts to pinpoint highly compatible matches. 

And thanks to its modern approach to matchmaking, VIDA Select has access to a nearly unlimited source of eligible singles in San Francisco - and beyond. And VIDA Select has one other potential advantage: no long-term contracts.

Contracts that lock you in to 6, 12 or even more months of service are pretty standard in the matchmaking industry. And you’ll generally be asked to pay in full before your search even gets underway.

But VIDA Select takes a different approach with its pay-per-month services. No long-term contracts, so you’ll only invest in active search time you actually need. 

If you meet your perfect match in the first month, or you decide the service isn’t quite the right fit, you’re not committed to multiple months of service you no longer want. VIDA offers matchmaking on your schedule!

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