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It's best to avoid reading the questions aloud before answering them. Instead, just try to cover each of them as they relate to your positive experience with VIDA Select.

Remember, if you mess up or just feel like you could have delivered something better, just keep the recording going and do a take two. We're definitely going to edit the video!

Finally, keep in mind that VIDA is pronounced "vee-duh" (just like Ricky Martin's "Livin' La Vida Loca").

WAIT! Are you recording this on a mobile device? Read this first

Please be advised that when you press record your device will switch to camera mode. Be sure to switch to your front-facing camera, place your phone something sturdy (like stacking a chair on top of your table), then press the “video” button (as opposed to the photo button). Also, note that the standard page will disappear as you go into camera mode so you won’t have the 6 questions in front of you. You can either write these questions down to jog your memory or do the best you can to remember them while recording. Thanks again.
What was your dating life like before VIDA?
What were your biggest frustrations with modern dating before you found VIDA Select?

(i.e. online dating was too frustrating, exhausting and/or time consuming, you were meeting all the wrong women, you just weren't meeting the caliber of match you'd like to find for a long-term relationship, etc.)
What reservations did you have before signing up?
What ultimately made you feel at ease about choosing to work with us?
What was the end result you received with VIDA's help?
If someone called you up and asked “Why should I hire VIDA?”, what would you tell them?
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